Whats going on?

This week… not much. Real life is keeping me busy enough.

Next week, a lot more. The next writing contest will be held in July, TFT may take over the currently missing Weekly Reviews from the monstergirlcollection blogspot, which is still not up and running. LDR is also pretty busy in real life, so right now we can’t do much except twiddle out thumbs a bit and read the new stories that have been released.

Seafoam mirrored the first story here on TFT, Yudayahito signed up on TFT, Aftyn released a short piece on Kitsch the kitsune, as well as many others who have been busy writing and releasing stories.

Keep up with the recent releases and give your favourite author some feedback, a thumbs up or even send him a message. Authors love messages.

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