A Bet at Calliach’s Bar

Commissioned By: .lessdraws

Devine will incarnate unfurled stark white wings, bathing the room in a blinding radiance of holy light. The angel; messenger, protector, and epitome of all that was good, was now filled with nothing but the seething fury. From her hand, a burning spear wreathed in the holiest of fires appeared, casting back thecreeping shadows. She leveled the hallowed weapon at her foe, and in a voice that would cause even the most worthy to simply lose their wits and cower in absolution, she spoke.

“Where is my husband?”

Calliach, simply squinted and rubbed her ear with an outstretched finger.

“Well speak of the devil…or I suppose in this case, angel.”

Haohi, annoyed that the witch displayed such indifference to her, lowered her spear towards the mortal. Was it insolence? Or did the witch simply not care about the gravity of the situation? Once again she demanded an answer.

“Where. Is. My. Husband?”

Calliach shrugged and lazily pointed.

“He’s passed out over there.”

Haohi turned to find her Akai, hunched over the bar, surrounded by a wall near empty bottles. She dashed over to him, her fury replaced with worry.

“What happened to him?” Haohi asked as she gingerly tried to shake Akai awake.

“He got drunk.”

“Drunk!?” Haohi said in shock. “Demons don’t get drunk.”

She didn’t even think they could get drunk.

The bunny witch casually walked over and began to clear away the bottles from the slumbering demon.

“After what he drank, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Calliach said, examining the labels. “He cleared out half of my special stock before he finally went down.”

Haohi chewed her lip in confusion. She turned her attention back to her husband and brushed his hair aside. He looked so peaceful, even if a little drool was coming out of his mouth.

“Why would he do this?” Haohi whispered to herself.

It wasn’t like Akai to drink this much.

“Funny you should mention that,” Calliach said, suddenly appearing in front of Haohi.

“He was just in the neighborhood and I thought I’d be kind enough to invite him in and have a chat over some drinks,” Calliach explained.

“And the next thing you know, he was trying to drown himself in booze.”

“But why? Akai doesn’t drink,” Haohi said emphatically. “All he ever drinks is coffee.”

Calliach leaned forward, placing her elbows on the bar and resting her head in her hands before motioning for Haohi to come closer.  She held a sly grin before flicking her eyes over to Akai.

“He has a crush on little ol’ me.”

Haohi frooze in place.

“Sorry. I think I misheard you,” Haohi replied in mechanically. “Would you mind repeating that for me?”

“It’s true,” Calliach said defensively . “I think he just let it slip out, of all things. I can’t even remember what we were talking about, he was so embarrassed.”

She stifled a laugh.

“It was the cutest thing to watch,” she sighed wistfully. 

Haohi’s mouth hung open for several seconds before the gears in her head began to turn in the right direction once more.

“I don’t believe you,” Haohi said flatly.

Calliach waved a hand towards the remaining bottles surrounding Akai’s sleeping form.

“You have all the evidence you need here.”

“Forgive me if I don’t believe you, witch,” Haohi said sarcastically. “Even with those big floppy ears of yours, I wouldn’t be surprised if you only heard what you wanted to hear.”

Calliach’s ears gave the slightest twitch.

“Then let’s make a bet, shall we?”

Suddenly disappearing beneath the bar counter, the tip of Calliach’s hat wiggled back and forth as she rummaged around looking for something. When she finally did reappear, she produced a small crystal vail containing a clear liquid and shook it gently back and forth before Haohi.  

“This little concoction is what some people might call, a truth serum.” Calliach said deviously. “Completely harmless of course. All you’d need to do is ask him yourself. And if he does have a little crush on me, I win.” 

Haohi scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“I’m not drugging my husband.”

Calliach raised an eyebrow.

“You mean you don’t want to hear the truth?”

“I mean I have better things to then-”

“-then learn that your husband has a crush on me?”

“He doesn’t…“

Haohi sighed and rubbed her eyes.

“If we do this,” she said tired of playing the witch’s game. “Will you shut up about it? And stop inviting Akai to your bar?”

Calliach smiled deviously.



By the time Akai began to stir, Haohi’s patience had nearly run out. She tried calling his name out and gently shaking him awake, but all that elicited was his head lolling from side to side and a strained groan.

Exasperated, she rolled her eyes before rearing her hand back. The resounding slap jolted Akai awake from his stupor with resounding success.

“Ah!” He promptly yelled. “What was that for!?”

Haohi calmly smiled.

“That was for not coming home on time.”

Akai winced and tried moving his jaw around.

“Why does my face hurt?” he asked in a daze before looking down. “And why am I tied up?”

Much to Akai’s surprise, he was bound to a table chair, with each of his feet secured to a chair leg and his hands bound securely behind him, ensuring his escape was impossible. If anyone had walked in just now, it would have been more than understandable if they had mistook the scene as interrogation. 

Though that wasn’t far from the truth.

“You’re face hurts because we’ve been trying to get your drunken ass to drink a potion,” Haohi explained. “And because I slapped you.”

“And the reason why you’re tied up is because you have some explaining to do.”

Akai’s face went blank, his gaze bouncing back and forth between Calliach and herself.

“I’d like to go home now.”

“Not going to happen,” Haohi smiled, crossing her arms. “First, we have to settle a little argument. And you’re going to answer truthfully. And then we can all go home.”

Akai sighed, his shoulders sagging in the restraints.

“Alright, fine. What do you want?” he said giving up.

She glanced back to Calliach, who was wearing her usual confident know-it-all smile of hers. It irked her to no end and wiping that smug look off her face would be the highlight of her night.

She turned back to Akai.

“Did you tell Calliach you had a crush on her?”

Akai looked at her incredulously.

“What? Of course not. Why would I even say that?”

Haohi couldn’t help but spin around and point at the bunny witch, whose smug look had indeed been wiped away.

“Ha!” Haohi laughed, pointing at the witch.

It was a rare victory. Even if it was over such a trivial matter.

“Alright, now we can go home,” Haohi said making her way towards Akai to undo his bonds.

“Honestly, this wasn’t even worth the trouble of tying you up,” Haohi mumbled to herself as she began to work the knots binding Akai’s hands behind him.

“Hold on a minute.”

Haohi looked up to find Calliach studying the vail that contained the potion intently. She raised an eyebrow at her, wondering if she was trying to make herself cross-eyed.

“You lost,” Haohi taunted. “I’m taking my husband and going home now.”

Calliach, unfazed by her taunting, continued to study the bottle. She held it up to the light, examining it from every angle.

“Akai,” Calliach asked in a thoughtful manner. “If given the opportunity, would you motorboat me?”

Haohi’s head shot up.

“What? What the hell-“

“Yes, most definitely.”

The room went dead silent. A confident smile once again crept on Calliach’s face.

Haohi’s neck mechanically shifted to Akai.

“What?” Haohi said.

“What?” Akai also said dumbfounded. “Why did I say that?”

Calliach chuckled to herself. 

Walking over to Akai, she leaned down, her nimble fingers working quickly to undue Akai’s trousers before Haohi could react.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! What do you think you’re-“

Haohi began to protest, but was suddenly cut off by the sight of Akai’s massive erection popping free and nearly hitting Callaich in the face. And although Haohi was more than familiar with Akai’s phallus, something was…different about it.

“Oh my…” Calliach said in a teasing manner

Haohi could only stare.

The free standing phallus casted a long and unyielding shadow and exuded the anatomical embodiment of perfection. From the base rose a mighty imposing monument that encapsulated the manifestation of manhood itself. The slightest curvature of the shaft, was akin to that of a finely wrought saber, expertly crafted and honed to its fullest potential. His head, designed to reduce drag and maximize penetration, oozed a slow but steady pulse of precum with every throb.

Of course, Haohi was more than familiar with all of this.

Akai looked down at his own cock.

“I have no idea what’s going on,” he said with an equally flabbergasted expression.

Akai and Haohi both diverted their attention to Calliach, whose own attention was now focused on the small empty vail between her two fingers.

“Caution: Do not mix with alcohol. Do not take with any other potions. Do not imbibe on the Bloodmoon of the Sabbath. May cause sweating, nausea, dizziness, bloody urine, apocalyptic visions,  blah, blah, blah….If symptoms last more than four hours please consult a credited apothecary,” She read aloud from the fine print label that was pasted on the back of the bottle

“The potion is working as intended,” Calliach continued. “But the sheer amount of alcohol Akai drank not only caused him to forget about the night’s events, which is why he doesn’t remember his confession, but the residual alcohol still in his system is interfering with the potion….and caused some rather…interesting…side effects.”

Calliach stared at their blank expressions.

“I am an accredited apothecary.”

Haohi stared daggers at her.

“And you didn’t know this would happen?”

“What was that about apocalyptic visions?” Akai injected.

Calliach smiled and flippantly tossed the empty vial aside.

“Mistakes happen,” she smiled with outstretched hands.

Haohi strode around Akai and shoved a finger in her face.

“You’re going to fix my husband. Use a potion. Magic. I don’t care.”

Calliach sighed and shook her head.

“Firstly, I don’t use magic. Secondly, as an accredited apothecary, I can assure you introducing more potions into his system is only going to make the problem worse. The best course of action is to simply let nature…” Calliach said reaching around Haohi.

She gently flipped the tip of Akai’s dick with a finger, causing Akai to let loose inescapable grunt and jolt in his chair, his dick throbbing even faster now.

“…take it’s course.”

Haohi crossed her arms, her finger tapping incessantly as she weighed her options. She looked back at Akai and Calliach several times, rolling her head from side to side as if the idea itself had some physical weight in her mind.

“Ffffiiiinnee,” Haohi said, drawing out her answer with strain.

“I’ll deal with it, but theres no way I’m dragging him home like this so I’m going to need some privacy. And a towel.”

“Actually,” Calliach said, stopping Haohi. “There’s still a matter of that bet.”

 “What about the bet?” Haohi asked somewhat annoyed. “I kind of have bigger problems to deal with right now.”

“A bet is a bet,” Calliach argued. “A bet is a bet is a bet. And it must be settled. Besides, the way I see it, we can knock down two birds with one stone.”

Although she hated to admit it, Haohi’s interest was intrigued.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well the truth serum is working, so we know he cannot lie. And now we have a…physical indicator as well,” Calliach motioned to Akai’s phallus. “We can figure out who he likes more.”

“Uhhh…don’t I get a say in all of this?” Akai asked out loud.

Hoahi contemplated her proposal. After Akai’s previous confession, Haohi’s trust in his faithfulness was shaken. Perhaps this was the perfect opportunity to test his resolve. Then again she’d be forced to share Akai with this witch. She glanced back at Akai and his throbbing cock. It practically begged to be sheathed and she could already tell it would take hours by herself to calm it down. Maybe spreading the work load was the best option.

“Alright, fine,” Haohi relented. “But I want rules.”

“Series of challenges? Akai decides the winner?”

“Agreed,” Haohi replied. “But no kissing him. And no vaginal.”

‘He is still mine after all,’ Haohi said to herself.

“It’s a bet,” Calliach grinned, suddenly producing a black marker. “We can keep score with this. Now Akai…”

Haohi watched in shock as Calliach proceeded to pull down the breast cups of her leotard outfit, revealing her amply sized breasts to him.

“Which do you prefer? Mine or hers?”

Haohi was left gaping at the sight before she suddenly sprung into action, lifting up the cloth cover of her own dress to flash her husband with her own breasts. They watched as Akai’s eyes switched back and forth between the two of them, his cock nearly bouncing at the sight.

“…Haohi’s,” Akai finally breathing, as if the tension in his chest was finally released.

Haohi laughed victoriously.

“One point for me, then!”

Worryingly, she couldn’t help but notice that Calliach wasn’t the least bit concerned. Once she had finished readjusting her breasts back into her outfit, she uncapped the black marker and marked a single tally mark on Haohi’s exposed thigh.

“The game is still young.”



The next thing Hoahi knew she comfortably situated herself between Akai’s knees, his cock just mere inches from her face.

“You know, I still didn’t agree to any of this,” Akai said, trying to reason with her.

Haohi shot him an irritated look

“This is all your fault to begin with anyway,” she said as she wrapped her hand around his cock.

Instantly she felt the raw power that resided in it and had to use two hands to wrangle him under control before she began pumping him.

“And you’re the last person to be complaining about this.”

She focused her attention on his cock, marveling at the muscle and strength that resided in her hand. The head pulsed and oozed with precum and Haohi was quick to realize it’s potential. She rubbed the palm of her hand on the tip, coating her hand in precum and causing Akai to writhe and strain against his chair as he fought the urge to cry it. His reaction was cute to watch, but she chose to ignore it as she began to use the generous amount of precum as a lubricant to pump his entire length. To her surprise, Akai was quick to reach his climax, and Haohi was left speechless as thick ropey strands of cum shot high into the air and landed squarely on her hair, face, and shoulder. She barely had enough time to close her eyes before taking the full onslaught.

“Holy shit,” She sputtered with a smile, trying to wipe away the cum from her eye.

Though the amount of semen wasn’t typically possible from Akai, who was left gasping for air, his shaft was still as hard and rigid afterwards. The effects of the potion were truly terrifying. Even so, she was pleased with the result. The amount of sploodge and quickness could only mean that victory was hers for this round.

“You’re up,” Haohi smiled, proudly wearing the cum as a trophy.

Calliach seemed unimpressed as she simply made her way over to Akai, arms folded. Haohi watched her circle Akai several times, appraising him before finally reaching down and grabbing his cock. Hoahi triumphant expression quickly turned to one of horror as she watched Calliach give Akai only three gentle strokes before he forcefully blew his load, coating her hand in his spunk. Akai gasped for breath as he struggled against his bindings, causing the chair to creak underneath the strain.

“Now tell us Akai, whose handjob was better?” Calliach asked.

“Y-yours!,” Akai blurted out through gritted teeth.  “Calliach’s hand jobs are better.”

Calliach smugly looked over to Haohi, holding up her semen coated hand before cleaning it off with a towel and marking her own exposed thigh with a single black tally mark.

“Guess that makes us even,” She wryly smiled.

Hoahi’s eye visibly twitched. Reaching back, she pulled the hairband holding her ponytail up, finally getting serious.

“For now…”



For the next challenge she found herself once again between Akai’s knees, this time, with his cock warming in her salivating mouth. No more coy tricks playing around; this was serious. She wasn’t going to hold anything back. All the techniques she had designed specifically to cater to Akai’s tastes were fully deployed. She made sure to keep full eye contact, looking up to him with peering eyes as her head bobbed up and down his length, one hand working the base of his shaft while the other gently caressed and fondled his balls. The effect was everything she hoped for, and Akai was nothing more than putty in her hands, his head lolling back as he descended further and further into the depths of pleasure.

But she wasn’t done yet.

Holding her breath, she forced her tongue out of her mouth and proceeded devour more and more of Akai, taking him down to the base. In the end, the transition from her mouth to the softness of the back of her throat was more than enough to send Akai over the edge, and Haohi was rewarded with a constant thick stream of cum cascading down her throat. The hot spunk clung to her, but she relished the sensation, humming while Akai was still in her. Finally finished, she released him, giving the tip of his cock a final parting kiss before cleaning it off with a spare towel.

“One of my finer pieces of work if you ask me,” Haohi bragged. “Try and beat that.”

Haohi however soon regretted those words. As soon as Calliach descended between his legs, a pang of jealousy took hold of her. But at the same time, she couldn’t help but watch with morbid fascination as Calliach began to work. She began with a series of gentle licks across his shaft, as if she was tasting the flavor of dick for the very first time before closing her eyes and slowly taking him in. Soon enough, her head began to gently bob up and down upon his cock. Haohi thought it was strange she still wore her hat. It looked as if it was in the way, but it did nothing to deter her enthusiasm. Calliach didn’t have the forcefulness that Hoahi had previously displayed, but it was clear that she wouldn’t need it, as Akai seemed to calm down and for the first time enjoy himself. The act continued on for what seemed like hours. Haohi was left standing there, forced to only watch as another woman blew her husband. When Calliach finally stood up, for a moment, Haohi wondered if she had somehow failed and had given up. Calliach’s expression revealed otherwise. Her mouth moved subtly as she tasted Akai’s seed like a fine wine before finally swallowing several times and licking her lips clean.

“Good quality, subtle flavors, with wonderful aftertaste. A perfect ten from me,” Calliach proclaimed.

Haohi scoffed.

“And what does he have to say about it?”

They both looked at Akai, whose eyes had been closed during the whole ordeal. Like waking from a trance, he finally opened them.

“That…was amazing. We need to do that more often. I mean…with my wife.”

Akai said, quickly catching himself.

“But…I think I enjoyed Haohi’s better.”

Haohi’s fists pumped into the air in victory.

Calliach merely shrugged.

“I prefer taste over results,” she explained to Haohi, who was busy marking her thigh with another black tally mark.

“Alright, next challenge! I’m on a roll!” Haohi said, pumped up.

“Well I have an idea since you don’t seem to appreciate the subtle complexities that is your husband’s seed,” Calliach offered, reaching behind her bar.

From it, she produced several shot sized glasses and proceeded to line them up.

“I do hope you drink as big as you talk.”

“Ha!” Haohi laughed, gladly accepting the challenge. “You’re on.”




Of course, it wasn’t long before Haohi began regretting her words. She eyed her next shot glass, filled to the brim with Akai’s semen, the pearly essence swirling around. Haohi was no stranger to Akai’s semen; one could even say that she loved it. And though Hoahi and Akai could go on for hours having sex, it was beginning to take her toll on her.  Downing so many shots so quickly was the equivalent of condensing hours of blow jobs into just a few short minutes. The most blow jobs she had ever given to Akai consecutively was only six; And it certainly didn’t help that she swallowed a load from him earlier.

Meanwhile, Calliach was busy milking Akai for her next shot, aiming the tip of his cock into the glass and ignoring his protests about needing time to rest. Haohi didn’t mind. Demons didn’t have a refractory period and Haohi wasn’t surprised in the least that Akai’s cock was still hard as diamonds. No doubt the potion was still helping. He came just as easily and messily as his first ejaculation, with the force of it causing an astonishing amount of splash back that spilled over the side and onto Calliach’s hand before she carefully carried it over to the bar. She sat down on a barstool next to Haohi, their row of completed cum shots lined up neatly in front of them.

“Ready?” Asked Calliach with a smile, crossing her legs as she held the shot out in front of her.

Wordlessly, Haohi tried to do the same, struggling to raise her glass up to meet Calliach’s.

Calliach began to count down.



Raising the glass to the lips, she quickly slammed back the contents.

“…Three!” She said, smacking her lips in delight.

All the while, Haohi was hunched over, her elbows resting on the bar as she contemplated downing the shot. She took several deep breaths, shaking her head from side to side before finally steeling herself and slamming the drink back and letting the warm contents hit the back of her throat. She shut her eyes and forced herself to swallow.

She didn’t hate the taste.

But the effects were getting to her.

Her stomach felt full and her breath was stained with Akai’s scent.

She shakily exhaled and turned the shot glass upside on the bar.

“Ready for round number thirteen?” Calliach asked cheerily.

Haohi stifled a groan and hung her head.

“Pass. I’ll let you have this one,” Haohi said, admitting defeat.

She couldn’t bear the sight of Calliach’s delighted smile as she marked her thigh with another tally mark.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Well I am a bartender,” Calliach explained. “What kind of bartender can’t hold their drink?”

 Haohi rubbed her eyes.

“So what now? Were equally tied,” She said noting their respective tally marks.

Callaich mused at the question before shrugging.

“I suppose we can finally get serious.”

Calliach spun around in her bar stool and dismounted. Haohi watched as she undid the single clasp that held her belt together, removing it and the half-skirt she wore. Effortlessly, she shimmied out of her purple bunny suit, her butt wiggling as the one piece glided down her body before placing the garments carefully on the barstool.

“Joining me?” Calliach asked as she began to remove her gloves and leggings, leaving her stark naked save for her hat she kept on.

Haohi couldn’t help but notice that Akai’s attention was fully rapt on watching Calliach disrobe, his cock bouncing furiously like a happy puppy at the sight.

“Gladly,” retorted Haohi, who suddenly felt reenergized.

She too began to disrobe, removing her cuffs first before undoing the few knots that held her dress together. In one smooth motion she removed the piece, leaving her completely nude before pulling off her own leggings.

If Haohi had to say what Calliach’s main defining feature was, it would be her butt.  Of course, anyone would realize that even if she was wearing clothes, as Calliach’s ass was constantly on display; not to mention her bunny tail which demanded be touched. And though Calliach was much more curvaceous and ample than Hoahi, whose own lithe form managed to accentuate her own assets, but there was no way she could compare in terms of breasts.

Calliach’s massive tits were just on a different level.

Of course, Haohi was not without her own merits. There are those impudent few who would dare to call her a “fuck toy.” And though she would roast anyone alive in holy fire for such vulgarity, in her heart, it caused a deep lustful stir. Her legs seamlessly transited from silk smooth thighs, to taught supple butt, to handful sized breasts, topped off with the very definition of perky strawberry pink nipples.

Everything about her was in perfect proportion.

After all, she was an angel.

She was designed to be perfect.

“Hm? Look whose not complaining anymore,” Haohi said, noting how for the first time that night, Akai looked scared.

“I…would like to walk home tonight,” Akai replied with false bravado.

“Whats on the menu?” Haohi asked Calliach

“Well there’s still so much to do.” Calliach replied. “Best lap dance, best strip pole performance, orgasm race, best boob job, foot job, ‘whose boob is that’, furthest ejaculation…”

She smiled deviously.

“The list is quite long.”   

“Alright then,” Haohi said, stretching her arms as they both began to descend upon Akai. “Let’s get started. I’ve got a bet to win.”




Hours later, Haohi’s face was drenched in cum, sweat, and saliva. Some of it was not even hers. For hours, Calliach and Haohi batteled against each other in whatever task they could think of, each of them trying to outdo one another; It wasn’t long before  their thighs were decorated in a multitude of black tally marks.

For the current challenge, they were sat between legs, having split Akai’s cock down the middle. They each had one half of his cock to work with to make him cum. Their faces were in constant contact with one another, bumping and sliding off each other with the lubricant of cum and saliva as they hummed and made uncontrollable lewd noises. Their tongues and lips were constantly grazing one another and they even managed to kiss once or twice, though with Akai’s cock in the way.

While Calliach was assaulting his tip, Haohi was busy using her tongue along Akai’s length, feeling each and every ridge and vein in his shaft before doing down to his base before carefully sucking in one of his orbs into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, moaning and humming all the while to coax him to cum for her. Meanwhile, Akai’s screams of tortuous pleasure were fallen upon deaf ears, as his own existence was reduced to that of a judgemental sex toy.

Once again like so many times that night, Haohi felt the familiar pulsing sensation of Akai ready to spread his seed. She reared back, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue like an obedient dog waiting for a treat from her master. Calliach too pulled back, tilting her chin up and closing her eyes, awaiting the result of her hard.

Haohi didn’t close her eyes; she wanted to see everything.

With a strained cry, Akai released his seed, showering the both of them with a flurry of hot cum. Several pulses ensured that they were equally covered in a fine glaze of demonic sperm. Haohi, completely drunk on Akai’s cum, eagerly lapped up whatever strands landed on her tongue, swallowing and bathing in the afterglow.

“Oh my,” Calliach laughed. “That was a good one.”

“Yeah…” Hoahi concurred, running her fingers through her sweat and cum drenched hair.

“So who was better?…Akai?”

Haohi slapped his thigh repeatedly, demanding an answer.

“Who won?”

Akai too was drenched in sweat and saliva. Pearls of sweat dripped from forehead as he fought for breath.

“I…I don’t know,” he cried out. “I got lost in it all.”

Calliach let out a single laugh.

“Damn,” she said, reaching behind her for the black marker. “I thought I had that one.”

Her breasts fell and heaved as she too struggled for breath as she marked another tally mark on her thigh before handing the marker off to Haohi to mark herself as well.

So far, it was a tie.

“So now what?” Haohi asked

“We need a tie breaker,” she noted.

“We do indeed,” Calliach said getting up. “Here, I have a challenge for you.”

Haohi too rose up, standing beside Calliach as their bodies glistened with the mix of sweat and cum.

“Here face this way….just like that…” Calliach said, taking Haohi by the shoulders and positing her in front of her husband, facing away. 

“We already did lap dance,” Haohi said confused.

“Oh, I know,” Calliach said, hiding the hint of amusement in her voice, as she began to push Haohi downwards. “For the next challenge were doing….”


Instantly, Haohi’s body locked.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Haohi shouted. “That’s not what we agreed to!”

Haohi tried to fight back, but for some reason, she couldn’t free herself from the witch’s clutches. Her body was crouched over Akai, her butt just hovering over his still massive throbbing erection.

“The only rules were no kissing and no vaginal. Nobody said anything about anal,” Calliach mused as she continued to push Haohi’s shoulders downwards.

“Nope! Nope! Anything but that! Nothing goes in there! That’s a sacred place! Why-why don’t you go first!?

“Because we both know I can do it,” Calliach declared. “But I don’t think you’ve ever played with your butt before.”

Somehow, Haohi found herself losing the battle, and she slowly began to descend down upon the dick. As if it had a mind on its own, Akai’s cock homed in on her anus. Much to Haohi’s horror, something hard and wet pressed against her sphincter. Her eyes shot wide open and her muscles went taut, intent on preventing the foreign object from penetrating her. 

“You’ve got to try and learn new things, you know,” Calliach said with a wild look in her eyes.

“Nothings supposed to go up there, you mad witch!”


Both Calliach and Haohi looked towards the source of the voice; it was Akai wearing a serene expression.

“…you should trust her.”

“What!?” Haohi shouted back at him, “You too!? You perverted son of a-“

In her outburst, Calliach took advantage of Haohi’s diverted attention and pushed her down.

Akai’s tip, lubed with enough precum, spittle, saliva and cum, easily penetrated and entered an entirely new and forbidden world.

The effect was instantaneous.

Haohi’s mouth clenched and her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head. Her angelic wings, normally hidden, sprung into reality and unfurled, sending white feathers flying everywhere. Akai let loose a roar which reverberated off the walls as Calliach merely raised an eyebrow at the sight of the now twitching, convulsing angel.

“Hmm…needs more lube,” she said to herself.

“Wait,” Akai said. “Let me lose first.”

“She’s my wife and she needs me. Let me guide her in first. Please,” he implored to her.

Calliach raised an eyebrow but eventually shrugged.

“Who am I to get in the way of true love?”

 She released Akai’s bonds, who quickly began to support his wife’s hips.

“Okay, now listen to me,” Akai said to her. “Just listen to the sound of my voice and trust me okay?”

The only response he got was Haohi’s gritted groan, whose entire weight was now supported on just her toes and Akai’s cock.

“Look, I got you,” Akai said, taking a hold of her hips in his hands. “I got you now, alright? What I need you to do is trust me, okay?” 

Haohi’s reddened and strained face barely managed a nod.

“Okay good. What I need you to do is get off your feet, let me support you. That’s it. Just like that.”

One by one, Haohi’s toes left the floor. She tucked her legs to her chest, allowing Akai to wrap his arms underneath her legs and support her fully.

“Good, that’s it. Now just relax. Let me do all the work, okay? Just relax. Breath for me…just breath.”

After some gentle coaxing from Akai, Haohi’s breathing became less ragged and her body ceased to shiver. Tucked into a ball, Haohi placed herself at the mercy of Akai’s cock.

“Good…just like that…relax.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Akai slowly began to drop Haohi upon his cock. Hoahi’s mouth was locked into the position of an ‘O’ as she slowly descended down the entirety of the length of his shaft. Her toes and wings curled as the tucked in Haohi took Akai’s dick into her most holy place. It was only when she finally reached the base and sheathed Akai’s cock into her ass that he finally let go of her.

“Oh fuck,” he shakily said as he closed his eyes. 

Calliach strode to the front of them, inspecting Haohi with certain eagerness.    

“How is it, hm? Taking your first cock like that?”

Haohi’s eyes struggled to stay open, fluttering constantly as she tried to find a comfortable position for herself.


“He’s…?” Calliach asked.

“He’s coming inside me….he’s…still coming.”

Calliach smiled.

“Aw, your poor thing.”

She hugged the pour angel, who instantly wrapped her arms around her and returned the hug, using her as support. Calliach spied Akai behind her, still holding onto her hips.

“How is she?”

“Tight…” he replied after a brief delay. “The tightest she’s ever been. I can only…”

He gritted his teeth and suddenly threw his head back as another orgasm was released into the deepest depths of the angel, causing Haohi to cry out and hug Calliach even harder.

“It’s hot!” she mewled. “It’s so hot. I’m so full. Oh my god.”

Calliach laughed, gently patting Haohi’s head before leaning into her ear and whispering.

“Are you going to let me fuck your husband?”

“Ha?” Haohi asked in confusion.

“If you don’t, I might be inclined to leave the two of you love birds here.” Calliach teasingly threatened. “And I won’t help you get off his dick.”

Hoahi considered her words. Or at least tried to. But at this point, anything sounded better than her current predicament.

“Fine,” she said finally.

“Great then!” Calliach replied with a grin suddenly full of energy. “Since this has turned into a full blown orgy now, I suppose were going to need a lot more towels. Akai, if you could be a dear and unsheathe yourself from your wife’s ass, I believe it’s my turn to have a go. We still have a bet to settle after all.”




Hours of constant fucking later, Calliach and Haohi found themselves on edge of the bar top itself, still completely nude, save for Calliach’s hat which somehow magically decided to stay on throughout the entire ordeal. Their legs and even asses were now assorted with a myriad of tally marks, indicating not only who won a challenge, but also the number of times Akai had cum in them.

“Honestly, how did I even get roped into this one,” Haohi said to herself as she reshifted her position. 

“Relax, we’ve been using him all night,” replied Calliach. “He gets to have just this one.”

After having felt bad for Akai’s predicament, the two of them agreed that Akai could at least use the two of them once for whatever fantasy he desired. 

Apparently, that fantasy was having Calliach lay on the bar with Haohi atop of her, situated in such a way that their bodies were pressed against one another. Haohi tried to ignore the fact that she was essentially resting atop of Calliach’s breasts.

“This isn’t even my thing,” Haohi complained as she rested herself on her elbows.

“Neither is it mine,” Calliach agreed. “But it never hurts to try new things.”

The sound of Akai’s footsteps interrupted their conversation.

“There’s just one last thing,” he said. “You have to refer to me as…master.”

“Oh for the love of…” Haohi sighed.

“Of course, my master!” Calliach happily agreed, hugging Haohi again.

“Oh uhm…could you….also…beg for it too please?”

Haohi rolled her eyes. H

er husband with his silly antics.

“Master! Please give me your cock and seed! I need to be filled!” Haohi said somewhat sarcastically, trying to ignore the fact that after the course of the night, she was pretty much filled indeed.

“Master. Akai.” Calliach began with a sultry begging tone. “Please…fuck me raw and mark me with your seed. Stain my insides forever and make me yours.”

With Akai prepared he moved himself into position.

Haohi pressed her forehead into Calliach’s.

“Don’t push it.”

Calliach only smiled.

“Aren’t you curious?”

“Curious about what?” Haohi asked.

“Who he’s going to choose first?”

The thought hadn’t crossed her mind. Through the hours of constant fucking, the notion about Akai’s supposed infidelity had completely escaped her. With newfound trepidation, Hoahi waited for Akai’s cock and who he would fuck first. Her fears were dashed as something seething hot and hard pressed against her clitoris.

“Oh,” Calliach said, equally surprised. “That’s an unexpected choice.”

Akai had chosen the fuck the two of them together, using their pressed together pussies a makeshift one. Haohi could feel her husband’s cock thrust between the two of them, pressing against the both of them and stimulating them simultaneously. The sensation quickly grew on her as their bodies rocked in unison. She soon began to experiment, gyrating her hips and pussy in semicircles against his cock, with Calliach mirroring her actions. They writhed their bodies in unison, nipples rubbing against one another. They easily glided against each other with the night’s layer of cum and sweat that coated them both. With the last forceful thrusts, Akai released his seed between the two of them, coating their bellies with hot spunk. Haohi winced at the first few pumps before pushing herself up to inspect what had transpired. Thick strands of frothing hot cum dripped down from Haohi’s pelvis and onto Calliach’s, connecting the two of them together.

“That was actually quite nice, don’t you think?” noted Calliach.

Before Haohi could respond, she suddenly yelped in surprise and then moaned as Akai pushed his cock inside of her and proceeded to fuck her atop of Calliach. Her breasts jiggled beneath before her elbows lost the strength to hold her and she lay back down atop of Calliach. But just as soon as he had entered her, Akai suddenly withdrew. Haohi watched as Calliach’s face suddenly lit up and her eyes flutter close as she began to bounce back and forth beneath her. Akai alternated between the two, fucking each for several seconds to several minutes, taking turns with each before switching to the other. He made sure to finish in them multiple times. Haohi’s hair clung to her face as she became lost the euphoric scene, only to be interrupted by Calliach staring at her.

“You’re very cute when you’re getting fucked.”

“Oh don’t start that with me,” Haohi threatened back, trying to ignore what her own hips were doing, grinding against Calliach.

Calliach smiled deviously

“Master! I believe theres one place you forgot to finish in!”

Before Haohi could react, she felt Calliach’s hands slide down her back and grab her butt cheeks, spreading them apart.

“Ach! No!” Haohi yelped, trying to resist, but Akai was faster.

In one smooth thrust, drenched and soaked in all manner of bodily fluids, Akai effortlessly plunged into Haohi’s anal depths. Haohi’s eyes and wings fluttered instantaneously, and her whole body shook as her tongue lolled out and her back arched for him. She didn’t resist at all as Caclliach licked and suckled on her tongue before deeply kissing her. Haohi returned her moans with her own, allowing the witch to explore and conquer the mouth.

She was simply too preoccupied Akai pumping his seed into her ass to fight back against her.

When he finally pulled himself out of her, Haohi nearly slid off Calliach, and had to catch herself with a bar stool.

“My asshole…”Haohi whimpered as she struggled to pull herself up.

“Damn right, that’s my asshole.” Akai quipped quite triumphantly.

Haohi chose to ignore him, her ire directed more towards the witch, who had pushed herself off the bar and landed gracefully beside her; as if she hadn’t spent a whole night getting fucked.

“My goodness, that was a lot of fun,” Calliach happily said stretching, doing nothing to let the cum drip off from her.

Haohi however, noticed this. She watched as cum dribbled down her body, and more importantly, out of her vagina.

“That’s mine.”

Calliach turned towards her.


“That…that’s mine,” Haohi declared.

She half-drug, half-pushed herself towards Calliach, unable to stand up on her own two feet yet, positioning herself between Calliach’s legs. Haohi pushed apart Calliach’s legs, spreading them open as she took a deep breath and dove into her slit, driving her tongue forward. Calliach who was looking on with a jestful look, suddenly grabbed the bar for support as the angel slurped and sucked the contents out of the witch. Kneeling down in front of her, Haohi shifted Calliach’s leg over her shoulder to gain better access as she spread her wider, driving more of her tongue in and claiming what was rightfully hers. She drunk deeply, and after feeling satisfied with what she could claim, she licked Calliach’s labia clean.

With renewed strength stood up to Calliach, wiping her mouth.

“Now were even,” Haohi declared.

Calliach gave an approving nod. 

“Not bad at all.”

“Well that was nice and all,” Akai said, interrupting the two of them once more. “But are we done with this lubricious  bet yet?”

“Ah yes, the bet,” Calliach replied, pushing her hat back. “I suppose we do have to settle it.”

She looked down her leg and hip to try and count the number of tally marks, but quickly gave up.

“I’ve got a better idea.”

Walking past Haohi, Calliach made her way towards Akai. Haohi watched as Calliach threw her arms around him and pulled him down into a deep lustful kiss, moaning all the while. Worse yet, Akai reactively wrapped his arms around her, his right hand going down the small of her back and grabbing a fistful of her ass and squeezing tightly, which caused Calliach to giggle into his mouth.

“Akai!” Haohi shouted, breaking the moment.

Akai, as if remembering where he was, instantly tore himself from her.

“…she started it,” he finally said after a moment, trying to defend himself.   

Haohi prepared to summon one of her holy blades to smite this traitorous fool, but was interrupted by Calliach.

“Oh relax, he still loves you. He only lusts for me.”

Somehow, Calliach’s words made her feel a bit better. It may have been true that Akai lusted after Calliach. But the fact that Calliach also lusted after him, and that he belonged to Haohi and Haohi only, provided some solace. She could never win his heart.

“Also, he’s not going to remember any of this.”

Haohi’s eyes narrowed. “He’s not?”

“I’m not?” Akai asked.

“Oh no, not at all. I’ve got a reputation to keep, you know. I can’t let stories about wild orgies happening in my bar get loose,” Calliach explained as she made her way towards the bar.

“Angels you can trust to keep a secret. But demons are a different matter.”

Calliach reached over the bar, her ass on full display while her legs dangled before she recovered and came back with multiple bottles in her hands.

“So Akai,” she began “how do you feel about a drink?”




Akai woke feeling completely exhausted. Everything hurt. His eyes hurt. His head hurt. His back hurt. Everything hurt.

Where was he? What happened?

Akai looked around to find himself in a dimly lit establishment, with neatly placed tables and low hanging lights.

He himself was sitting in a plush leather boot.

Ah, that’s right. Calliach. He got invited to her bar. He had drinks with her but after that, everything was a blur to him. He tried his best to remember but try as he might, he simply couldn’t. He must have drank a lot.

“Akai!” A voice called out to him.

Akai’s ears winced at the loud sound, but quickly realized who it belonged to.

He found Haohi and Calliach standing on either side of the bar.

“You finally awake sleepy head?” Haohi asked cheerfully, “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up all day.”

“Yeah, sorry, just give me a minute. I kinda…let myself go last night and now everything hurts.”

To his surprise the two of them laughed. Together. Which was odd, considering that he didn’t remember them getting along so casually.

“Alright, just take it easy. I’ll get you a glass of water later, okay?” Calliach waved.

Akai smiled and waited in his booth as he rubbed his temples, trying to soothe the drumming in his head.

 He watched the two of them chat happily with one another.

It was only when he caught a look their eyes that he saw something he wasn’t expecting. Completely unaware at what the other was doing, Haohi sneakily pulled aside her dress, flashing him her ass out of view of Calliach.

Calliach meanwhile pulled down one of the breast cups of her leotard out of view of Haohi, flashing her bare tit at him.


Akai regarded the both of them for a moment before deciding that it was probably best to stop drinking.

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  1. Story was sexy enough to get the job done, but there were many spelling and grimmer errors throughout that could have been caught with another proofread. Things like ‘vail’ instead of ‘vial’, for example.

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