A Day at the Zoo

It’s a Saturday; I’m off from work, and what do I chose to spend my time? Going to the zoo, of course! Well, calling it a zoo sounds pretty harsh for what’s shown there and there being no cages.

Plus, it hasn’t been a zoo for many years since it went bankrupt and the animals were moved out. Now, it’s a place for humans to interact with Monster Girls, or Mamono as they seem to prefer.

Apparently, a great hero used the mass amount of wealth they accumulated to buy out the abandoned zoo, and redesign it for Mamono. Since then, it has been a huge attraction for people of all ages, me included. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to move to this city because of this place.

A lot of Mamono, or at least the more docile or those well behaved enough, are shown here. They have Harpies and Lamias, Salamanders and Slimes, and even an area meant for children were they can play with Wererabbits and Yetis. So fluffy~

Today, I’ve come to visit a recently opened attraction: Mershark Petting.

My curiosity was too great to not check out this place, and getting there I see I’m not the only one. The line was fairly long, consisting of men, women, and children. This was pretty much the only reason I came today, so I didn’t mind waiting in line. Fortunately for me, the line seemed to move pretty quickly. Getting close, I could kind of see why, the pool where the Mersharks were was huge. I can’t wait to see it up close.

I go up to a man who was wearing a uniform to signify that he clearly worked here.

“Hello, sir, excited to see the Mersharks?” he asked as I handed him my ticket.

“Definitely. Finally got some free time to come here.”

“I’m sure the girls will be mighty happy to meet you. We ask that everyone wash their hands and a bit of their arms before petting,” the worker explained pointing to a fountain behind him.

“Can do. Hey, mind if I ask a question?” I ask as I start washing.

“What’s on your mind?”

“I heard that Mersharks can be a bit ferocious. Is it really safe for people to be petting them?”

“Most cases, yes, but these girls are plenty people-friendly. The girls are more looking for attention than anything else. Though, they are still Mamono so just keep that in mind.” I thank the worker for the information and make my way over to the pool.

I’m not kidding when I say pool, either. It’s a pretty big, circular pool that comes up a foot were people can kneel and pet the Mersharks. I get closer and, with the water being so clean and clear, I could see that it was about three to four feet at the edge and got deeper towards the middle. And there were a lot of Mersharks swimming around, not including the ones up by the people.

I take a spot that was open and look at all the seemingly different kinds of Mersharks. While a lot were just varied in color, a lot also seem to have their hair up in different styles. Before I could admire them too much, a couple of them have started to swim over towards me.

Like pretty much all Mamono, these Mersharks were quite beautiful. Reaching my hand in and petting one on the head, their blushing faces and smiles just make them extra cute.

“Me! I want some pets!” one of the Mersharks exclaims, leading me to having to use both hands to spread the love.

As I switch from one Mershark to another, I take the time to look around. I can see the Mersharks going up to pretty much everyone, seeking head pats where they can. I can even see some children having fun and the girls enjoying the attention.

Looking around, I see a curious sight towards the middle of the pool. A Mershark, with just her eyes above the water, seemingly looking at me. I give her the nicest smile I could muster, but she quickly disappears under the water. I’m a bit confused, but my attention is quickly brought back to the Mersharks as more try to get head pats from me.

I continue petting the other Mersharks when I suddenly feel I’m being watched. I look up and see the same Mershark, with just her eyes above the water again, looking at me. Her eyes are yellow with the rest being black, which seems to be common for her species, but when I look at hers I don’t fell frightened or intimidated. Instead, they seem to have a sort of sparkle to them.

I don’t get to look at her for very long before she goes back under again. Is she just being shy? I find myself chuckling at this behavior, finding it kind of cute. I go back to petting the other Mersharks, but they’re not paying attention to me. They’re actually looking towards the spot of the seemingly shy Mershark.

Two of the Mersharks turn to each other and nod before disappearing under the water. It’s not long before they are holding a third one by the arms, and I see it’s the one that has been watching me. At first, she’s trying to get out of the grip of the two Mershark while the two are just smiling at her. Then she looks up at me and her face goes from its usual bluish-white to deep red.

“Well don’t just stand there, give her a pet, too,” one of the Mersharks holding an arm says looking up at me. I’m bit hesitant at first since I don’t want to upset the shy Mershark. I slowly move my hand towards her as she closes her eyes tight and her face getting even redder.

As I place my hand on her head I notice two things: first was that she was trembling a bit but almost completely stopped the moment I touched her, seemingly calming her down. Second, her hair felt really smooth like silk. The other Mersharks had pretty smooth hair, but this one just seemed…smoother?

As I start to pet her, she seems to be getting really into it. Her face even loses some of its redness, except for her cheeks which kept its blush. I even hear some soft moans as I move from her head to the side of her face, the other Mersharks just hanging back and watching with smiles on their faces. I can’t help but smile when she starts rubbing into my hand like she was some sort of cat. This one is so cute.

Suddenly the Mershark disappears under the water, though with the water being so clear I see her just moving back towards the center. I’m a little sadden by this, but then I noticed the other Mersharks are swimming away from me, all with toothy smiles. Just as I was turning my head back to the center, I could see something moving towards me at great speed.

The rest seem to happen in slow-motion. It started with a splash of water and with it came the shy Mershark with it. She then tackles into my chest and I’m push back. The force of the impact was enough to send me falling back. Then, we finally come to rest with my back on the ground and her clingy to my chest.

Everything comes back to me as I feel a bit of pain in my back from the landing. I look to the Mershark and see her holding tightly to my shirt. The other people are a bit shocked and some of the workers around come over to me, including the guy I talked to when I got here.

“Sir, are you alright?” he asks kneeling down to me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I answer though my back did kind of hurt.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you up. Come on, Ellie, let go of the nice man,” another worker, a woman, says gently trying to pull the Mershark off.

“No!” Ellie shouts, the first time I heard her and I found her voice to be very cute sounding. Next thing I know, mine and Ellie’s lips are connected. She slowly pulls back and looks me in the eyes, her blush still on her face. “I want him.”

“Oh, Ellie. Sir, would you mind helping us carry Ellie? We have a special room for men to wait with clingy Mersharks. She’ll let go. Eventually. Hopefully,” the male worker states handing me a pair of gloves that go up to my elbows. Apparently, most of a Mershark’s body is rough and cause cuts.

I put the gloves on and hoist Ellie up, finding her to be a lot lighter than she looked. In the process, Ellie holds on to my shirt tighter and nuzzles into my chest.

“So does this mean we’re a thing now?” I ask, following the workers.

“Not necessarily. If you want to stay together with her, that’s entirely up to you, but you are free to leave once she stops clinging to you.”

Looking down at the Mershark, I start to think to myself. I didn’t really come here looking for a relationship, but this Mershark does seem somehow cuter than the other Mersharks I’ve seen. I’m quick to also notice a lot of noise coming from the pool. I can hear the other Mersharks seemingly cheering for Ellie, with her giggling and nuzzling my chest.

I don’t know if I’ll keep this one, but in the meantime, I would really like to spend as much time with this one as I can.

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7 thoughts on “A Day at the Zoo

    1. Not really. There are no cages so they’re not really being held there.

      Think of it like a place where attention seeking Mamono hang out and the workers are their just to make sure there isn’t too much trouble.

  1. This is the only story on TFT with “Projectile Cuddles” as a tag.
    That makes me sad… you’d think mamono would love glomping people! XD

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