A Connecticut Yankee: Aftermath Ch. 2

Authors Note: Ok, I know I said I was working on the Home Improver side of things. I’m sorry, it just kinda happened that this came to be out of a lot of story pieces I work on from time to time as well as to keep up with the Cut and Run side with Moongrim. Credit to Moon as well for the scenes with everyone’s favorite male dragon- Allen. I promise next story you’ll see will feature your favorite hardware store. Ironically enough, this was supposed to be a short chapter and it turned into the longest story I’ve written. Enjoy. 



June 30th.

“You’ve been spending too much time cooped up in your room, so I’m going to have you go with Molly and deliver some papers to an acquaintance of mine. She’s the president of the San Jose State University,  and it would do you some good to get out.” Stated the Lilim that thought she ruled my fucking life.

We were eating breakfast that morning at the massive table in her dining room. The similarities between her, the Maou and even Misrelda were blatantly obvious when it came to choices of how they liked their homesteads. The comedic irony of the scene didn’t fly over my head either. Her with her breakfast of a glass of wine with some dainty mini quiches, mine with a massive omelette and black coffee, it was almost dare I say… Domestic?  If anything, let it also be said that Molly could make a damn good omelette! The perfect combination of bacon, sausage, cheese, eggs and veggies, but I digress… 

“Yeah, no thanks. I’m good.” I said dismissively around a mouthful. A road trip with Miss Blushy wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

“Let me put this in another way, Donnie. You owe me a very large amount of money in medical billing from your housing and care at my facility. That is including what your pathetically inept insurance through work paid out which, by the way, ended a year ago because they went out of business.” Druella paused allowing her words to sink in. Yeah, that electronic’s store I worked at back in the day wasn’t doing too well.

“So unless you wish to pay me back in other ways…  Let’s try this again,” The Lilim continued, leaning in closer to stare me straight in the eye across from the table, “Donnie, I want you to go with Molly to San Jose State University and deliver some documents to the president there.” 

God damn it, she had me by the balls on that. Road trip with the Mantis or Auntie Dru firing up the ol’ imagination on ways for my ass to pay her back. Finally, I grudgingly said,


She leaned back with a smug grin, “Good boy.” 

God I hate that bitch. 

“Don’t look so glum, you’ll be using a favorite car of Molly’s. I have a feeling that you’ll like it.” She said with a mysterious smile as she got up and walked away, her hips swaying seductively with her tail as she left. 

Huh, wonder what that meant? 


”Holy fucking shit, that’s a Bugatti Veyron!” I exclaimed, staring at the European supercar.  We were in the massive garage that held the 20 plus cars that Druella owned. There was a Benz, a BMW,  Porsh, Ferrari, Lamborghini… just about every car enthusiast wet dream under one roof.  I walked around the supercar, taking in every curve and crevice. The license plate said ‘Druella 1’ on it.

Vain much, Auntie Dru? 

The Manits gave me a blank look as she raised the driver side door. I guess all this was all just old news to her. Taking cue, I raised the passenger door and jumped in. It was beautiful inside , glorious, a god damn work of art. Molly turned the key and the sound it made nearly gave me an orgasam. Yeah, it was that good. I buckled up just in time as the maid hit the gas and we sped out of the garage. I may have gotten whiplash from the sudden acceleration but I didn’t care. It was worth it. 

The drive to San Jose State from Druella’s, according to the GPS, is supposed to take about 4- 5 hours. We did it in 2.  During the trip, we passed multiple highway patrols and, oddly enough, none of them pulled us over. In reality, the  drive would have been an hour and a half but I found that Silicon Valley traffic was just as notoriously bad as any major, metro area. Maybe even worse. Have you ever seen a Mantis riding the horn of a European supercar, clearly pissed off but utterly expressionless? Her antennae were waving about her head violently as if screaming every profane obscenity known to man. Internally, maybe she was. I wanted to laugh but thought better of it, I didn’t want to mess with a Mantis sporting road rage. Those forearm scythes she had on her were nasty. 

It was almost noon when we reached the school.  Molly parked in the red zone right by the entrance to the office. 

“Uh, I’m pretty sure we’re not suppose to park here…” I commented to her as we both got out. She gave me her usual blank stare that I somehow translated into ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ 

That girl really needed to watch her language. 

I took a seat in the waiting room inside the office while she took a Manila envelope full of paperwork to the president’s office.  For the sake of not causing a riot with the cops and SWAT team, I left Winona in the glovebox of the car. I did feel a certain amount of vulnerability without her but I figured it was a school, what’s the worst that could happen?

A pang of nostalgia hit me as I looked around the familiar environment. At one time, I too used to be a college student. Just had to worry about getting good grades, studying for tests, mid- terms, finals and not spending too much money on crap I didn’t need. Then I ended up on their world, became a Merc to survive, to find a way back home. A bittersweet taste filled my mouth, could I really return to something like this? Something so mundane and peaceful…  After all I’ve been though? All I know?

“I can’t help that she’s a dumb bitch and she graded me wrong!” Came a raised voice from the desk.

“Miss ————, you will watch yourself when you talk to me and about your teachers!”  

I looked over to see a Cyclops yelling at the receptionist. It was only when she turned her head that I started to have a panic attack. She looked exactly like Victoria! No, not exactly… while they both had purple hair, this one’s was longer and in a pony tail, plus she had a shorter horn on her head, maybe a few slight facial differences. 

“Take a seat and I’ll see what I can do.” I heard the weary voice of the office worker.

No, I had to calm down about stuff like that. There were other Cyclopes out there. I couldn’t start freaking out every time I saw one. Trying to moderate  my heartbeat, I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. I had to get over this. 

Much to my despair, the Cyclops sat down right next to me. She still seemed pissed over whatever she had going on as I could hear her grumbling to herself. Then she stopped and turned to me. 

“Hey, you look really familiar. Are you in my Trig class with Miss Stevenson?” 


My cool went to hell after she said that and I tried to refocus myself to speak over the returning panic along with the pounding drum that was my heartbeat. Finally after a few seconds and licking my dry lips I replied,

”N-no, I uh, don’t go to this school. I’m just visiting to drop something off.”

”Ah ok,” She said cheerfully, “Looking to go here? They got a great engineering department, that’s what I’m in. Plus of course coding and web design.” 

“R-really? That’s… um, good.” 

Jesus why? Why did she look so much like her? Why was she going for engineering? Was this Gods revenge on me? His punishment to me for fucking up reality? 

“Maou, you look so damn familiar! Are you sure we don’t know each other? Did we go to high school together? I went to Del Mar-“ 

“No-  I don’t live anywhere around here. I’m from Connecticut!” 

Just go away! Please just go away! I prayed. 

“Connecticut, really? Wow, you’re far from home.”

“You have no idea…” I mumbled, making a strained face. 


“N- Nothing. Um, excuse me, I…  I have to check on my uh, other… bug… person… maid.” I said awkwardly as I shot up and went to the Presidents office door. 

“Sir, you can’t go in there!” Shouted Ms. Secretary.

”Don’t worry about it, I’m with her highness’s crew.” I called back briskly as I turned the knob and entered. 

Inside I saw Molly bowing to a black-haired Dragon sitting at a large ornate dark desk. Both turned their heads to stare at my intrusion.

”Hey, we done here?” I asked to the maid.

“Who are you? Is this rude Human a companion of yours, Molly?”  Responded Dragon lady angrily. One thing I learned from back in the day was Dragons consider themselves to be a higher, more civilized life form. They thrive off etiquette, traditions, rituals and manners. Me barging in like that was equivalent to just flipping the chick off. 

I didn’t care. I needed to get out of here, away from that girl. She just brought up too many memories. 

“Yes, my apologies President Charseis Endyssil. My… He can be very impatient. If I may take my leave?” 

“Of course. Please extend my regards to Princess Druella,” She smiled at Molly and turned a glare to me, “Also do tell her she should be more mindful of the kind of… individuals she hires.” 

Well I know who’s not sending me a Christmas card this year. 

As we walked back through the waiting room, I did my best to ignore  the stares of a certain person.  Reaching the Veyron still waiting in the no parking zone, I asked.

”So we done for the day? Back to Casa de Lilim?” 

“No, we will get lunch and her highness ordered me to get you new clothes.” She said with a hint of color on her cheeks.

I frowned. Huh, food and shopping… almost seems like a date? I looked back to the Mantis only to see the reddish color deepen. I sighed deeply, well if Auntie Dru was paying for the grub and clothes than who was I to say no? 

We drove over to a place called Santana Row. It was a ritzy spot where the shops were all bricked, made to look aged and historic when really they were less than 10 years old. It was crowded, something I learned while visiting was that San Jose was more like New York City than anything. 

We ended up grabbing lunch at a place called MG Steakhouse. I had the porterhouse while Molly had a salad and veggies. Mantis… bug… vegetarian, got it. Then she took me clothes shopping. Jeans worth $100 each, shirts starting at $50… the whole experience cost more than I made in 6 months at my old job. All thanks to the magic of that black metal credit card. Thanks Auntie Dru.

There was a nagging part of me that wanted to admit it was nice. A small slice of what could be considered a “normal” life. Going out, eating and shopping. Spending time with a pretty girl, then the guilt set in. That pretty girl wasn’t Romie…

The ride back took longer. Traffic. Insane traffic that not even a million dollar super car could fight against. I looked over to see the Mantis still flushed, her antennas moving angrily about her head again. She really, really hated traffic.

Reaching over, Molly blasted the a/c on high until I was freezing my ass off. When I went to turn it off, a forearm blade of hers sprung out, blocking the way of my hand. 

You know what, I’m good. The icy cold was refreshing. Who cares if I get frostbite or hypothermia? It builds character. 

We got back as the sun was setting. The maid made a beeline inside as I took a moment to grab the shopping bags and oogle all the cars in the garage once more. Maybe she had to pee really badly? 

“Have fun?” Druella asked as she greeted me at the entrance to inside. She had the same open bathrobe on as when I first met her although thankfully, at least, she had on some underwear. That is if you count a see through lace thong and bra as underwear but hey, progress over the last time, right?

”It was alright.” I grunted, passing by her. I didn’t want to say anything about the Cyclops I saw nor of her choice of evening wear. The first being that the less she knew about my personal affairs the better and the second, I knew me saying anything about her lack of modesty would just make her do it more often. 

Later that night after I put away my new clothes, I sat at the small desk web surfing once more.  I found a few decently credible news sites as my go- to’s. There was a PSA about a full moon that night. All single human men and women were advised not to go out. Unless they really wanted to get raped that is.

The 100-year-old man inside me flared up. Back in my day, we didn’t have no fancy PSA’s. You just had to look up at the nights sky and figure shit out. Kids these days… Don’t know how good they got it!

Well, whatever. The day after tomorrow my folks would be here. I knew there would be a lot of explaining to do. Both in front of Druella and later in private with just them and I. Turning off the PC, I crawled into bed, thankful that the day was over. Too many memories…


Even though I was in my original body, my mind was still the same. Back on the world of the Mamono,  I learned to be a light sleeper. Had to because those that were the heavy kind ended up getting raped/ forcefully married when they woke up. Thus, when I felt a heavy weight crawl itself up the mattress, I quickly awoke and brought Winona to bear on my intruder. Flipping on the light by the night stand, I discovered it was Molly, naked and flushed while sweating profusely.

Cursing, I tucked my lady back under the pillow as she spoke.

“Please…” She whispered as she struggled with the words, “Like you… need you… tonight… please.” 

There was a look of desperation in her eyes, need and want. She was in control enough not to flat-out rape me but that was about it. 

“Please… help me. Just tonight.” She begged. 

“Molly, I can’t.” I explained, feeling somewhat guilty and not knowing why. Maybe because she desperate, that she was decent enough not to straight out attack me in my sleep and maybe that she was a somewhat odd but likeable person. 

“Please!” She cried more forcibly to me , her normally neutral face showing more emotion then I had ever saw before on her. 

I sighed, knowing that this would go only 1 way. I turned my head away and lowered out a hand to where  it rested just below her dripping slit. 

“This is the best I can do for you.” I mumbled.

The Mantis quickly grabbed my hand and plunged my fingers deep inside her. The wetness was overwhelming as she used them to pleasure herself. I tried to ignore the thick musky smell of lust, her small moans of pleasure and the hot, slick, sticky wetness of her womanhood.  

After a small time, she gasped while convulsing, coming over and over, quenching her desires. After she had finished, Molly brought my messy fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean of her own spendings. I mistakenly turned my head to look at her as she dove in for my lips.

“No! No kissing, no sex.” I said firmly, breaking the kiss and pushing her away. I was doing my best to ignore the lustful urges of my own body, the primal need to mate with this lovely creature before me. 

She, in turn, pushed me back down to bed and pulled  off my underwear with her superior strength. 

“No sex, but need spirit energy.” She agreed huskily.

Taking my already erect member in her mouth, the maid greedily slurped and sucked on it, eager for it’s reward.  I don’t know whether or not to be ashamed that I didn’t last long but, soon after, Molly got what she desired.

Much like with my fingers, the Mantis licked and sucked me clean, coo’ing in content with her prize. Her tongue ensured that nothing of mine was left. Our eyes met over my body, I could tell she wanted more, but what I gave her was enough to sedate her need for that night. Wordlessly she slipped back on my briefs and quickly left the room. 

I stared up at the white ceiling contemplating what just happened. Was it just to quench a biological need and nothing more? Something that her and I would never speak of again? Exhausted, my body betrayed me by falling into a deep sleep afterwards. It was relatively certain, at least, that I wouldn’t be disturbed again. 


July 1st.


A ringing noise drew me from the kitchen. I was alone that day, munching on a sandwich for lunch. Druella and Molly went to go attend some conference or some crap, leaving me king of the hill.  Sighing, I left Winona and my lunch on the counter as I walked to the doors intercom panel. The monitor showed a late-model VW Bug and a purple haired Cyclops staring angrily into its lens. 

You’ve got to be kidding me. How the hell did she find me? Who was this woman?! Pushing the talk button, I asked,

“Who are you and what do you want?” 

“My name is Vicky. Now who the fuck are you and why are you in my grandma’s weird phone?!” She yelled, holding up a familiar device to the camera. On it showed a selfie taken with myself and Victoria. It was one of the first pictures I had taken when I arrived in their dimension.

I felt my stomach drop to the floor.  She still had… She kept my iPhone. That meant… 

“Who- Who is your grandmother?” I barely managed to force out of my mouth to the intercom. 

“Her name was Victoria —————-! I was named after her! Are you Donnie?! You’re the one she left all the videos to!” 

Videos? My god. She figured out how to work the phone. How to use it. Damn it Victoria, trust you to figure out an advance piece of 21st century technology all on your own. I hit the button that opened the gate.

My mind spun with the realization of everything as I unlocked and opened the door and said, 

”We have a lot to talk about, come in.” 

She hesitated then followed me in asking, “Do you actually live here?”

“I’m staying with… um, in-laws right now. So no, I don’t live here.” I coughed awkwardly as I lead us towards the kitchen. 

“You’re related to Druella?!” She exclaimed, taking a seat at the breakfast bar. 

“Unfortunately, she’s my aunt in-law. Now, how did you find me? Oh yeah, want some coffee?”

She nodded an affirmative and I walked over to grab a couple of mugs and the carafe. 

“I took a picture of you and the bug maid when you weren’t looking, then I had my dorm mate use a facial search program to scour the Internet. Your pic came up zip, but bug lady was all over the pictures that had Druella in them. So we managed to hack some sites and get the nearest address she had.” Vicky said proudly.

Jesus, she was relentless and knew her shit. A feeling of pride swelled up in me. She was just like her grandparents. Sliding a mug over to her, she cradled it in her hands. 

“My turn…” She paused, as if embarrassed by the question. In a voice barely above a whisper she asked,

”Are- Are you my grandfather?”

I took a sip of my own before answering. We were about the same age, maybe I was few years older. In any normal circumstance, her question would be insane, laughable. But normal circumstances weren’t really my thing, were they? I looked over to her. I could see some resemblances here and there. The nose, the chin, maybe the eye. She really was my granddaughter. 


“How?!” She shot up in her chair, spilling the coffee all over. 

“Are you some kind of wizard or something?  I was told they all died out!”

I grabbed a towel and whipped down the white granite as I explained, 

“No, I’m not a wizard or a warlock or even the Highlander. I’m a mortal, just like you. Except the fact that magic doesn’t work on me.” 

“How can you be my grandfather then? How are you in the pictures? And what’s up with this weird phone? The battery it takes uses a different ampage then anything I’ve seen, the operating system is totally off the wall and it’s made by Apple? What the hell?”

I threw the stained towel in the sink as I asked,

“You guys don’t have Apple iPhones here, do you? “

”Apple making phones? Seriously?” She snorted a disbelieving laugh, “They make weird shaped computers with a dumb OS that only hipsters and beatniks use. They’ve never, ever made phones!” 

Well, I’ll be damned. 

“Guess Jobs wasn’t as ambitious in this reality .” I mumbled, thinking out loud.


“Nothing. But, there is an explanation for this. For all of this. It’s very… unbelievable, though.” I said glancing at my former phone then back up to her. 

“Try me, Mystery Man.” She answered with a challenge.

I told her of how I arrived to the world of the Mamono, almost a century ago. How I met her grandmother. Everything.

”So Mom and Aunt Didi were nothing but… payments?!” Vicky said angrily.

Mom and Aunt Didi… God… She had twins… 

”It wasn’t like that. Things were different back then! You know that! I had a madwoman from my own world trying to get her hands on a damn nuke! I needed Victoria’s help! She was the only one I could trust! That I could turn to! It was what she wanted in exchange.” I yelled back trying to defend myself of an insane situation. 

”Why couldn’t you just get help from your wife? From her family?!” She sneered back. 

“I didn’t… I don’t trust the Maou and the Lilims. Not as far as I can throw them! And Romie didn’t have the technical know how to dismantle a nuclear weapon!”

”Did you even think of Mom? Of Aunt Didi? Or weren’t they worth a thought?” 

”Vicky, The Order was trying to kill the Maou and revert Mamono back to how they used to be before the change. I was trying to save everyone. To keep that world from being plunged into a blood bath. I … I had plans. Afterwards, to maybe somehow to move everyone together. To be a weird, whole family! Together! Then Faith broke into Victoria’s home with her men. I had to kill her and some Hero kid right in front of her eyes. Your grandmother, she hated killing, she hated violence. Then the Maou’s soldiers came, carted me away, stole the bomb… I lost her that day. I lost all of you… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.” 

I closed my eyes and started to sob at the memories returning to me. The pain, the guilt…  Losing someone who I did care about, I did love. To my surprise, I felt arms encircling me and a warm embrace. I looked into a big, beautiful blue eye.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to make you cry, ok?” She mumbled as if unable to handle seeing me weep, “ I was just angry. Mom gave me grandma’s phone in hopes of figuring it out, to get it to work. When I did and powered it up, I found all these pictures. Pictures of all these people, of you, of her, of some Cheshire Cat- your wife I guess, then the videos. She left them to you.”

Sniffling, I pulled out of her hug and asked, “Can I see?”

She reached over and grabbed the phone. Unlocking it, she called up a video and turned it to me. On the screen showed an older looking Victoria. 

“This better work this time,” She mumbled glaring at the camera, “Donnie, this is the last time I try with your infernal device. Is it working? I see numbers counting… I think it’s working…”

I had to chuckle at her rambling. She was usually so sure of herself on things. I guess my phone threw her for a loop. Vicky turned so we were side by side watching. 

“I… I hope that one day you see this. That one day I’ll see you again. We will see you again.” Her face fell at those words, then she took a breath and continued,

”This is Deanna and Didi,” She turned the camera to twin Cyclops babies sleeping peacefully in a bed, “They are your daughters. Our daughters.”

She brought the phone back to bear on her. 

“I sent multiple messages to the Royal Maki asking about you, to deliver my letters to you. I only received a single response saying no one by your name was there. I… I hope you are safe. That you’ll see this.” 

A tear formed in her eye just before she stopped the video. I stared at the image, my heart aching more than I could ever imagine it would. Twins. Deanna and Didi. 

“There’s more, she recorded a bunch, but I wanted you to see at least that.” 

“Thank you.” I said, my voice thick and gravely with emotion. 

“It’s true, isn’t it? Everything you said. That you’re from a different reality. That you went back in time.” 

“Yeah,” I answered, still staring at her, frozen in time, “It’s true. All of it.” 

She took the phone away and called up the song list. Scrolling down with her finger, she skimmed through my sizable collection. 

”It makes sense. A lot of these songs, these artists, I’ve never heard of and they’re no where on the internet. What- what’s that?” 

I followed her glance to Winona sitting next to the plate with a half eaten sandwich. A small smile grew on my lips. I suppose she should meet the whole family. Reaching over I grabbed my lady to show Vicky.

”This is Winona. Your grandmother and I made her before I left to explore the world. She was the first firearm of that time. Saved my ass on more occasions than I can count too. Your grandma made these special bullets called-“

”Demon Realm Silver bullets.” Vicky interrupted.

”What? How do you know that?”

She reached into her pocket and took out another phone- her phone. Looking into the screen, I heard a click as it unlocked. Unlocking a phone by just looking at? Guess technology had advanced some from when I left. She turned it to show me a picture. It was the original diagrams of Winona and of her Demon Realm Silver bullets, complete with notes scribbled about the pages in both my handwriting and Victoria’s. They looked older, faded by the ravages of time.

“…Where …Where did you get that?” I asked, shocked that I would ever see them again.

”I was a Junior in high school when Aunt Didi came to me with some old rolled up pieces of paper. It had them on it. She asked if I could forge them seeing as how I took after Grandma Victoria when it came to building and making things. Took me almost half a year to do it. I asked why she would want some old cowboy gun like that, but she wouldn’t tell me. Now it makes sense.”  She mumbled to herself. 

We talked throughout the afternoon and into the evening. I learned that Victoria died 10 years ago of a heart attack. A profound sadness overtook me again as I began weeping anew. I think Vicky finally began to understand that I did love her grandmother. That it was just a strange situation piled upon a series of horrible moments that made the entire mess.

The sun was soon setting when I realized that Druella would be home any moment. Panic set in as I realized Vicky could possibly be in danger from the Lilim. As stupid as it may seem, all of the events leading up to me coming back to Earth were all “kept in the family” so to speak- i.e. the Maou and now Druella. Vicky didn’t fit into that special little box. I trusted the Maou and got fucked over for it. I wouldn’t make the same mistake with Druella. Like mommy, like daughter after all. 

“You have to go, she’ll be here soon. It won’t be safe.” I said, grabbing her hand. 

“Who?” Vicky asked, as I pulled her with me to the door. 


”What? Are you that embarrassed by me?” She flared.

God damn, I know where she got her temper from. Who knew being a hot head would come back to bite me in the ass with a short-tempered grandkid. 

I spun around and grabbed her shoulders, “No, I’m trying to keep you safe! You know their dirty little secret now and I’m damned sure that won’t fly over well if they find that out.” 

Her anger quickly turned to fear as she asked,

”She wouldn’t… I mean would she?” 

“I don’t know and I don’t want to risk it.” I said firmly. 

We reached the door and opened it just to find Druella and Molly at the doorstep. 

We looked at each other in shock until I pushed past them, still holding on to Vicky’s hand. I marched us to her Bug as the Mantis and Lilim turned to watch. 

“Go, drive right home and be safe, please.”  I whispered grabbing her in a hug. 

“I will,” Vicky whispered back, “If you need anything, here.” 

She slipped an unseen piece of paper she was holding into my hand. 

“It’s my number. Call me. Please. There’s  still so much we need to talk about.” 

“I will.” I answered with a sad smile. I watched as she got into her car and gave me a hesitant wave before driving away.

“Donnie, who was that?” Druella said slowly and dangerously as I returned to the mansion. My spidey sense screamed at her tone. She was planning something, just like mommy always was. A cold, deadly feeling overtook me. 

“That was my granddaughter.” I answered, then walking up until our faces were inches away, I growled, “And if anything happens to her or her parents, I’ll  make sure you never have the chance to regret it. Understood?” 

I didn’t wait for her answer, as I walked back to my room. I could feel her eyes burning a hole in the back of me.

I didn’t give a fuck. 


July 2nd

“Your parents will be here soon.” Druella knocked at my door. 

I let out a breath of air self-consciously to both the Lilim and Mantis as they led me down the hall to the mansions receiving room. 

Druella peered over at me.

“Don’t worry, it’s normal. After all, for you, it’s been quite some years for you since you last saw them, correct?” 

“Y-yeah I guess.” I replied, hesitantly. It was odd, being civil after I threatened her last night. I still had plans to go to England to hunt down Misrelda, the Queen of Hearts. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to be a little nice.

Molly discreetly put a hand on the small of my back, as if she wanted to comfort me. Now there was a whole nother issue too. Was that night just a weird fling? Or could you even call me fingering her during a full moon a fling? I felt guilty for the act done in the heat of the moment. I would just have to tackle that later. 

The three of us got to Druella’s receiving room first. They left to get the door as I sat and waited. I heard the bell ring along with voices of greetings and introductions. Their footsteps got closer and closer as the door opened and they entered. I stood, ready for a joyful tearful reunion. A one happy moment in a long running span of disappointments, heartbreak and sorrow. 

Those weren’t my parents… 

Backing away as far as I could til I hit the wall, I looked at the Lilim with nothing but pain in my eyes,

”You had to take them too?” I whispered in both horror and sorrow.

“Son, what’s wrong?” The Incubus in front of me asked.

”Donnie are you ok?” The Succubus that was once my mother breathed in concern as she took a step toward me, her hand-held out. 

Druella looked to me confused but then gasped as she finally understood what was wrong.

”Now Donnie, look- .” She began. It was already too late.

”No!” I yelled at everyone. Sadness, anger, betrayal – a dozen emotions slammed into me like a sledgehammer and in my panic, I drew Winona and pointed her at them. 

“Get the FUCK back! Everyone!” I screamed.

”Donnie where on Earth did you get a gun?” My “father” asked in fear.

Oh, the irony of that question…

“What did I ever do to you? To the Maou, to your family that you had to take away mine?  I yelled and  demanded to Druella, tears now in my eyes. 

“Donnie, don’t do anything rash, there’s an explanation for all of this. Put the gun down and we  can talk it over…” Druella said slowly as my “mother” held on to my “father” in panic of what I was doing. 

“Rash?” I laughed, “Why would I do something rash, Auntie? It’s not like your family RIPPED EVERYTHING FROM ME! My wife, my world, my life and now my parents! Why would I do something rash, AUNTIE?!” 

“What is he talking about? Why does he keep calling you his aunt?” My “mother” demanded to Druella, “What did you do to him? He was never married! We trusted you to help treat him, what did you do?!” 

The Lilim pressed her lips together as the Neko was out of the bag now. It all added up to something that she couldn’t easily explain without everyone looking bad. All those dirty little secrets being aired out to dry. I had no pity for her. 

I heard a faint stirring and turned Winona to my left to train her on Molly that suddenly appeared. The Mantis had her forearm blades extended, ready to protect her mistress. How cute, I guess her having my fingers up in her pussy that night meant nothing.

Good, makes things easier. 

“Don’t think I forgot about you.” I growled to her, “I’m getting the fuck out of here and no one is stopping me. If anyone tries, Winona here is gonna make sure it’s the last thing you do.” I snarled to them. 

“Son, please, they did something to you, they messed with your head. Please, let us take you home, away from them. You’ll be safe, I promise it will be ok.” My “father” begged to me. Ignoring him, I said to the Manits,

“Molly, give me the keys to the Veyron, or your boss gets her head blown off.” 

“It’s a very bad idea, threatening me.” Druella said softly as her eyes glowed red.

”Yeah, well you can put that down right next to the time I did the same to your mom. You’re  just a wannabe compared to her, you don’t scare me.” I spat back sarcastically, then slightly turning to the Manits, I yelled, “The keys. NOW Molly.” 

The Manits looked to Druella for direction in which the Lilim nodded to her wordlessly. From seemingly nowhere, keys appeared in Molly’s hand and she tossed them to me.

“Son, please don’t do this. Don’t run! Whatever’s wrong we can fix it, together!” My “father” beseeched while my “mother” sobbed. 

“There’s no fix for what’s happened, I can promise you that. But don’t worry, it won’t matter too much longer.” I said quietly, inching my way around them towards the door as I ignored the pain in my heart at watching my Succubus “mother” cry.  

“What did you think would happen, Donnie?” Druella suddenly said to me. “That you would go back to your old life? That everything and everyone would be the same when you returned? You’re a fool if so. The choices you made carried consequences with them, if you can’t accept that, then you really are nothing but a child.” 

That bitch.

“Fuck you Druella. It must be awful nice being on that high horse of yours with a shiny new planet to fuck up. Nice that you and your kind get a second chance while I end up getting fucked over.” I retorted back to her before I made a run for the massive garage that held all the vehicles. She yelled something back but I didn’t catch it, I didn’t care. I wanted… I needed to get away from them….

Hopping into the million dollar sports car, I started it and revved the engine while hitting the button to open the bay door. Out of the corner of my eye I saw everyone running towards me, yelling frantically.

No, I don’t think so…

Shifting into gear, I sped out of the structure leaving  behind everything. I didn’t know where I was going, or frankly what the hell I was doing. I pulled a gun on Mamono royalty along with what was supposed to be my “parents,” stole a Bugatti Veyron super car worth over a million dollars and in doing that, ended my relationship with any and all people who were my family. 

I still didn’t care. 

I had lost enough, been through enough. It was time to end it. With one hand and eye on the road, I checked the cars GPS system. There was Yosemite National Park nearby. It would be as good a place as any. Hitting the ‘route to’ button, the console chimed as it lead me to my final destination. 


The ranger at the toll booth was amazed to see such a car pull up and tried to ask me all kinds of stupid questions about it. I plastered a fake smile on my face and told him I worked as a techie in San Jose, just taking a short hike before heading back to Silicon Valley. He bought it hook, line and sinker saying he was in the wrong profession. 

Don’t worry buddy, I’ll leave the keys in the car for you. 

After much huffing and puffing, hiking through the woods, I reached my spot. It had a good view, something nice to see in my last moments, guess I was selfish that way. Sitting down on a nearby rock I took out Winona and opened her chamber. She still had 4 explosive tipped slugs in her. I had seen first hand with that Kejourou what they were capable of. I’d be giving myself quite the bloody death. 

Turning her over, I emptied them out and watched as they rained down to the ground. Part of me half expected them to go off and was mildly disappointed when they didn’t. 

I reached inside and felt around the ammo pouch on my belt. Well whaddya know? A single Demon Realm Silver bullet left. The last I had. I loaded it into my lady’s chamber as I spoke to her.

”So, this is it. You know, the more I think about it, this is the way it should be. Even here, I’m still just some stranger in a strange land. In the end, you’re my last friend, my consistent friend, though thick and thin. Rather then getting taken out by some Order asshole or some bitch Lilim or Demon Lord or whatever, this is how it should be. You, me, some beautiful scenery and a peaceful last moment. My… No… Our own terms. Yeah.”

Let them have this damn world. Let them have their problems, their sorrow and heartbreak back! I’m done with it all! No more! No more pain! No more disappointment! No more feeling like someone is carving out my heart from my chest! 

I closed her chamber and spun it around. With a quick kiss to her barrel, I raised  her muzzle up to the side of my head and looked out into the distance. Greenery, trees, clouds, a lake. It was beautiful. A good thing to last see. I hoped when everything was said and done, I would be with Romie again…

My hand shook slightly at my decision. As if my body was revolting against what my brain had already decided on. Taking a breath I pulled the trigger.


Letting out a ragged breath I spun her chamber around again and pulled the trigger.






”Damn it Winona! Stop being like this! You know as well as I do, this is for the best! Everything and everyone we love is gone! This… This is the end of our road. Just let it go!” I yelled at her, my eyes tearing up again. Why? Why was this so hard!

Opening her chamber again, this time I turned it where it needed to be. This time, Winona couldn’t stop me. I stood and walked to the edge of the cliff.

”I’m sorry, I know you don’t want to do this,” I started to tear and took a deep spasming breath to continue, “But it’s what we need to do. I can’t keep doing this anymore. I can’t live like this anymore. There’s too much pain, nothing left for us. Vicky and the rest of them did just fine without us. They’ll do just fine… just fine.” 

I raised her back up to my head. Looking out for one last time I took a breath. My eyes met with something odd. A fast-moving speck growing larger and larger. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? The object continued to grow until… Oh fuck that’s a Dragon…

I’ve never been tackled by an NFL line backer before, but I’d imagine he’d be a lot more gentle. I skidded some distance away from the edge. Pain and disorientation filled my head. It felt like my back was both broken and gone over with a power sander. Honestly a god damn bullet would have been much kinder! I opened my eyes to see a blurry image of a winged figure standing over me and a masculine voice said,

”Just what the hell did you think you were doing?” 

Masculine? I groaned, bringing a hand up to my head to stop the spinning and blurriness. A large taloned paw grabbed me by the shirt and raised me up with ease. 

“You were trying to kill yourself weren’t you?” 

“Fuck off Godzilla,” I spouted in anger and pain as I fought with my vision. Slapping the hand away, I back-stepped enough for some personal space.  Crouching down to steady myself as well as recover from the pain, I tried to take in the situation.

There was no way whatever that was in front of me was a guy. Fucking Maou Ma herself admitted she couldn’t make it so there were male Mamono. I still had yet to see one on Earth despite her bullshit goings on about using genetics. 

2 blurry images condensed to 1 as my vision cleared enough for me to see…

“Oh son of a bitch, you really are a guy?” 

“Yeah no shit Sherlock, I’m a fucking guy! What was your first clue?” He replied, looking down at me. 

“When the hell did the Maou get that done?” I asked ignoring his own question. I was more shocked that the fucking cunt actually was able to follow through with something. Why hadn’t I seen any more male Mamono on TV or the internet or even out and about? 

I watched as the Dragon bent down to pick Winona up from the ground nearby. I wasn’t a big fan of anyone handling my other significant other as I angrily said,

“Yo tall and scaley, I’ll be needing her back. You’re  interrupting our date. That’s not exactly polite etiquette and I know your kinds all about the superiority in manners deal.”
“Ooooh, I’m terribly sorry, there Wild-Bill.”  He half-snarled while doing a mock curtsy at me.
Fuck why does everyone out there think I’m a damn cowboy?
“Allow me to apologize for cutting in on your date with Lady Death. Now to answer your first question, I became a Male Mamono just under a year ago. Prior to that, I was as human as you are now!” He replied as he held up Winona.
I watched as he carefully unlatched the chamber with a claw to allow it to open. My single remaining bullet fell into his paw as he stared at it stunned. Looking back down at me his face flared with emotion.
“So what’s up with the Russian Roulette Schtick?” He demanded, as he threw my lady back at me. The bastard kept the bullet though. At least she was with me again. I kissed the side of her chamber lovingly as he said,
“And what’s the big whoop? It’s not like she’s a jealous woman. Everybody gets a turn with her.”
“Why don’t you give me back that bullet and I’ll show you how loyal of a lady she is as well as what kind of bitch she can be.” I growled in return, threatening him. Perhaps not the best idea in the world but I didn’t care. In my eyes I was living on overtime and I badly wanted this game to end. Mystery male Mamono or not, this asshole was pissing me off. 

“Why the fuck do you care what I do? Give me back my bullet and leave me alone, Ranger Rick. I’m tired of dealing with other people’s bullshit. You have no fucking clue what I’ve been through, nor will you hope to have any. So with that kindly give me back what is mine and leave me the fuck alone!” 
“Yeah you’re right,” He shouted back at me. “I have no fucking clue what you’ve been through. So yeah, I’ll give you back your bullet. But first, my price is that you gotta tell me WHY you want to off yourself!” He huffed. 
I glared at him in silence, wondering if it was a trick. Wouldn’t have been the first time the wool got pulled over my eyes. 
“Don’t tell me you’re not gonna, Mr. Russian Roulette. As to why the fuck I care? It’s because I’ve been where you are now, all set and ready to off myself, back when I was human!” He snarled while crouching down a bit to stare me in the face. 
Eye to eye we were locked in a game of chicken. I should have been feeling at least a little nervous seeing as how there was an alpha predator eyeing me. Oddly enough I just felt a kind of annoyance, guess the self survival part of me finally said ‘fuck it, I’m out.’ 
Finally I let out a small, bitter chuckle and smirked, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” 
“Try me.” He said. 
Well if the asshole wanted a story, fine. I’d give him a damn good one. 
“Alright, Puff the Magic Dragon, let’s find out.”
I sat down on my behind and looked up to the sky for a moment, then met his eyes again. 
”My name is Donnie ———— and I broke the world…”
I told him of how I arrived to the world of the Mamono, 90 years ago. Of Victoria, Rudolf,  becoming a Merc, my dealings with The Order and the failed peace conference. Of meeting Romie, Big Boy, saving the fucking world from Faith’s insane plan, losing Victoria, of the Maou and how I ended up giving her the means for Mamono to come here. I even threw in Arawn for good measure. His expression changed as if thinking about something when I did that.
I ended things with how my happy ass ended up back on Earth, losing everything including my wife, my world and my parents. All the way up to me now on the run from a very pissed off Lilim.
“…So as you can see, I’m very well done with it all. I want the simple Human dignity, the right, to go out on my own terms. I have nothing left, not even my own world.”
The Dragon said nothing as just he stared at me. I let out a deep sigh. He probably thought I was insane. Some nut job with a few screws loose or that I was on drugs. Or that I was just some fucked up kid with a bad home life and a too active imagination.  I honestly didn’t blame him. No one in their right mind would believe my story. 
Well fuck me,” He replied. He had sat down during the story, “So you’re the reason why the two worlds came together.” He finished almost as an afterthought.
I gasped at him in shock. The son of a bitch actually believed me? 
“To be honest, I’m glad that you did bring the two world together. Because in the end, you saved my life.” 
It was my turn to stare at him. I kinda wanted to ask if Smaug here was on something. I mean he just readily just accepted me telling him that I gave a nuke to the Maou, changed reality, saved Mamonokind, was married to a princess, and… well you know… 

“Yeah no shit Sherlock, I believe your ass. One of the abilities I picked up after becoming a Mamono- was the Ki-Sense. Which among other things, allows me to discern the truth. And you, rude dude, are telling me the truth.”
He held up the promised bullet in his claws, and let out a large sigh of his own. 
“A promise is a promise.” 
He tossed it to me which I caught and turned it over in my palm of my hand to see. It’s what I wanted, wasn’t it? To finish this little song and dance, to end it all?
”What’s your name?” I asked as if to distract myself from my own thoughts.  
I was lost. No better way to explain it. No where to go, caught between wanting to kill myself and… what?
”Come with me.” 
I looked up, “Excuse me?” 
“I’d like to show you something.” He said as if reading my mind. Well fuck he might as well have been with that Ki- whatever crap he was talking about. 
“And what would that be, Charizard? Your Pokémon card collection?” I snarked. Oh yeah that’s right, no Pokémon here in this world. Made sense when you had the real thing after your Pokéballs. 
He gave me a weird look after I said that then shook his head.
“No, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s a treasure. The kind of treasure people have died protecting.” He said ominously.
Well shit, that just sounded like a good ol’ time. Treasure and death. Too bad I left my whip and Indiana Jones hat back home in the last reality. 
“I won’t force you to come, if you don’t want to. But I promise you that if you do come with me, it’ll make you feel better. It’ll be something right up your alley.”
He stood and walked up to me.
“Please?” He asked, while holding out a paw.
I stared at it as I chewed on my lower lip in thought. Finally I grabbed on and he helped me stand. 
Tucking the bullet back into my pouch, I said “Not like I have anything better to do.” 
Walking over to the discarded explosive tipped ammunition on the ground, I scooped them up and carefully loaded them back into Winona’s chamber. 
“Wouldn’t want to arm the chipmunks now, would we?” I quipped sarcastically back to Allen as I holstered my lady. 
“We don’t have chipmunks here.” 
“Squirrels, whatever. So where are we going?” 
“Well actually, in order to get us there, you’ll either have to accept me carrying you or we could go in your vehicle, if you wouldn’t mind driving that is.” He stated as he held up his paws and extended his wings.
“I’m not exactly built for driving.”
I raised an eyebrow to him in agreement and started to walk down the trail leading to the parking lot.
”Yeah, I got a ride… It’s the most expensive car you’ll see in the lot.”  I called back.
”Here, this will be faster.” He said from behind, swooping me up into the skies. That mid- afternoon, all of Yosemite park echoed with my screams of,
Spyro landed us down next to the Veyron still parked where I left it. I collapsed to the ground and kissed it’s scortching hot pavement. Still getting my heartbeat back to where I was sure it wouldn’t burst from my chest, I glared angrily at Allen. The asshole smiled back at me as if it was all a game.
I looked to the Veyron and wondered why Druella hadn’t tracked it and me down yet. I mean it should be LoJacked, right?
”So… This is the million dollar supercar I kinda stole from a Lilim…” I trailed off casually with a gesture of my hand. 
“Ok, Ok, I admit it, I wouldn’t mind a twirl in that. It does look expensive as fuck, though.” He drooled.
”Only the best for Auntie Dru,” I sighed as I raised open the door. Taking cue, Allen did the same on the passenger’s side. After pulling the seat all the way back, wrapping his wings around himself and tucking his tail between his legs, the Dragon finally was able to fit. 
“Maybe I should have just flown,” He grumbled. 
I turned the key in the ignition and the 16 cylinder, 1,200 horsepower engine roared to life. 
“I take it back, I’m happy here. Bet you drive this thing like a rental, huh?” 
Cocking my head, I let out a tight smile as I shifted into gear and sped us out of the park. 
“Where to? I asked. 
“Hetch Hetchy Valley, the Other Yosemite.” He replied.
I plugged it into the cars GPS as I rev’d the engine and said, “Buckle up, Buttercup.” 
”The north side of it!” He gasped as we almost went off a cliff on the side of the road. Hey, it had been quite a few years since I drove a car and a Veyron wasn’t exactly as easy driving as my old Honda. 
Out of the corner of my eye I could see him clutching his claws tightly and I may have heard a couple short screams from him. I swear I wasn’t that bad of a driver, I really think he was over-reacting about the whole thing. Like maybe there was a couple of times we almost went over the edge of the overhang or got into a crash because I was going to fast on the winding road… but we didn’t. So in my mind there was nothing to worry about. Plus I considered it a nice little revenge for the Top Gun bit he pulled on me.
“So Druella huh? It’s not everyday a dude meets a Lilim.” Allen said conversationally to me as we made our way to the Batcave. 
“Yeah, well technically she IS my Aunt in-law. They all are, seeing as how I’m married to their niece. I mean is that even a thing though? Aunt in-law?” I asked, glancing over to him.  A honking horn made me look back to the road.
Shit! Car! I quickly swerved back into my lane as he let out another scream. 
“What about you? Met any of them?”
“Yeah I met one, Mara. She’s a bit more down to Earth than most of them.” He said in a slightly high-pitched tone. 
”Huh, a down to Earth Lilim. Must have been the odd duck in the family.” 
 Clocking an average of 80mph on a 35 limit road, we got there pretty fast. As we approached the stone structure, Allen excitedly said,
“Pull over here. Oh yeah it’s the spot all right.”
We both got out as he stomped over to an overhang and pushed open the entrance door. It swung open soundlessly. 
He entered first as I followed behind him. Never been in a Dragons lair before, so I didn’t know quite what to expect. A pile of gold? Some tied up blonde chick bearing a resemblance to Princess Peach? A talking donkey?
“This is my place. Don’t mind the mess, I’ve been making repairs. I’d better check in with the missus, let both of them know that we’ve got a guest and that she needs to be on her best behavior.”
Both of them?
Allen introduced me to his wife, Frazziss. She was quite lovely but looked at me with a deep suspicion, especially after seeing Winona on my hip. 
Allen took her aside and whispered a few things in her ear. As this was going on, a movement caught my attention as I saw a Neko woman peering at me from around a stone corner. I let out what was hopefully a friendly smile and wave to her as they talked. She retreated back out of view immediately after.
Guess I need to work on that one. 
Allen led me though his… lair… house and I asked something I should have asked back in the park,
“You never told me how you became  a Mamono.” 
“When we were dating, Frazziss gave me a vial of liquid that she stole from her family’s hoard. It was called the Succubus Nostrum. It was supposed to just turn me into an Incubus but as it turned out, it made me into a full blown male Dragon!” 
I froze in mid-step. “ A liquid that turns a Human into a Male Mamono?! Is there anymore?!” 
He smiled at that and said, “No. It was given to her family by a previous Demon Lord ages ago as payment for services rendered. It was the only one in existence.” 
Well I’ll be damned…
We passed what I thought was the kitchen and saw another female Dragon preparing food. She looked much different from Frazziss. 
“So uh, if you don’t mind me also asking… How many people you got up in here?” I asked as we continued walking to what I assumed he wanted to show me. 
Allen stopped abruptly and I collided into him. Fuck that guy was built like a brick wall. He turned to me and sheepishly said, “Well the one’s that you’ve seen… They are my wives.” 
We locked eyes for a moment before I stated, “Must make for an interesting home life?” 
“You have no idea.”  He mumbled before continuing onwards.  
For privacy sake, as well as the security of his family, I won’t tell you where the room was. As we sat down in the brooding chamber’s warm sands, I began to get a bit nervous. Any retard out there knows that this place was about as sacred and special as you could get in a Dragons home. And here my happy ass was, a stranger, sitting cross-legged before 2 eggs. 
Allen  pointed to one of them, “See that egg? The one with the rounded scales? That’s my daughter.”
Okay, nothing like looking at the baby pictures before their taken… 
“Now that other one?” He pointed to the second  egg. “The one with the pointed scales? That’s the treasure I was referring to.”
Ugh, god he was like every parent out there. ‘My kids are my treasure, yadda yadda.’  Fucking go do what all the other parents do and post that shit and your pics on Facebook… Fuckbook… Whatever.
“That’s my son.”  He spoke finally.
Oh fuck… 
He smiled when he saw my eyes go round. A male  Mamono baby…  It was the holy grail, the light at the end of the tunnel for all Mamonokind….
The shock wore off and I started to chuckle darkly at all the thoughts that came to mind. Allen narrowed his eyes at me and said dangerously,
”What’s so funny?”
“Well back in the day, as I told you, the Maou had all these nifty grand plans of breaking into Earth and using science along with genetics to fix the male baby issue. And here you Dragons had the solution all along. Wanna know the best part? It was all concocted by the previous Maou, himself!” I laughed.
“I’m glad I’m not the only one Fate is giving the finger to, seems the Maou got flipped the bird as well.”
Allen tilted his head slightly to me as I continued to explain,
”You see, old Maou Ma wanted the fame and glory of fixing that little issue for herself. Then you two here come along and solve it right up, easy as pie! Hah!”
 “You’re wrong about her, she’s not-“
”No Allen. I’m actually really right about her. You don’t know her like I do. All you guys think she’s this perfect Mr. Rodgers, throwing peace and love around like it’s god damn candy sprinkles. I can tell you for a fact, she’s not. She schemes and plots with the best of them and will not hesitate to screw you over or throw you under the bus if it suits her needs.” I growled.
Allen opened his mouth to say something, but paused as if thinking better. Finally after a while, he said,
“I’m sorry you feel that way about her.” 
“Don’t be, because I’m not,” I huffed then took a deep breath, “I am… happy that I met you,  Frazziss, your family. That you stopped me. That you showed me this.”
I gestured to the egg. Staring at it long and hard. It was the makings of something special, something unprecedented. He… They would change the world. Both worlds. Deep in my bones, I knew it. 
It was late in the evening when I left Allen and his wives. We clasped hands and wished each other luck. I think both of us had a feeling we would need as much of it as possible. I didn’t want to go crawling back to Druella and my parents were out of the question. That left me with just one other person.
There was one very important thing I learned about European supercars that night while driving back to San Jose. They got really shitty gas mileage. The highway patrol got me as I walked down the 152 somewhere between the Road 4 turn off and the Los Banos Highway exit. Had an APB out on me evidently, guess Auntie Dru wasn’t fucking around. When the cops asked for my side of the story, I did something extremely stupid…
I told them the truth. 
My parents tried to see me the next day in jail, but thankfully I was able to deny them visitation. I don’t think I could have faced them, not after all that happened. Another chunk of my life lost forever. The same urge to end it all swelled back into me as I contemplated what I had lost. Wife, Parents, my world… now my freedom and Winona. Maybe Allen made a mistake in stopping me…
A couple of days after that, along with probably some greased palms thanks to Dru, I found myself committed to a mental institution. 
July 5th.
Happy post 4th. 
Hope yours was better than mine. They didn’t exactly barbecue and let us play with fireworks in jail. But hey, new digs, new white jumpsuit and new scenery. 
The looney bin was pretty much how I’d expect it from watching all the movies and tv shows. White everywhere including uniforms, security  doors and, of course, let’s not forget the crazy people inside it. 
I was being escorted to my shiny new padded cell by a bald, gruff looking male orderly and his tall, red-headed Manticore co-worker. The guy looked like he was permanently pissed off at the world. Either that or he really hated his job, I was willing to say it was both.  The Manticore had an odd smile on her face when she saw me. It kinda creeped me out. We walked down a hall that looked like dozen of all the others in the place and once we reached a non descript door, she turned and said,
“I’ll take him from here, Frank.” 
Frank looked to her then to me and shrugged as if he couldn’t be bothered. Just another day in paradise for him, I suppose. 
”Whatever Julie.” He grunted as he turned to leave. We watched him walk away, me with trepidation and her with eagerness. As soon as he disappeared from view she opened the cell door and uncuffed me. With both of her paws firmly holding on to my hands, she lowered her head close to mine. 
”It must be my birthday,” Julie breathed with a purr into my ear, “Because you’re one of the best looking pieces of meat we’ve gotten here in a long time. Don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you tonight after lights out.” 
To my disgust, she licked the side of my face with her long grainy tongue.
“Mmmm delicious.” She mumbled with a sadistic grin before shoving me into the padded room. I turned around as she closed the door, locking it.  She winked at me through the small window and walked away. Nothing like the promise of being raped to complete the day. I sighed, not knowing if I should be angry, depressed or afraid.

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

Turning around, I saw a familiar figure lounging on the small bed in the corner. It was someone I hadn’t seen since the Maou had sent me back to Earth, when he told me that no one would believe me if I told. He was intently examining a small round globe depicting Earth in his hand. 

“Rock,” He looked up at me, “Meet bottom.” 

Letting go, it fell to the floor with a loud thud and roll.

“What do you want?” I asked angrily as I crossed my arms and leaned against one of the pure white padded walls.

”Oh nothing, just checking up on one of my favorite Humans in this universe.” He answered with a smug grin.

“As you can see, I’m just fucking peachy. Feel free to leave now.” I spat at the self-described omnipotent being.

“So angry!” He exclaimed, “You really should work on that. Perhaps some therapy?”

He snapped his fingers and in a flash of light I found myself laying on a therapist lounger while he sat on a large high-backed leather chair with a pad of paper in hand. Looking down I saw a teddy bear in my arms. 

”So tell me, why so bitter?”  He asked, pen ready. 

“Because I’m in a god damn fucking looney bin, because I fucking tried to kill myself, because the god damn Lilim had me committed, because my god damn parents aren’t human anymore, because my wife is missing or dead or I don’t know, and now because I have a god damn alien pissing me off that’s WHY!” I yelled in utter rage as I got up and threw the bear against the wall. 

“Well I don’t see how shouting about it will help matters any.” 

“You’re right, it won’t.” I growled while turning a glare at him, “But you getting the hell out of here might.” 

“It’s not my fault you ended up here, I don’t know why you’re so angry at me.” He replied with a frown. 

“Really? Let’s rewind to the part where you admitted to sending me to La La Land and starting this whole fucking mess.”

”While it’s true I did send you to their planet, I did not instigate anything more. That, my boy, was all on you.” He stated with a finger raised. 

I stared at him for a good moment, contemplating on what he would do if I just cussed him out with every name in the book. He returned my glare with an innocent look. 

Finally I just sighed, throwing my hand up in frustration and said, “Fine! It’s ALL my fucking fault. Happy?” 

“I should say so, it means you’re growing as a person.” In a flash of light the chairs disappeared and he appeared right in front of me with a serious expression. 

“So, why haven’t you asked for my help?”

“I know you. That is if you really is you. You’re not exactly the Good Samaritan, helping out those in need. You only help people when it suits your needs.” I quietly replied, looking him straight in the eye. 

He turned a slow, smirky smile at that and gleefully said, “So true. But it seems that you’ve gotten your wish because my time here is up. Someone else wants to speak to you, but I think your going to prefer my company over her’s when you see who it is.”

He flashed back over to laying on the bed again. I looked over to him, puzzled. His smile got larger as he raised his hand and said, “Au revoir, Donnie.” Before snapping his fingers and disappearing in a flash of light. 

What the hell could chase away one of his kind?

”Hello Donnie.” Came a soft female voice. It was a voice I knew all too well. Turning around, I found the Chief God Ilias herself standing behind me. She wore a modern-day blue dress, elegant and sophisticated. The hair, the makeup, she was immaculate and lovely as always. 

No! Fuck this shit! NO!

I ran to the padded door and began to pound on it screaming, “Let me out! Please! You need to let me out right now!!!!”

No one came. No one opened the door. Should I really have expected anyone to? I slid down to my knees, my head resting on the door as I tried to keep in the tears. Everything I’ve been through in these past few days…  Hadn’t I paid enough? Suffered enough? 

”You’re making a scene.” She said quietly.

After a long silence I flipped myself around to face her. I stayed sitting on the ground with my back to the padded door. We stared at each other for a time then I sighed and said,

“Yeah, guess I am,” I half-heartedly swung my head left to right, “So… Here we are. No dreams. No beaches. No amusement parks. Just you, me and the funny farm. Aren’t you going to say it?”

Looking down at me, her beautiful, perfect face scrunched in confusion at my comment before asking, “And what shall I say to you?” 

I raised my arms out and replied, “I told you so? That is why you’re here right? To rub it all in my face, to brag about how everything you told me was true? To tell me that I should have taken you up on your offer? How it’s nothing but misery? That is why you just chased off John de Lancie, wasn’t it?” 

“I am not that petty, Donnie.” 

“Pretty sure there are some people out there that would disagree with you on that.” 

For a moment her face showed a deadly anger, but I didn’t care. What was she going to do, kill me? She could promise me that good time all she wanted. It was the follow through that was the most important. A small part of me was silently hoping that she would. Alas, it was to be disappointed  that day as she calmed and replied, 

“I truly missed you. It’s been some time since we last saw each other.”

”Would have thought you’d high-tail it somewhere else when all the intercoursing started to happen.” I grunted.

She blushed slightly at my choice of words.

“I was going to. I wanted to. But I also wanted to see up close the world from which you came. To meet its people, your people, and see it’s sights.”

”Disappointed?” I asked out of mild curiosity.


An awkward silence over took us as she stared at me and I at the floor. Finally she said,

“I take it the new reality is not treating you well?”

Not even a Goddess could resist an ‘I told you so.’ 

“I’ve had better.”

“Let me take you away from this.”


She began to speak again but I cut her off, saying,

”Ilias, leave it alone. No. Look, it’s over. They won. It’s over…” 

I looked painfully away. 

“Why not come with me then! Your wife is gone, lost to the ages. Your family is nothing but strangers to you. There is nothing keeping you here!”

I thought for a moment. She was right. She was honestly right. Hell even I said it myself, but then something… something I couldn’t describe, something in the back of my head told, begged me to stay. I shook my head at her.

”Why?!” She cried at me, tears forming in her eyes and fists balled up in anger. I could see the padding all around the room starting to rip, tear and wilt. The concrete floor beneath us began to break and crack. All the result of a Goddess scorned. 

I shrugged, unconcerned about the impending doom. 

“Something…I guess just something tells me that somethings going to happen. That I should be here for it. Maybe be a part of it.”

Her face hardened at my lame explanation. 

“It’s her… She’s manipulating you, they all are. Toying with your mind! Giving you false hope when there is none to be found! They wish to keep you here, to play with you, torture you for their own twisted desires! Are you that blind? Can you not see what is plainly in front of your face!” She exclaimed to me, her voice full of passion and pain. I didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know who ‘she’ or ‘they’ were.

I considered her words and I’ll be damned if they didn’t sound right. That this was all just a kind of sick game played by the Maou and her kids. The only thing I was to them was a pawn, a toy, a cheap plaything to be discarded at a moments notice. I sighed, why was I still holding on? Why? I thought back to Allen, Frazziss and their egg with a male Dragon inside it. Even to the chance of seeing Romie again. 

“Maybe.” I coincided then as if answering myself along side her I added, “Maybe there’s something else. I donno. It just doesn’t feel like the right time to leave.” 

She walked over and knelt down in front of me. 

“You really are so damned difficult.” She sighed, looking into my eyes as she brought up a hand and briefly caressed my face with it. She then straightened my hair and with a frown said,

”Fine. If you will not take me up on my invention, I offer one more kindness to you and insult to those whores who have done this. I will take you anywhere you wish to be. After that, I will leave of this world and you will never see me again. I tire of frustration and heartbreak.” 

I didn’t hesitate. 

“Just please get me out of here.” I whispered to her.

The Goddess pulled me to my feet with ease. Bringing her hand up, she snapped her fingers and suddenly the two of us were on a deserted street in the middle of the night. The overhead lamps almost doubled as spotlights in an impromptu stage for us.

“I hate to ask, but what about Winona?” 

“Look down.” 

Following her advice, I found myself dressed not in the white jumpsuit of the insane asylum but in blue jeans, brown boots, and a gray untucked dress shirt with Winona safely holstered at my side. 

“Thank you,” I mumbled with an emotional smile. 

“You’re welcome,” She replied with a small, sad one of her own, “One more thing… Here.”

In the palm of her hand, she held up the small globe my old ‘buddy’ was playing with. A flash of light enveloped it and instantly it was shrunk down to the size of a large marble.

”He left this as a joke to you, but I have a more fitting use for it.”  She said enigmatically as she tossed it to me.  

”Keep it safe, away from them.”

I nodded, slipping the marble into my pocket. There were so many questions I wanted to ask, but before I could even utter a single word she quietly continued,

“This is good-bye Donnie, please though, take care. You’re much harder on yourself than you should be…”

”Wait.” I said suddenly. This was a moment… Some kind of special moment in history. It was one that only I was able to witness, no one would know about, yet no less immensely important. I felt it with every fiber of my being. I walked up to her and saw confusion, sadness and misery in her brilliant blue eyes.

”Just a small one won’t hurt, right?” I asked as I took her face in my hands and kissed her gently on the lips. A thank you, a goodbye and an apology…  All rolled into one small kiss. They always did say turnabout was fair play. 

”Drive safe and… I’m sorry I wish things… that they would have worked out better… for everyone.” I said, stepping back to give the Chief God her room.

Blushing, she nodded and looked down, not saying a word. Without looking back up, she raised her hand and snapped her fingers, disappearing in a flash of light.

Did I feel that much more sadness? Yeah, all of this was just a blended mess of fuck ups, broken hearts and broken realities. Many have called her a genocidal monster. Even I said at one time, her and the Maou were just different sides of the same coin. But she treated me with a kind of weird kindness that I couldn’t deny.

Did she have true feelings for me? I didn’t know. I probably never will. Women were hard enough to figure out, let alone Goddesses or if my suspicions were correct, a female of a certain omnipotent alien species. 

It then began to rain, as if the world wept at her leaving. What was I to do now? A man considered legally insane, without a home, without money, without anything…

The rain quickly poured down, soaking and chilling me to the bone. From behind, a car pulled up. Turning, it’s bright white headlights blinded me and I prayed it wasn’t the cops as I really didn’t want to go back so soon. 

The door opened and from it out stepped a Cyclops. It wasn’t Vicky as she seemed slightly older and had light brown hair but for some reason, she looked familiar. She came around and stood in front of the still running car, facing me. 

We stared wordlessly at each other between the rain. Suddenly, she reached behind and withdrew a revolver. Pointing it squarely at me, she said,

”Hello father.” 

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20 thoughts on “A Connecticut Yankee: Aftermath Ch. 2

  1. I actually teared up a little when he was about to end it. I hardly ever cry to a story and yet YOU did it. Shows how damn good your writing is, Bono.

  2. So, who was the omnipotent being he met inside the mental institution besides Ilias ?
    Donny seems to have met him already, but i cant remember him from past chapters ?
    Is it god or is it Arawn ? Currently not up to date on Mors Funebris after Arawn steps through the gate to donnys world.

    Great Story nonetheless.

    1. Check – A Connecticut Yankee Pages 134-144. At the very end, after the Maou performs the ritual to send him back to Earth, the“omnipotent being” intercepts him in space and they have a little talk. I’ve also left a clue to his name in the story tags.

  3. I want to ask you something Bonodono. I’ve been loving a “Connecticut Yankee” . In fact your sense of humor/way of think really does seem to match up with mine. So I’ve decided to try to write something myself. However, since we do think so similarly, I think some of your ideas/scenarios are so good that I ended up using some of them. I’m sorry but your ideas really were awesome. Hopefully, I’ve added enough to it to still kinda make it my own. When I do end up posting something (it will be called “Wormhole”) I fully intend to site you and your story as my inspiration. Keep in mind, I’ve never really tried writing anything before and never thought of myself as a writer.
    Just hoping you understand is all I’m saying.

    1. Sure, I have no problem as long as there’s no plagiarism. For most writers, I think we all want to entertain as well as inspire the next generation/ group of people to put their own stories to words. I’m truly happy you’ve enjoyed my stories so far and look forward to reading your work!

      1. Thanks. I really appreciate that. I have chapter 1 pretty much done, just finalizing it. All I ask is that some people find it entertaining. I hope to hear some feedback once I publish it.

  4. Here are my thoughts on the story so far. This isn’t intended to be a flame but genuine feedback.

    Connecticut Yankee is really the worst SI story I’ve read for the sole reason that no matter how Mary Sue other SI’s were, at least they made things better instead of botching up not just one, but two entire dimensions despite numerous warnings and chances.

    The protagonist goes around thinking with his dick, making things worse for everyone, running his mouth with no power to back it up and constantly goes ‘oh woe is me’.

    The best parts are when the protagonist has an epiphany, then promptly ignores it and goes back to ruining things, repeat ad infinitum.

    The plot by chapter 10 became so bad it had personally reached comical status where I read the next chapter to see what the protagonist will screw up next. For my sanity, I now view the story as a satirical work of a corruptionfag in Purgatory because Bonodono cannot possibly expect me to take such a revolting and callous protagonist seriously.

    The disappointment is real because the first three chapters were so promising – hinting at a balanced story that dealt with the reasoning of both the Monstergirls and the Order, and the complex reality of the MGE setting in a nuanced manner.

    Moongrim’s works at least has the benefit of being unapologetically pro-Monsterization and pro-Corruption so people know what they are getting into.

    If actually serious: 3/10 for the decent English.

    If a satire: 8.5/10 for the sheer hilarity, would recommend.

    1. 1: I’m not too sure how he things with his dick as the sex scenes are minimal.

      2: I meant the character to be be incredibly flawed and human- not perfect or ‘in the right’ he’s just doing what he thinks is best.

      3. It’s in a journal form so he writes as he speaks.

      4. If you hate it so terribly much please don’t read anymore, nor post on any of my stories- trust me you will get no tears from me.

      1. 1. Don’t dodge my point. The moment he gets with the Chesire Cat, the protagonist immediately quits trying to reconcile the MGs and Humanity despite being on diplomatic terms with the Order, the golden opportunity in the form of the other Earth traveller, and receiving numerous warnings from various characters. He abandons his prior goals to maintain his romantic relationship with the Chesire. He supports making the MG-verse and Earth-equivalent into a rapefest then gets played by the Demon Lady like a puppet.

        After knowingly introducing Corruption into the Earth-equivalent, the protagonist is somehow surprised at the result and throws a fit when his parents are Monsterized. So it’s fine to inflict it on the billions of people on Earth, and the protagonist has Monster waifus/children, but apparently this is a problem that drives him to suicide.

        The story reads like a student that decides to play around despite warnings not to do so and dismissing available tutors, then wonders why he failed the exams at the end of the term.

        2. Sure. Nobody likes a Mary Sue. Problem is, this protagonist has gone so far in the other direction until he is so ‘flawed’ it defies belief on how he is still alive. What does the reader get out of a story depicting a protagonist screwing up everything other than a good laugh?

        3. Okay. And?

        4. So that’s how it is then. The classic ‘Don’t like don’t read’? Lol ok.

        1. While I wouldn’t put it so bluntly as Cindered, I consider Connecticut Yankee to be wasted potential. It had an extremely strong start and a fantastic premise, but the story took a nosedive the moment the Nazi plot point was introduced.

          In general, grimdark elements never done right in MGE fanfics, aside from a few exceptions like Acethewritefag’s stories or that Dark Valkyrie fic.

          Convinced me to stay away from serious stories and stick to fluff/humor/romance since most authors are clearly unable to write Monstergirl vs Humanity stories without it being a trivial stomp in one direction or the other.

          The author’s response to something other than blind praise is disappointing as well. I had thought better of him.

          1. Well, I’m sooooo sorry to disappoint both of you. Here’s the jist- you don’t like my shit- don’t read it. It’s that easy. You don’t like a tv show -don’t watch it, you don’t like someone- don’t talk to them. It’s that easy. You don’t like me, you don’t like my work- stay off my pages. It’s that easy.

        2. Yeah that’s it. It’s the classic don’t like it don’t read it. I’m not forcing you to read my stuff. If reading my works gets you all hot and bothered then yes! That’s the answer -stop reading! If you’re that much of dumb ass that you need someone to tell you that, then I truly feel sorry for you.

          1. There are numerous flaws with that reasoning but it looks like discussions have broken down.

            In any case, I appreciate you writing this story as I derived significant enjoyment (though perhaps not in the intended way) by virtue of schadenfreude, with more to come in the future.


  5. Numerous flaws with the fact that you hate my work yet keep reading? Hmmm I really hope you’re talking about yourself on that one. How about this- if you (and by your previous statements you’ve listed quite a few) think you can do better as far as writing a storyline and building your own story, why don’t you grow a pair and write your own?

    Oh and please don’t bother to read anymore of my works- I wouldn’t want you to get so much ‘enjoyment’ that you’re forced to comment on how much you hate my work again.

    Peace indeed…

  6. Alright, this will be my first comment ever on a story here.
    I discovered this whole monster girl universe/wiki thing last month and have been enjoying reading stories on both sites ever since.

    Now, I would like to say that I believe that so far this is one of the better stories I have had the privilege of reading. I could relate quite well to the protagonist since I also have a rebellious attitude myself (although I would have definitely taken different decisions here and there personally).

    Also, the somewhat dark approach to the story sits well with me. Even though the protagonist has a powerful weapon, is immune to magic and has relations to the most powerful beings in the world, he is not some kind of god character.
    The world and the characters around him will make sure that he understands this and show him the inevitable battles he will lose, no matter what decision he makes.

    Combine this with his overly rebellious mentality and it will go from bad to worse. I was actually sad when he turned away the Chief God at the end, which was imo, his best chance to get away from everything. Hell, he was somewhat prepared to commit suicide so why not right?

    All I can really hope for at this point, is that Donny will find some kind of salvation at the end of all this.

    Anyway, I have really enjoyed this story and will surely read the upcoming chapters when/if they are released.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I will read some of the referenced work that was used in this story and pour myself a drink to wash away this sad feeling.

  7. Harshness. They don’t like it, yet they’re honest enough to allow themselves to be identified. That takes some balls.

    Unlike a certain….nevermind.

    It’s one thing to criticize. But, how exactly is such criticism useful? Anyone can complain from the shadows. The star system alone insures that.

    If you’ve got some criticism- try to make it useful. I have my own criticism of Bonodono’s work, and he has of mine. We both have been honest enough to let the other know of them (I think so at least).

    Every writer can stand for some improvement, But I’d recommend that if you have a suggestion, be diplomatic.

    Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell, but in a way that makes them look forward to the journey.

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