A Day at the Beach


So I have a word of advice for you.

If you plan a trip to the beach with your friends, don’t.
Because naturally, they will invite their girlfriends to come along, and it’s only after you’ve arrived that you realized you’re the odd man out with no girlfriend.

And after hours of driving, checking into our hotel, and setting up our beach spot for the day, the only show of appreciation I received was, “Hey dude, can you watch our stuff?” as my friends fucked off to do their own things…or their girlfriends maybe.

One of the most beautiful days of the year, complete with brilliant blue waves crashing just a few yards away from me, kids playing, hot girls walking by, not a cloud in the sky, and here I was stuck watching coolers and lawn chairs. What was I supposed to do; play with my phone? At the beach? The beach was supposed to be the place where you’d hang out with friends and have a good time together, making memories and having fun.

And where did they all go?

Off with their girlfriends.

I mean, I can’t blame them for that though; they have every right to have as much fun at the beach as the next guy.

But not at my expense.

“Screw this.” I said. finally fed up.

We weren’t going to be here forever, and I intended to make the full use of my time having fun at the beach.

Even if it was just by myself.

I stood up made sure to hide anything remotely valuable out of sight. Not like anyone would want to steal some coolers or flip-flops or something, but one could never be too sure. And with that, I started my own adventure wandering off down the beach, thinking what I should do. Of course, the obvious thing to do at the beach was to go swimming. It wasn’t out of the question, but swimming by myself seemed kind of ‘loner-ish’. I suppose it didn’t need to be the first thing I did.

I thought about the different things I could do while weaving my way past different spots people had picked out for themselves. On more than one occasion, I barely dodged a group of screaming kids nearly crashed into me or stepping on a random sand castle.

I could play beach volleyball, I thought to myself. But I quickly dismissed the idea. I needed friends for that and going up to a group of strangers and asking to play with them just seemed weird to me.

Well…maybe I could build a sand castle? No, that’d be even worse.

The best idea I had so far was to either get food or get drunk; both weren’t exactly the worst ideas.


Startled, I turned towards the voice.

Lounging there on a blanket, with a huge orange umbrella propped on its side next to her, with sunglasses resting atop her head, and complete with pointed black ears, was an Anubis.

At first, I was surprised to see how close she was to me without me noticing her at first…or rather, I was surprised to see such a beauty this close up. Instinctively, my eyes quickly glanced up and down her body, taking in the awe-inspiring sight. She was propped up on her elbows, clad in only a black string bikini that showed off her tanned, toned body while barely containing ample breasts and showing off plenty of side boob. And though her left knee was bent, it was still plain to see her bikini bottom was quite the sight as well; just a small black triangle that showed off plenty of thigh, with wide looped knots holding it together.

Though it took only a fraction of a second, by the time I finally looked back up at her, it felt as if I had been staring at her body for ages.

Red eyes locked with mine as she wore a teasing grin, clearly red handed.

“Uh-yeah, hi. Is there something I could help you with?” I said, feigning innocence.

She didn’t seem to mind in the least however. Instead, she reached over to her side and picked up a white bottle and started to shake it in her hand.

“Actually, you can.”

With a flick of her wrist, she tossed the bottle up at me.

I fumbled to catch it before it hit the ground.

“I need sunscreen on my back. Care to help?” she asked nonchalantly, flipping over on her beach blanket.

The orange umbrella basked her in a faint orange light, and I was fortunate enough to be treated to the full view of her swimsuit. Though her tail obscured the view to most of her butt, if I had a thousand poets had a thousand years, it still wouldn’t be enough to describe the perfectness of that ass in words.

Taking off her sunglasses, she crossed her arms beneath her head and rested her head upon them, waiting for me.

I dove on my knees next to her, ready to be her faithful attendant. It wasn’t every day you got to rub lotion onto an Anubis’s back at the beach. It was a little cliché to be sure, but I wasn’t going to complain now.

I poured an ample amount of the white viscous liquid onto the palm of my hand and immediately, the distinct smell of sunscreen wafted into my noise. Setting the bottle aside, I quickly rubbed my hands together and gingerly brought my hands towards her back.

“Hold on.”

She suddenly brought her head up and reached behind her back with her arms.

“This is in the way.” She explained as careful talons undid the knots holding her bikini top, which effortlessly came away with a slight tug.

Her breasts free from their support, they swayed a noticeable bit before she lay back down, squishing the soft mounds into the ground before brushing her hair aside. With her bareback now completely free from all obstructions, I could finally begin.

I started on her upper back, forcefully but carefully putting pressure on her as I began to massage the lotion into her skin. My fingers sunk into her flesh, and though the lotion was cold, I could feel the heat radiating from her. I worked with scrutiny, both massaging and applying the lotion, making sure to cover every inch of skin.

“You know it’s easier if you get on top of me.” She offered with her eyes closed, apparently enjoying the experience.

I was too, at any rate.

I shuffled over and swung my leg across her so that I was now kneeling above her waist. Her tail, thick with glossy black fur was tucked neatly between my legs. From here, it was much easier for me to apply the lotion, especially since I now had access to both her sides. My hands effortlessly glided all along her back and sides. There were a few times I felt the distinctive feeling of supple boob across my fingertips, but she didn’t seem to mind it. I began to work into her neck as well, pressing my thumbs into her shoulders and rolling them gently.

“So do you just ask any passing guy to help you put on sun screen?” I asked, making polite conversation.

She laughed and giggled for a bit.

“Only the cute ones.” She pleasantly sighed.

Okay, now we were getting somewhere.

No doubt I had a stupid smile on my face because of her flirting, but I still wanted to try and keep my head level. It would be mind-breakingly embarrassing to pop a boner above her now.

“Arms?” I responded, still trying to be professional.

Wordlessly, she splayed out her arms and with a vigorous motion, I massaged the lotion into her upper arms as well, making sure to avoid where the fur started on her elbows. Now the only place that was still left was her thighs. I grabbed the bottle and squeezed another dollop into my hand once more and rubbed them together. I started on her left thigh first, squeezing the thick flesh in my hands. Though I was no expert, I bet this Anubis must have worked out, because there was little sign of excess fat to her and all I could feel was powerful muscle. There was the matter of her exposed butt cheek as well. I could have gone for it, but instead, I just let my thumb and finger tips brush against her ass, still playing my cards safe. I brushed her tail aside with the back of my wrist and worked on her other thigh as well, rubbing them down and making sure to cover every bit of it. Realizing that I was nearing completion of my duty, I decided to just lay my cards down on the table just go for it.

I took the opportunity to rub my hand over her her butt, slowly running my hand and up along her thigh and ending at her breast in an obvious sensual manner.

“Well I think that’s everything.” I exclaimed, waiting to see what her next move would be.

To my surprise, I felt her begin to shuffle beneath me, turning over completely. She took careful care to cover her breasts with her paws as she looked up with those red, playful eyes, once more enjoying my reaction.

“You forgot the front.”

Okay, we aren’t even playing with cards anymore.

“Hey, are you crazy? There’s kids here!” I warned her, finally remembering that I was still on a public beach with people walking all around us.

“Well then you better hurry up.” She said with a coy grin.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take in the magnificent view beneath me. I was more worried that some kid would run up on us or something. Thankfully, the orange umbrella provided some protection., but I had to work quick. Taking the bottle, I squeezed a sizable amount onto her stomach, making her flinch a little; no doubt it was cold. I worked quickly but methodically, rubbing my hands across her abdomen and navel, which surprisingly elicited a shiverish giggle from her.

So she was ticklish.

No. Wait. Avoid the temptation.

Think of the children.

With such a slender figure, I was quick to work my way up just beneath her breasts. Which would have been fine…if she hadn’t removed her hands completely, freeing her breasts for me and the world to see. My mouth dropped as I witnessed the glorious sight before me, but just for a moment before sheer panic set in and my body reacted before I knew what I was doing.

I grabbed her boobs.

My fingers instantly became enveloped in the soft, suppleness of Anubis tits and I could plainly see her distinct bikini tan line. With stiffening nipples pressing into my palms, the Anubis’s ears twitched, pleased at my sudden reaction. She bit her bottom lip and looked up at me with a sly grin.

“Are you serious?” I winced in mild disbelief, have falling for her trap.

The Anubis however, only shrugged and continued to smile at the predicament we were in. I sighed and shook my head. Not much else to do now, I suppose. I began to squeeze and fondle her caramel mammaries, pulling and pushing them about as I turned my head from side to side, making sure no one was watching us. The Anubis helped as well, placing her paws atop my hands and helping to massage her own tits with me, moving them in circular motions.

At this point, it was pretty apparent I had a raging hard on; how could I not? And the issue with having a boner in some swim trucks was that swim trucks did jack shit all to hide it. The Anubis peered down her chest and raised an eyebrow seductively at me.

“Theres a towel in the bag over there.” She motioned to her side, as if she was reading my thoughts.

Grateful, I reached over and pulled out a colorful beach towel only to have it taken away from me. She unfolded it and laid it sideways across herself at the waist, and began to fiddle with something underneath it. I was confused as to what she was doing, until she pulled out something black and dangling with strings, playfully tossing it at my chest.

Her bikini bottom.

Covering her breasts with an arm, she rolled to her side beneath me and patted the space behind her with a paw.

“Get behind me.”


We’re doing this now?

On a crowded beach in the middle of the day?

“Yeah sure, okay.” I said, nodding like an idiot.

No doubt I probably had the dumbest look on my face; of course the surge of adrenaline and excitement wasn’t helping at all. I quickly lay down behind her, making sure to cover myself with the towel. With trembling excitement, I reached over and pulled her hips closer to me. Delightfully, she wiggled her butt up against me and slowly grinded her tail against the bulge in my trunks.

Carefully, I began to shimmy my way out of them.

“Hey.” I asked suddenly worried, “isn’t this a little obvious?”

Her ears flicked once more while she continued to grind herself up against me.

“I guess if someone was looking really close in our direction. Otherwise, were just taking a nap together.” She assured me, her voice much softer now.

I wasn’t too thrilled with her response. Having public sex on a beach was the last thing I expected to happen to metoday. But hey, when the opportunity presents itself, theres never a need to pass up on it. I managed to shimmy my trunks down around my thighs and instantly my hardened dick became enveloped in a sea of luxurious fluffy fur. I have to tell you, having your cock and balls be treated to a fluff job has to be one of the more orgasmic feelings in the world, and I was quite content with the treatment.

But this Anubis had other ideas.

She pressed herself up against me, and suddenly the luxurious feeling of fur across my cock turned seething hot and smooth upon contact with caramel skin. She wiggled some more, reaching over to grab my own hip and force herself against me. I instinctively responded in kind and my dick found a suitable home snug between her ass cheeks with her tail draped over the side. We were slow, keeping our movements to a minimum as she carefully gyrated her butt against me, moving my dick along with her. I managed to control myself, slowly sliding my cock between her ass cheeks.

She shifted her waist again, bending forward and raising her butt up higher against me. I felt the tip of my dick follow the grove of her ass until finally I felt something hot and wet grace my head.

I suddenly blanched at the idea.

“I-I don’t have a condom.” I ashamedly admitted.

The Anubis looked over her shoulder at me, one arm still covering her breasts as a single red, mischievous eye peered back at me through parted black hair.

“Do you need a condom?”

My heart leapt a bit at her sultry tone.

“Nope. I’m good.”

Though, I’ve never gone bareback before.

She pushed her ass against me some more and with some slight adjustments, my head pushed itself between her folds. She went down to the base, fully taking in my shaft as the both of us let out audible shaky sighs of pleasure. The feeling was worlds different than with a condom. Granted it’d been quite some time since I had sex in general. I could feel everything; the soft moistness of her walls, the way her pussy squeezed my shaft, her shaky breathing, every minute detail. I don’t know who started first, but we slowly began to move together, hunched over each other as I began to hump her while we both lay on our sides. Our legs became entangled, the Anubis lifting leg atop of mine to allow me greater access. Keeping a firm grip on her hip, I pulled her against me with each thrust, the smell of sunscreen still ever present.

And the only thing protecting ourselves was a towel, an orange umbrella, and sheer dumb luck.

And that didn’t last too long.

The sound of nearby laughter suddenly made us freeze.

From behind me, two figures passed in front of us; young tweens by the look of them, a boy and a kitsune girl. I held my breathing in fear and I could feel the Anubis in my arms do the same. They seemed to be preoccupied with talking to each other as they passed by just a few feet in front of us. To our horror, they suddenly stopped and began to argue with each other. Whatever their argument was, it seemed to be incredibly juvenile and I just wished that they would go away. If they had just turned their heads to the left, they would have easily found something suspicious with our posture. Or perhaps that my trunks were just a bit too long or that the girl in my arms wasn’t wearing a top. They seemed to take ages before finally the kitsune threw up her arms and stormed off, her friend in tow. They’re figures becoming smaller and smaller as the descended down the beach.

I let out a long sigh of relief, glad that we barely dodged a bullet. My cock, still hilt-deep in her, thankfully didn’t lose any of its rigidity. And I thought fear boners were just a myth.

The Anubis raised her head, a clearly excited grin on her face on having almost been caught. I couldn’t help but smile in return, giddy like a child that had just gotten away with doing something naughty. She snuggled herself against me once more, giving me a playful squeeze as we resumed our fucking.

We soon found a good rhythm, keeping it nice and slow to avoid any more attention, while drawing out the pleasure. Our legs fumbled against each other, and I couldn’t help but reach underneath the towel and grab and play with her ass, pulling it up and down and giving it tight squeezes. I earned myself the occasional low moan and stifled yelp. With my other hand, I managed to tuck it underneath her and pull her up against me, groping a boob in the process. Luckily, she placed her arm over my hand, covering herself while I played and tweaked her nipple.

But of course, all good things must come to an end.

I let her know that I was close.

“Just…hold on.” She begged out of breath.

I didn’t know how long I could though. I’ve been trying to control myself from going all out on her, that my own balls were pleading with me to release already. I gave her nipple a light pinch and rubbed my pelvis against hers in response, slowly twirling my cock inside of her to hit all of her walls.

She let out a small moan before cutting herself off, her pussy suddenly squeezing me tight.

“…do it inside.” She groaned.

I of course, was happy to oblige.

Burying myself deep inside of her, I did short fierce thrusts into her, holding onto her waist as the pressure built up. Finally, I unloaded the contents of my balls deep inside of her, pulling her tightly against me as my dick throbbed and unloaded into her. Strangely, I could feel myself filling her up, to the point that it felt like my dick was the only thing stopping all our juices from leaking out.

“Ho-holy fuck!” the Anubis yelped out in surprise.

“S-sorry” I apologized, concerned that I may had done something wrong.

“No, no.” She assured me, “Its just…you came a lot.”

She turned her head and look over her shoulder.

“I think there’s some tissue in the bag there.”

I looked over to where she was looking and rummaged through the same bag that held the towel earlier to find a packet of tissues. I gave it to her, who promptly took it and began to clean herself up from the mess I made. I could feel her use the tissue beneath the towel while I slowly pulled my dick out of her, making sure not to make the cleanup process worse for her. Finished cleaning ourselves up, I pulled up my swim trunks and helped the Anubis put her black bikini top on. She flipped over to face me, not bothering to put on her bikini bottom while she wrapped her arms around my neck. I could see a visible hand print from where I was squeezing her boob earlier.

“I can’t believe I just had beach sex with you,” I said, grabbing her ass beneath the towel that still covered us and pulling her closer to me. “And I don’t even know your name.”

She only smiled and leaned in to suddenly kiss me.

Her lips were soft and sweet like marshmallows.

“Oh don’t worry about that.” She said confidently pulling away, wearing a sly grin.

“We’re going to be screaming out each other’s names tonight.”

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