A Day With Leona

The moon shown half full in the sky, a lone sentinel in an otherwise bare sky. The lights of the city below choked out the stars, leaving nothing but the moonlight to creep between the blinds of an unsuspecting house in the suburbs. The pale beams shone in to meet the harsh red glow of the digital clock. The numbers glowed like angry coals. 6:59.

The alarm turned seven and a klaxon call blared through the room. Leona stirred a bit, being forced into consciousness by the shrill, rhythmic beep. Her Master moved to turn off the offending alarm, but found himself bound too tight to do more than wiggle. Memories of the previous night flowed back to him through the haze of white-furred dreams. He remembered Leona holding him to the bed. He remembered protesting when she brought the restraints around to latch him down, but found struggling against her manticore strength to be too much for him to handle. He remembered the rough pawpads against his chest, pinning him down as she fastened the cuffs around his wrists as he’d done to her so many times. He’d long since lost count of how many times he’d chained her down before sleeping.

It had been almost integral to her training at first. Sleeping in bondage was to let her get comfortable in chains, and to build her trust in him.
“I trust you, master.” she would insist as he tied her down to the bed. She would strain against her bonds in protest, and he would chastise her for not being obedient. “But I just want one night where I can sleep in your arms…”

“One day soon.” he would say, wrapping a cuff behind the bulb of her tail. He’d chain the cuff to a stud on the wall and say, “Soon, my pet.” Always soon, he promised. “But for now, just trust me, Leona.” Master would say. She would whimper, but obey. Then he’d smile and say “Good girl.” Leona was always such a good girl.

Truth be told, Leona’s Master had an ulterior motive. He loved to watch her squirm. He knew that leaving her unchained would likely result in her tail finding its way to his cock, or for her to take advantage of his sleeping state and lean down for a taste. Sure, both options were pleasing in their own right, but to chain her up, that was alluring. To crawl in bed next to her, with the manticore unable to move a muscle. To watch her squirm for his touch, it made his blood rush. He’d wrap one arm around her, and nothing more. She would be a good pet, at least until she thought he was asleep.

Sometimes he’d just pretend to fall asleep, just to feel her writhe, trying to get at him. She strained to wrap her tail around him, but he lay quiet and still as possible. He’d hear the gentle jingle of the chain as her tail tried to reach his cock. He slept naked just to tease her, and her tail would strain as hard as it could against the chains anchoring it only inches away from his erection. All he had to do was turn his hips, and his head would kiss the opening of her straining bulb. Then he’d turn away, denying his pet more than the barest of tastes as he drifted off to sleep, the silent frustration of his pet served as the sweetest lullaby he could hope for. He’d felt strong. Powerful.

Master certainly didn’t feel powerful now, bound in the same restraints he’d left Leona chained in so many nights before. The alarm blared relentlessly as Leona stirred. She’d wrapped her arms and legs around him, through his chains to sleep with her pale skin resting right against his. He slept naked as always, only with Leona squeezing his cock to her heart’s content all through the night. Her Master couldn’t remember any point in the night where Leona removed her tail, she kept the bulb sealed tight around his length even as she slept. The predatory nature of a manticore was unforgiving in its relentless fervor. She pumped him again and again, drinking deeply of his cum and using her venom to entice more. His thighs bore several bruised spots from so many venom injections, a mark of the very beast he’d unleashed within her.

However, he understood that Leona was more than a beast. Much, much more. If she was a monster, then it was only because of her inexhaustible love she felt for he who she called Master. That’s why she tied him up, because she loved him. That’s why he’d tied her up before… right? So she could learn to love him and trust him. Well, he’d learn to trust and love her, too. That’s why she held him down and tied him to the bed. That’s why she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Why she immediately impaled her tail onto his cock and didn’t let go for the rest of the night. Lovers slept close, and her Master loved her. Or at least, he would learn to. He’d learn to love sleeping pressed so close, where she could feel his warmth, smell his scent, and find comfort in the thick length buried deliciously deep inside of her bulb. Even as she slept, her tail would give a gentle suction to his cock, drinking in the beads of precum that would pool on the tip. It ensured that her dreams were full of her master’s taste, and his dreams were full of her.

A lazy paw extracted itself from the tangle of Master, pet, leather binds, and chains. Leona fumbled behind her, leaning back only far enough to reach the clock. She was loathe to pull away from Master any more than she would absolutely have to. Her paw fumbled for the snooze button. She felt something click, but only managed to cause the alarm to switch to a loud radio channel.

“Grrr!” Leona clenched her white furred paw and brought it down hard on the offending alarm clock. Bits of shattered plastic flew out as the alarm fizzled out. “Fwaa?” she said, puzzled as her mind fully woke up. “Oops…” she said. Master would be angry she broke the alarm clock.

Leona turned back to see Master looking over at her from his bound position. Her expression lit up as she saw there was no anger in his face. Fear, yes. But fear was okay. She’d often looked at Master with fear or uncertainty whenever he tried something new. She might have been afraid at times, but Master would stroke her hair and tell her to trust him. She would trust him. She was a good girl.

Yesterday was Master’s turn to be good. He didn’t struggle as much, for he knew how futile it would be if he did. Leona’s manticore strength was overpowering, and she’d fastened him into his bonds with little issue. She was getting better at working them with her claws. For his part, however, he could not help but enjoy it.

He’d been in power for so long, shaping Leona into his perfect pet. Obedient, loving, she would have done anything for him. He’d always wondered just how far Leona would go. Just how deep her love ran. Could her obedience be tested? How far could he push her boundaries? Where did it end? Just where was the breaking point? He’d found his answer after he turned the dial up on the electrostimulator. She’d asked him not to. Begged him not to. But he did anyway.

He’d watched Leona rip free of her bonds and his blood had rushed. It wasn’t just her venom that caused him to erect to full mast at the sight of the monster he’d created. The experiment had reached its culmination, and she was beautiful. The monster he’d created, the gorgeous fury that lie beyond the very borders of sanity that he himself had pushed. Sure, he was scared at first. Was she angry? Did she seek revenge for some of the things he did? No. It seemed Leona’s love for him ran even deeper than her obedience.

Leona’s Master felt an odd sense of pride in Leona. She was his monster, and he was her captive. She’d ripped the power he’d wielded so easily away from his grasp and used it against him. She put him in a position he’d never been in before, and he was uncertain. Still, he found he liked being at the mercy of his creation. The helplessness before Leona’s unbridled power felt almost as much of a rush as having Leona helpless before him. Leona showed him exactly how exhilarating it was to place yourself in another’s hands. Luckily for him, Leona had a fierce grip.

The manticore smiled at her Master, leaning close again to hold him tight. He stirred a bit, held fast from the chains. He felt a rippling sensation along his morning wood. Leona’s tail pulsed and the muscles undulated along his shaft, and he gave out a groan. “Good morning, sweetie~” she cooed.
“Good morning, Leona.” he answered. ‘Pet’ seemed a little off considering he was the one in chains. He groaned out as his building orgasm chased away the vestiges of sleep. He had to admit, it wasn’t a terrible way to greet the day. Leona giggled as he sleepily writhed in the chains. She silently watched him, her eyes full of warmth and love. She enjoyed the way he twitched under her tail, and his wonderful taste flowed through her core. As much as Master enjoyed it, it was her favorite way to greet the day, too.

Unfortunately for Leona, Master knew that he could not lie in bed all morning. “Well, I guess that means it’s time to get up.” he said. “I guess so…” she said disheartened, “Wouldn’t it be more fun to just lay in bed all day?” Leona’s ears twitched in anticipation. She was ready. She’d call out of work in a heartbeat if it meant she could wrap herself back around Master and not let go. He tried to hold his resolve, but the pulsating tail wrapped around his twitching length made it hard to concentrate. He felt the will to resist drain out of him as he started to leak pre, as if Leona were sucking the very will out of him. He knew that it was just Leona’s tail luring him with the siren’s call of the countless orgasms he would no doubt endure if he gave in. Unfortunately, he’d used up almost all of his sick days. He couldn’t afford to allow Leona to seduce him into calling out of work again.

“That would be more fun…hah…” he answered with a sigh, trying to stave off his orgasm. “Hngh… but I have things to do at work.” “So… you don’t want to stay home?” Leona asked, blinking her eyes at him. He felt her grip on his shaft tighten.
“O-Of course I do… haaah… but if I stay home too many more days, I’ll lose my job.” He tried to hold his resolve, but it seemed his resistance was draining out of him along with the precum her tail swallowed off of his tip.
“If you lost your job, then I guess you would just have to depend on me. Wouldn’t that be fun?~” Leona said, her eyes twinkling with the prospect of her Master being entirely dependent on her. “You wouldn’t have to get up early and leave me. You would be here waiting for me when I got home. I’d never have to be lonely while I waited for you…”

Leona’s master stirred again in his chains. It was a dangerous line of thinking, and Leona seemed to be savoring the idea more and more. If he didn’t derail her train of thought, she might actually keep him until he lost his job. “But… i-if I don’t keep my job, I can’t buy you things to show you how much I love you.” Leona giggled. “You don’t have to buy me things to show you love me.”
“But you’re my pet, right? It’s Master’s job to shower his pet in nice things. Its how Master shows his love.” he said desperately. His mind raced for anything to grab onto, but his building orgasm seemed to drown everything else out.

“But what if I do this?~” Leona purred into his ear as her tail started to piston up and down, her silky insides gliding over her Master’s already sensitive cock. She was rewarded by his shaft starting to twitch inside of her tail bulb and she gave a deep sigh as she felt the warm, sticky fluid flow into her. “Ahh, delicious~” she said. For her Master’s part, his body tensed as it was wracked with orgasm. His chains held firm, ensuring that his nerves were laid bare as electric pleasure coursed through him. He laid there in his bondage, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath. “…I still have to get to work.” he choked out.

“Okay…” Leona said dejectedly, her ears pressing flat. She moved to undo his restraints, and finally let her tail slide off of his length to allow him some freedom. Her Master sat up, rubbing the light chafes on his skin from sleeping in the leather cuffs. “At least I can still start the day with the taste of your cream~” Leona said, some of her smile coming back. Master smiled back at her, a small light bulb going off in his head.

“Hey, I have a little idea.” Master said. “How about we have a little more fun before work?” Leona’s eyes lit up, her ears twitching in excitement. “Really?!” she asked with a grin. “We woke up early enough.” Master said with a nonchalant shrug. He’d started to set the alarm early enough just in case Leona was extra clingy on any given morning. Most of the time he could convince her to let him go to work. Then there were some mornings were over before they began, simply lost to the white manticore’s loving embrace. “I’d like to go to work a bit lighter on my feet, you know?” Master continued, his smile widened. He could see Leona blush, and his heart skipped a beat. He could never resist the cute little way she turned her head, her eyes full of desire but trying to restrain herself from leaping on him.

Master made his way into the kitchen, lecherous thoughts running through his mind. Leona was close behind, her paws on his back and leaning on him almost enough to make him stumble. He had grown used to walking while Leona tried to press herself against him. He leaned into it as he walked, it had become a practiced maneuver. “How do you wanna do it?~” Leona purred into his ear, even more lecherous thoughts playing in her head than his. Morning delights were a rare occurrence, but only because they were only rarely ever awake early enough. Master pointed to a chair in the dining room. “Sit there.” he commanded. His tone wasn’t harsh, as it had been for most of their relationship. Leona noted certain changes now that the balance of power wasn’t locked into one person. His tone was stern, but not sharp, and it held a soft, playful bite in its pitch. Leona moved over to sit in the chair, barely able to sit still. She fidgeted excitedly for whatever her Master had in store to start their day.

Master moved to gather up some variable cuffs, and silently set to work on tying the white manticore to the chair. He’d done it so many times before it was a breeze, even with the fidgety manticore’s inability to hold still. He tied her legs and arms to the chair, and then her knees to the supports, holding them open. “C’mon! Tell me!” she pleaded, her lust apparent in her eyes. She slept without clothes, seeing no need for it nowadays, so her excitement was evident in the growing puddle beneath her as Master tied her waist to the chair back. He affixed two collars onto Leona, one around her neck, and one around her tail at the base of the bulb. Careful not to prick himself on the spines, Master fastened both collars together with a short chain. Her tail was bound safely behind her.

“It’s a surprise~” Master said as he hugged Leona from behind, careful to avoid the manticore spikes. The white feline fidgeted in her bonds, but could not go anywhere. Sure, with effort she could rip free of her constraints, but a big part of her enjoyed being tied. Besides, it was her turn to let him take the wheel. It was almost a poetic dynamic, or so Leona thought. Both of them were predators, teaching the other to enjoy being the prey. It was a unique love they shared, but it was deep and it held strong.

Leona’s Master brought around a spider gag, holding in front of her face, and her eyes went wide. The manticore gave a cute little squeal of delight and opened her mouth obediently. He didn’t even have to say anything, and Leona’s mouth was open with her tongue out. She loved the gag, probably more than he did. She remembered back to her training as Master guided the metal ring behind her teeth, that the cool metal against her cheeks meant she was about to get a delicious treat. Indeed, Master was her favorite flavor, and a mouthful of his essence would be the perfect breakfast. “Good girl.” he said softly into her ear as he tightened the gag down. The white manticore’s lips curled a bit wider, she could not help but smile.

Leona sat giddily in the chair, but Master moved off out of the room, leaving Leona alone. “Ahh?” was the only sound she could muster as she tried to look around for him. After a moment, he came back into the room holding a strange black box and a lot of tubes. Master sat the box down and looked at Leona with a triumphant smile. “You know how you liked my cream when you woke up?” he asked playfully as he plugged the device into the wall, and set to hooking up a set of tubes. “Uh-huh…” Leona said warily, not quite sure what to make of the situation. Master held his smile, and hooked two glass cylinders to the tubes. “I’ve decided to have some of your cream with my coffee, hmhmhm.” he chuckled quietly to himself. “Ehh!?” Leona vocalized as her eyes opened widely.

Master set the tubes down, and moved behind Leona. “Relax, my love.” he whispered reassuringly, “It’s perfectly safe. I just want to taste you before I go to work today.” One hand ran through her hair as his other reached around to gently rub Leona’s nipple. It was perky from her excitement, and soon Master reached around with his other hand to run his fingers over her exposed nipples. He groped her breasts, squeezing them in a gentle chest massage and rolling her nipples between his fingers. He worked his hands to tease the tips of her breasts with the tips of his fingers, and soon Leona was moaning quite loudly. “Ahhhhhn~” she groaned through her gag, arcing her back in an attempt to press more of her chest into his hands.

Her Master removed his hands, which caused Leona to fidget a bit more. The white manticore didn’t want him to stop touching her. However, Master had other plans. He flipped a switch on the device, and brought the glass cylinder up over Leona’s nipples. The glass latched into the offered nipple almost greedily as the machine provided a stern suction. Master removed his hands and the cylinder hung suspended by it’s own suction, mercilessly suckling Leona’s breast. For her part, the white manticore arced her back so hard that Master was worried she might injure her spine. Luckily, she didn’t react as hard when the second cylinder was affixed to her other breast.

Leona could not help but moan at almost a scream, having no control of her volume. The machine’s stern suction sent ripples of pleasure coursing through her body. She writhed under the restraints, but was held fast. Master watched her, standing over the wriggling white manticore as his grin grew wider. The machine worked it’s magic, and Leona’s chest swelled considerably thanks to the relentless machine. Her Master reached down to gently massage the base of her breasts, not covered by the glass cylinders. This caused Leona to moan out even more, her sensitive chest sending even more pleasure coursing through her body. “Ahahhhh…” she vocalized as her eyes rolled up to stare at her Master as her nerves were flayed with pleasure. It was a new pleasure, an intensity brought on by the machine that Leona never could have expected from her chest. Usually Master would have to be buried deep inside of her tail for her to feel something similar to what she currently endured. The poor manticore’s mind was helpless against the waves coursing through her.

With the machine’s suction on her nipples and Master’s gentle massage on her breasts, it wasn’t long before Leona felt something well up in her chest that she’d never felt before. She looked down in curiosity and was rewarded with the sight of a thin white liquid squirting out of her nipples. “Ahh!?” she gasped in surprise as she watched her own milk get sucked out of her nipples and pool into the bottom of the white cylinders. The suction carried the milk away, but it seemed her breasts were all too eager to give more. Leona felt a rush of electricity surge through her body, and her entire body tensed under the pleasure.

“Did… did you just cum from that?” her Master asked with a bemused air. “Magnificent~” he said, running a hand through her hair and gazing long into her lust-filled eyes. He laughed as he moved away from Leona, leaving her to moan again as the machine continued to spur her on. That orgasm certainly wouldn’t be her last. Master removed one of the reservoirs from the machine, and held up a small glass container of milk, Leona’s milk. He said nothing, only smiled as he inhaled deeply, smelling the container before setting it down. While Master was pouring a cup of coffee, Leona was brought to another orgasm. He didn’t even look as another rush of fluids soaked the chair she was in, drops of her feminine honey now trickling over the sides. The poor manticore was helpless under the constant stimulation.

Master picked up the reservoir, and poured it into his mug. “You know, I always liked milk with my coffee.” he grinned, letting Leona watch her own milk trickle into the coffee cup. “Cheers~” he said, and took a long sip of his morning java. Leona’s eyes went wide, her third orgasm rippling through her body. Master smiled smugly over his coffee. Was it the machine, or was Leona really getting off on watching him drink her milk? Either way, he was certain his investment had paid off. He’d bought the small milk machine from a specialty store, and it was quite expensive. He’d learned his lesson about cheap toys. Nothing but the best for his lovely little alabaster pet.

He drank his coffee while watching the machine milk Leona for a time, before a quick glance at the time made him realize that Leona might not have time for breakfast if things kept up. She would need a shower before going into work so she didn’t smell completely like sex. He took another sip of his milk before and idea occurred to him. Leaving Leona to the mercy of the relentless machine, he turned his back to make his breakfast to the sultry sounds of Leona’s lewd vocalizations. Her pleasure was his music as he worked, then brought a heaping bowl of oatmeal back to the table. Leona watched him sprinkle sugar and pour honey into it, before Master flashed her a sly grin. He picked up the container of manticore milk, and drained it over the dish.

Leona watched him mix everything up, before taking a large spoonful and placing it into his mouth. To her surprise, he then leaned over and kissed her deeply through the spider gag. “Amn!?” she groaned as his tongue snaked into her mouth. She couldn’t close her lips, but her tongue met his. She tasted the sugared meal and honey, as well as a subtlety sweet taste that could only be her own milk. Her tongue ran the gamut of his, licking her breakfast off of his tongue.

Master broke the kiss and pulled back, and the sloppy mixture of oatmeal, milk, and their joint saliva ran down Leona’s tongue and into her throat. He watched her swallow it effortlessly, she was well versed in swallowing with the spider gag on. It had been a big point in her training…

“Such a good girl~” Master had whispered as he withdrew his drool-slicked cock from Leona’s mouth. She drooled a lot when they first started using the spider gag, it took some getting used to. “Oops.” he’d said disappointedly, “Perhaps I spoke too soon.” Master had seen the cum dripping out over her lips. She couldn’t swallow open-mouthed back then. “Pet, are you really just going to waste the reward I so graciously left on your tongue?” he said sternly. Leona’s eyes went wide, her ears perked, and she tried to protest through the gag, but it was all for naught. She attempted to swallow the load that remained in her mouth, but coughed. She wasn’t used to doing that, so she coughed Master’s cum back at him. It landed on his cheek. She had paid dearly for that…

Luckily for Leona, she was a quick learner. The sweet goop was easy to swallow, and since it tasted of Master’s lips and honey, she did so eagerly. Master was also gracious enough to pour some of her milk into her mouth, helping her to wash her breakfast down. He continued to feed her like this, and Leona’s moans only increased as she was lost in the oatmeal snowball. Sure, it was a small breakfast, sharing a single bowl of oatmeal, but Leona could face the day with nothing more than a kiss from Master. The clatter of the spoon hitting the bottom of the bowl heralded the end of breakfast, and Master stood up to turn off the machine. Leona’s breasts were swollen and red, but they were extremely sensitive. “Hngh…” she groaned as Master removed the glass suction cups and set to unhook her bonds. She sat perfectly still, even when her paws were free and she could undo the rest herself. She was a good pet, though she did like to let Master do it.

“All right. Let’s go get cleaned up.” her Master said. She stood up and kissed him, throwing her paws around him. “Yes, let’s!” she said.

In the steam-filled shower, the couple pressed close together, Master insisting that they didn’t have time for a quickie in the shower. With Leona pressing into his back, Master lathered up a wash cloth while talking, “I told you, Leona, we have to get ready for work. We’re pressing time as it is.” “But please?” Leona pleaded as she reached her paw around to rub his cock. Her soap slick pawpads were quick to cause him an erection, “It’ll feel really good~” she said enticingly, continuing to rub his length. “No, Leona.” Master said, pulling her paw away from his crotch.

Leona, not one to be deterred once she set her mind to it, especially when her target was Master’s cock, wound her tail around the side. While he was washing his face, she struck fast. “”Ggh!…D-Dammit, Leona! I said we don’t have time!” Master protested as he looked down to see the bulb of her tail enveloping his crotch. “What?” she said innocently, “I’m cleaning it.” The manticore grinned predatorily as Master looked back to scold her. “Y-You just don’t listen…hck!” Master said defeatedly as the tail contracted around his member. “You’re welcome to try and get it off~” Leona said, the spikes in her bulb flaring. If Master dared to reach down to remove it, he was sure to get a handful of venom and then his morning really would be shot. “Hrmph…”

Master grumpily tried to continue his morning shower, but the pulsating bulb on his cock made it difficult to concentrate. “There, doesn’t that feel good?~” Leona cooed into his ear, whispering sweet nothings as her tail milked him for the second time that morning. Master’s grumpy demeanor waned with his impending orgasm. By the time his cock was twitching on the verge of orgasm, he’d completely lost his composure. His knees shook before Leona took him in her paws and held him up. “Ooh, yes… Give it to me~” she said salaciously, tightening her bulb to drive him over the edge.

If Leona didn’t have a hold of him, Master would have collapsed. His cock twitched in earnest as he shot a thick load into Leona’s cum hungry tailpussy. “Yessss~” she hissed as the taste of Master drove her to her final orgasm of the morning. Master took a deep breath. “Well I suppose it’s clean now…” he said playfully before rinsing off once more and getting out of the shower. Master quickly got dressed as Leona washed herself more thoroughly. She never got clean while they showered together. Well, his cock did, and her breasts did, but little else. Master often had to leave her to clean herself since she couldn’t focus while they were together.

He gathered his things for work before grabbing his keys. Leona walked into the front room, her hair and body wrapped in pink towels. “Leaving?” she asked. Master moved closer to give her a quick kiss. “Yeah, I gotta head out.”
“O-Okay…” Leona said. She hated it when he left.
“See you later, okay?”
“Okay!” she said a bit more happily. “I love you, Master…”
“I love you, too, Leona.”

She watched him leave, then got ready herself. Master always left before her, and was home after her. She didn’t like the silence of the house, but she supposed that it was better than Master having too much time and starting to… wander…
She shook the thoughts from her head and got dressed for work. She cut off the lights behind her, and locked the door on her way out.

The sun rose up high into the sky as the day went on, the shared abode of Leona and her Master deathly quiet. There was not a single disturbance before the white manticore walked back into the house, finding it exactly as she left it. The toys were all put away in their proper place, the dirty ones in a bin needing to be cleaned. Leona set about her afternoon chores, which mostly consisted of taking care of the messes that they made in the morning. She liked to make sure everything was clean and proper, although some part of her was only trying to prevent any excuse or interruption of the fun they would no doubt get into later. Leona had felt the heartbreak of an exciting night turned mundane because the toys were all unsanitary. She’d not let it happen again, even if an evening just cuddling with Master was enjoyable after all things were considered. She preferred heavy fun to gentle fun.

So it was then that Leona set to cleaning. She supposed she was lucky, her work clothes were a perfect outfit for it. It was only a short while before Leona set everything right, daily cleaning helped ensure that her chores were never too lengthy. Still, as the sun dipped over the horizon, Leona stared out the window. Surely Master should have been home by now. What was taking him so long? He’s never out this late. Maybe he got busy? Could it be another woman?

Leona’s heart skipped a beat. No, it couldn’t be another woman… could it? Leona gave an involuntary growl as images of Master with some faceless harlot hanging on him made the manticore see red. She’d punish him, oh yes she would. How dare he? He was supposed to love her. She loved him, he HAD to love her. He must love her. She would make him love her… She would punish him until he thought of nothing but her, yes…

Leona’s musings were interrupted by the click of the lock in the door, and Master made his way into the house. He closed the door behind him, hung up his jacket, and had barely set the keys down on the coffee table before a blur of white fur plowed into him. “Master!” she cried happily. Master did his best to fall with the momentum, and the two fell over onto the cushions of the couch. “Heh, hello to you, too, Leon-aaah, what are you doing!?” Master cried as the manticore started to smell him. She pressed her face into every inch of him, inhaling deeply in an attempt to discern the scent of any other woman hanging on her beloved master. If he was unfaithful, she would find him out. Oh yes, her manticore senses would out him, and she’d make him pay. He’d know not to test a manticore.

“Leona, what’s going on…?” Master trailed off as Leona smelled every inch of him. She worked her claws to open his trousers, saying nothing. She’d catch him by surprise. Master felt the soft fur of her paws hook around his member and pull it free of his pants. Leona looked triumphant as she leaned down to lick the length. She’d taste that other woman on him and she would have him! There was no hiding it now…

Leona paused as the taste and smell of Master’s cock hit her all at once. Running on jealous adrenaline, Leona had filled her senses with her Master’s scent. She didn’t find any trace of another woman, the only scent she found was his. His delicious, musky scent, only made even more potent by the long day without her. Master looked at her a bit uneasily, “I mean, I know I worked late, but only about an hour… Did you miss me that much?” he asked. Leona just grinned at him, her eyes half-lidded. “I did, Master~” she said sultrily. He only had time to smile before Leona pushed him down onto the couch. Master tried to struggle, but knew that it was futile. He submitted to Leona’s incredible strength as she held him down with one paw, straddling him. She smiled down, her eyes full of lust. “You smell really really good~” she said, her tail arcing over her shoulder. Master gave a weary smile up at the white manticore, “Well, I’m glad you like it.” he said before Leona plunged her tail down, engulfing Master’s half-erect length.

“Mmmn… that’s, heheh… nice…” Master muttered, completely off guard as he closed his eyes and surrendered to the warm silken embrace of Leona’s tail around his most sensitive appendage. The velvety walls of her tailpussy squeezed him, rippling along his cock and sending waves of pleasure coursing through him. He remembered the feeling of Leona’s tail that morning. Well, if there were worse ways to wake up, then he figured there were certainly worse ways to come home. Master sank into the soft cushions of the couch, held there by his loving pet manticore as she worked to milk his cock. She grinned down at him, licking her lips as his taste flooded her very being. She worked her tail as tightly as she could, relishing in the feeling of her master’s cock being held as deep as she could possibly drive it inside of her tailpussy. It wasn’t long before Leona’s attentions caused Master’s cock to start twitching, and she leaned down to kiss him deeply before he erupted a load of thick, white cream into her. Her manticore tail drank deep of the cock it was impaled on, the pleasure of her master cuming inside driving Leona to an orgasm of her own. She didn’t bother removing his cock from her tail, preferring to let her sensitive tailpussy twitch and contract over his sensitive member. She loved being locked together even after the orgasm. If she had her way, Master’s cock would never be outside of her tail, and they could revel in the feeling of one another forever. Alas, since Leona knew that was not very practical, she just leaned in close, kissed Master’s head and hugged him tightly. Even her wings wrapped as much as they could around him. “Welcome home, Master!”

“Good to be home, Leona.” Master answered, smiling back. He reached up to run his fingers through her hair, soft and silky as always. They both lay there for a bit before Master stirred. “Can I get up now?” he asked with a lighthearted tone. “Why would you want to do that?” Leona asked in a teasing tone. She pulsed her tail, rippling over Master’s cock still inside of her. “Well, I kind of wanted to take a shower and change clothes, heh.” Leona nodded, “All right, fiiiiine.” she said in a playful tone before starting to get up. She moved off of Master and allowed him to rise.
“Umm, Leona?” Master asked.
“Yes?~” she answered teasingly.

Master pointed down to Leona’s tail still latched to his groin. “Oops~ It seems stuck!” Leona said, blatantly lying. Master rolled his eyes at the frisky manticore, “Oh, all right…” he said, deciding it wasn’t worth fighting before moving off to the showers. Leona followed at almost a skip, her tail latched firmly in place. Master moved about, trying to keep his composure while Leona followed behind. She followed him into the bathroom, into the shower, and even into the bedroom to watch him change. Her tail steadily pulsed as Master tried to remain aloof, but not even he could deny the steady stream of precum he leaked into her tail as she teased him. When Master attempted to put on pants, Leona did relent and withdraw her tail enough for him to slide on his boxers and house pants. “Master, you’re forgetting something~” she said airily as he finished dressing. He laughed and relented, unbuttoning the fly of his pants. “So it seems…” is all he had time to say before Leona’s tail shot out. She deftly maneuvered the cloth and soon Master’s fading erection was free. She wasted no time in getting his succulent member right back into the depths of her tail. She let out a giggle at the lewd squelching noise it made.
“Come on, Leona. Let’s go to the couch.” Master said, his cock once again at Leona’s mercy. The white manticore was determined not to let him go.

The couple moved to the couch, and sat down. Master reclined back, allowing the bulb of Leona’s tail to encompass him fully. Leona lay down next to him, and rested her head on his thigh. Master picked up the remote and turned the TV on.
“I called the cable company. Bought something special on pay-per-view.” Master said, flipping through the channels. “I figured we could spend the evening watching it together.” he continued before his eyes dropped to his crotch. “…Maybe order out?” he asked.

Leona’s wings gave a few flaps of excitement. “Really?” she said, her eyes full of adoration for her Master. To her, Master suggesting that they order out was his submission to being joined crotch to tail for the rest of the evening. “That sounds wonderful!” she said before her tail started to wriggle with Master’s length inside of it. He gave a few quick breaths, “Y-Yeah… heh. I think you’ll like what I picked out.” he said as he handed over the TV guide he picked up. Leona scanned the pages Master held out and her eyes lit up. “Master!” she squealed as her tail tightened with her excitement. “H-How did you know?”

Master laughed after he caught his breath. “What kind of a Master would I be if I didn’t know what my pet likes?” Leona lay back on his thigh and her tail continued to squeeze him in a show of affection. “Thank you, Master.” He reached a free hand down to softly pet Leona’s ears. Flashes of memories poured into his mind as the soft white fur played between his fingers. So many times he affixed clamps and spikes and vibrators to those ears. He’d twisted them, pulled them, even cut them once or twice. He tried to remember another time when he’d just… felt them. The smooth, downy softness of her ears were… exquisite. Leona smiled and gave soft little moans as he rubbed them. She answered in kind with quick little squeezes of her tail bulb on his cock.

The couple continued these silent adorations as they both settled in for an evening of watching a channel dedicated to Leona’s favorite movies: romantic comedies. Master didn’t particularly care for them, but he looked down at Leona as he steadily played with her ears. It felt good seeing her happy. He briefly thought that perhaps they were being too close, Master and Pet being so affectionate. Masters and Pets surely weren’t supposed to act like lovers, should they? Well, why should they not? He loved her didn’t he? Surely that was the mark of a good Master? A happy Pet. Master smiled to himself, yes. They were a loving Master and Pet. He brushed all other thoughts out of his mind.

The hours drifted by in a haze of movies. Leona’s laughing at the comedy would cause her tail to tighten around Master’s cock, while the romantic scenes would cause her to work his shaft with abandon. It seemed like every time a sexy situation was shown in the movies, Leona would respond in kind until Master was forced to cum over and over again into the depths of her tail. Spent and panting, Master looked down at his pet, “L-Leona… I think I’ve had enough for tonight…” The manticore grinned up at him. “Nope~ I know you don’t like these kinds of movies, Master, but I know you’re watching them for me. I just want to make sure you have fun, too!” she giggled.
“Leona… really. I’m happy with this amount…” Master pleaded.
“You bought a whole evening of movies, I’m not about to let any of it go to waste!”

The white manticore was relentless in her attentions. She was even forced to order a pizza, keeping one paw tightly held over Master’s mouth to prevent his orgasmic cries from drowning out the food order. She straddled Master as she phoned it in, her paw muffling the sounds of Master’s screams as her tail worked fervently over his shaft. She withdrew her tail only one more time that night, and that was to get the pizza from the door. She hastily shooed the delivery girl away, shoving a small wad of bills that was probably more tip than the driver deserved. Leona was just in such a hurry to return to her evening with Master that she really couldn’t be bothered with counting out dollars. So it was then that Leona returned to the couch, latched her tail onto the cum-slick shaft that hung helplessly from Master’s trousers as he laid there in a post-orgasmic coma, and sat down.

It was some hours after the pizza was eaten, the movies were over, and the TV had gone to sleep mode that Master woke up in the dead hours of the night. He’d fallen asleep, or passed out from orgasm-induced exhaustion, he could not tell which. Still, he awoke in the chair with Leona resting on his lap, her tail still locked in place. It seemed they would be sleeping on the couch, not that either of them minded.

Master reached a hand over and took Leona’s paw into it. He rubbed her paw pads, running his fingers along the retracted claws, and even sliding his fingertips into the soft fur between the pads. He felt them, almost as if he were feeling them for the first time, fully appreciating the tender parts of his beloved manticore pet. He spend a silent while appreciating the feel of it, before he felt Leona’s paws curl around his own. “Rrrrr…” Leona growled softly, the closest thing to a purr Master had heard from her. She sleepily raised her head. They didn’t exchange words, Leona’s half lidded eyes seemed to suggest a sort of dream state. Still the white manticore stirred and crawled forward. Sleepily and sluggishly, Leona straddled Master and seemed to fall forward. He had to catch her and hold her steady until she was resting on his chest and shoulder. He felt the soft bristles of her mane against his cheek, and her smell hit him. Fresh cotton with a hint of vanilla, like eating ice cream on freshly laundered sheets. Perhaps because of the soap she uses? Or perhaps a detergent on her clothes? Either way, Master leaned into Leona and inhaled deep of her. She smelled soft and sweet, which Master felt just seemed to fit. His soft, sweet manticore.

His Leona.

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