A Connecticut Yankee…Pages 36-40

December 27th

So there I was, trapped, held at gun point by the Queen of Hearts herself, being interrogated about Nazis of all things, oh yeah, and that’s after her daughter and I just had sex in which I took her virginity.

Not one of my best nights, yet oddly enough not one of my worst either…

”What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, stalling for time. Winona was on my hip, but I doubt that I could get to  her before momma pulled the trigger. I guess I was wrong about having the only gun in the world but how the hell does a Lilim have one?

”The Nazis! Have they won? What about the Allies?” She said urgently while shaking the pistol at me in her small hands.

“You’re talking about World War Two? That was over sixty years ago! The Allies won, the Nazis don’t exist anymore!”  I yelled back at her. Probably not the wisest thing to do while being held at gun point, I know, but that’s besides the rub. Why the hell is she asking me about World War Two?

“And Hitler?” She pressed. 

“Hitler committed suicide along with his wife in a bunker in Berlin.”  

 It all of a sudden it struck me… 

“This study isn’t yours… is it? Just like that gun.” I asked as pieces started to click together. 

In answer she pulled out a pair of dog tags from the same drawer and slid them over to me. 

I carefully picked them up, keeping my eyes on the girl child. Peeking down, I read,

 ————, Eric

37337567   T42 43    O 


NY   NY                         C


“Romie’s dad… he was a solider… in the Second World War….“ I mumbled aloud. The realization of everything hit me hard. But how? Then Romies words came back to me. Time works differently in Wonderland.  It was possible, maybe some kind of wormhole? I knew that physics and time space  tended to get a little wonky when you screwed with those but, it was possible. It also occurred to me that there were others, now, like myself that came to this world…

I carefully slid the tags back to her. Taking them, she brought the metal up to her lips and kissed it before returning them back to the drawer.  

“He was the King of my Heart, he told me about them, and their evils. He said that if he was able to get into Wonderland, then they might too. That’s why I created the Spade Trumparts, so that they may combat their threat. That’s why I must know what has happened in your world.” She implored quietly, her eyes misting as she lowered the gun and set it on the desk. 

Key word… was. Either he found a way back home or, more likely he was dead. A small voice in the back of my head said it was latter. 

“World War Two happened a long time ago, you don’t have to worry about Nazis anymore, they’re all but dead and whatever replaced them are nothing but a bunch of little bitches. There’s different bad guys now,” I said thinking back to the Taliban, terrorist and just the general state of the world that I left.

“How though? How did Eric get here?” I asked. Was there a doorway here in Wonderland? A way to traverse back and forth, maybe I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to Romie after all…

“We found him half dead, surrounded by the bulk of a great metal beast. I had him brought to the castle and personally nursed him back to health. He was unlike any man I had ever met. Immune to magic, just like yourself. He was kind and gentle, had an odd view of the world, spoke strangely, had many strange ideas…. I fell in love with him…” Tears were falling from her eyes as she recalled their history.  

“What happened to him?” I whispered. 

She collapsed down on the chair behind her and began to weep on the desk in answer. 

 So, in the end it was all an act… her being childish, it was just a way for her to deal with the pain, wasn’t it? To hide the fear that one day some fucking SS troopers or something like that would invade her land and kill her subjects or worse- concentration camps. In the end, she was just a sacred woman and mother that deeply missed her husband. 

I stood and made my way around the desk. Was it a crime to touch a grieving Queen? I didn’t care. I put my hand on her small, slim shoulder and tried my best to comfort her. She in turn wrapped her arms around my waist and cried into my side. Shit, I really hopped that Romie was still asleep because if she saw this… 

A pop came from the door, looking over I saw Romie staring at us. 

God damn it… 

“Donnie, w-what’s going on?”  She asked, fear and uncertainty in her voice. 

“Does she know? Does she know about her father?” I asked looking down at the crying monarch.  When she refused to answer, I shook her by the shoulder and yelled,

”Does she?!” 

“No!” She sobbed back. Still clutching on to me.

”Tell her or so help me god, I will.” I threatened. Romie had a right to know. At that time, I didn’t care that I was yelling at or threatening a Queen, Romie deserved to know about her father. 

“What is he talking about, mother?” She asked. 

“Your father… he was like him.” She sniffled, pulling herself from me. 

“He… was from another world, like Donnie…” 

Romie stayed silent for a good minute, trying to process what was just told to her. 

“Why…?”  Her voice cracked.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me anything about him!” She howled, betrayed by her own mother.  Her eyes changed from purple to red as rage filled her.

Shit, this was a lot like the time back with Katrina, except a hell of a lot worse! 

“You never cared, you never took responsibility, you never told me about him… WHY?!!!” She demanded, her voice turning hollow as energy crackled around her.

Fuck! It was Carrie, round 2, and I had to do something fast. Rushing around the desk I put myself in between Romie and her mom. I was hoping that seeing me would remind her of our earlier intimacy and maybe snap her the fuck out of it. 

“Move.” She said dangerously. Her claws extended and ready to strike. 

“No, I’m not gonna let you kill your mom, Romie, no matter how pissed you are. I promise you will regret it later.” 

“Move or I will kill you.” She threatened raising her claws to me, I could hear the blood lust in her voice and a part of me asked what the fuck I was doing, putting myself on the line for someone I barely just met. I couldn’t just stand by though, Romie was a good person, and in the end – once she calmed down, she would be devastated with what she did. I wouldn’t let the girl I love go through that. 

The girl I love huh…

“Kill me then,” I bared my neck to her, “I might be immune to magic, but I’m pretty damn sure your claws would do the job. So do it, kill the guy that loves you to get to your mom that royally fucked up. Go on do it!”  I dared her. 

She hesitated, and I was praying to every single deity out there that she actually wouldn’t kill me. I watched as her eyes changing from red to purple and back again, the struggle warring in her soul as revenge fought against love. Finally she spoke,

”You…love me?” 

“Yeah… I do.” I said staring her down, waiting for her claws to strike. Her eyes finally stopped with the color roulette and changed back to the normal purple. She lowered her paws from a killing pose and wrapped them around me in a hug. 

“I’m sorry,” She whispered into my chest, shivering.

“It’s okay,” I said, wrapping my arms around her. At some point I exhaled the breath I had been holding, I just couldn’t remember when. Looking back, I could see the Queen watching us with tears in her eyes. 

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow. Right now, I think we all need some rest.” I could feel Romie nod, as the Queen did the same. The doors unlocked and swung open allowing me to lead us back to her room. 

Inside, I comforted her the only way I knew that she would want, by making love. This time I took the lead, I went slow, gentle; I poured my heart into it and into her, so maybe she wouldn’t feel so alone, so betrayed. In the end as she cuddled close to me with a satisfied smile, she whispered the only words she needed to,

”I love you too.” 



December 28th

In my sleepy wakefulness, I reached out a hand to Romie, only to find her gone. Shooting up, the worse case came to mind. Did she go back to finish the job? I was about to get out of her bed when she popped in front of me holding a tray of food and dressed in nothing. 

“Gooooood morning” She sang to me. 

“Holy shit, you scared the bejesus outta me. For a second I thought you went after your mom again…” I replied clutching my chest. 

Setting down the tray on a nearby nightstand, she leveled her face to mine. 

“You cured me from my hatred, so don’t worry,” She said with a large grin that suddenly turned seductive,

“But you should be worried about something else…”  She said as she narrowed her eyes and started to crawl her way towards me. 

“Uh, you k-know today’s probably going to be a bad day right?” I stuttered. 

“I know, which is why I’m planning on having a very good morning.” 

I didn’t know why I was so nervous, maybe it was the alpha predator look she had in her eyes that said I should be pissing myself.

“What about breakfast?” I asked with a frightened smile as she was just inches from my face. 

“I am having breakfast.” 


I had to stop her after the 5th round otherwise nothing would get done today. Pulling myself from her clutches I hunted around her room for my scattered clothing. 

“Hey I’m gonna hit up the bath, wanna join me?” I asked, 15 rounds of sex spread over 10 hours left me rather musky…

”No,” She said laying on her belly in bed watching me, her tail waving about lazily.

“Fine, suit yourself.” I said shrugging, making my way to the door.

”I meant no, I don’t want you bathing.”

I stopped and turned to her,

”Uh, why?”

”Because I want my scent all over you, especially there,” She said huskily, pointing a digit to my crouch. 

“This is some weird Mamono fetish thing, isn’t it?” I sighed. 

She offered a large Cheshire grin in answer and then said the 3 words that end all disagreements in the woman’s favor,

”I love you.” 

I gave her the best glare/ frown combo in my arsenal, but eventually I surrendered. 

”Fine, but I’m taking a bath tonight, I don’t care how many ‘I love you’s’ you say” I grumbled. 

She smiled in victory. Whatever. 

Deep inside I was happy she had recovered from last night. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone but Romie’s  power scared the crap outta me and this whole family drama between her and her mom was a shit ton of fire on the powder keg. Maybe I was naive to think I could keep it in check but I had to try. The things that came to light last night could very well affect both our worlds and the only way to truly find out was though Romie’s mother. As I said before, today was gonna be a bad day…


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