This is it. This is my favourite of all the recently released monstergirls. Also, we support eco-friendly energy. Meet the Raiju.

*BZZZZT* “Aahn~”

This furball is hotter than a charged generator. Basically we are looking at the fluffy equivalent of the Thunderbird and she generates more electricity every time she orgasms.

You know you got a winner on your hands if foreplay involves a military grade tazer and her vibrator miraculously never runs out.

Check out her full profile on the MGE Wiki:

5 thoughts on “Weaselpower

  1. For some odd reason, I seriously love those shoes of hers. They’re technically meant to look like a ”Tabi” (a sole-less cloth shoe; more like a really thick sock. Almost always worn by ninjas) but I love how they’re actually her paws. Wonder if she’s got a pair of soft and puffy pads under them (not sure if weasels have them at all…).

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