Week in Review 09/29 – 10/05

We now have 2 new authors hosted:
ResonantDrunk and Asterfields! Both already started mirroring some content here on TFT.

Blake81 gave us Adrift – Chapter 3

bobanon continues his Laska saga with Laska And Me 16

To top it all off, VCR has supplied us with a new banner.

3 thoughts on “Week in Review 09/29 – 10/05

    1. As a tip, if you want to work on something without anyone having access to it, simply set the status to “Draft”. You can always access all your work easily via the Dashboard.

      1. Well, you can use the editor to fix formatting. The formatting options on here are actually relatively powerful.

        If you want some direct tips, hop on IRC.

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