TheDefilerXD (a.k.a. PumpkinDukeXD) Case closed

So after my last newsentry the whole thing with PumpkinDukeXD blew up. I could write a novel about everything but instead let me give you a simple rundown.

PumpkinDukeXD eventually had enough stories removed and worked from an empty account that he got ballsy again. He created the account TheDefilerXD and started uploading the 4 stories that we could not source anywhere (so they might actually have been his only original works) to the TheDefilerXD account. He did speak to his other account as if this was between 2 different people, only it was too darn obvious what he pulled.

So TheDefilerXD went live with Dukes old shit. In the meantime the Safnar123 account got completely and fully nuked (also run by PumpkinDukeXD) which got him to shut up for 2 days.

Ze taunts, zey do nassing!

After nothing happened, PumpkinDukeXD started taunting us and put another stolen work online on his Duke account… and also uploaded 3 new stolen works to the TheDefilerXD account. The best part about the taunt is, that just 3 hours after his private message to me, his main account PumpkinDukeXD got hiroshimad from Wattpad.

Karma with a sidedish of kick to the nuts

Our main course of action was to engage the asshole as little as possible. Comments or Private Messages were stopped by me and others so as to not tip him off and pull incriminating stories from his account and leave them open to further DMCA strikes, which were successful.

Still he didn’t give up. Tenacious bugger if I’ve ever seen one. However:

small excerpt from the database – small on purpose

I don’t expect anyone to read that actually but the moron left fingerprints all over TFT. He made an account and he used a static IP address which made it ridiculously easy to monitor and observe and screenshot everything he did. TheDefilerXD couldn’t even fart without me knowing it.

Over the next days a clear pattern would emerge. He would look up stuff on TFT, I would screenshot his IP address actually checking out the story… and it went up stolen on Wattpad just hours later, like clockwork. I had evidence of his actions in real time. Hook line and sinker.

Since he always used the same static IP and hardware, I simply followed the IP back to the registered owner, which was a school district in Kansas. I had hit the motherlode.

While this was going on, TheDefilerXD started leaving more comments in the PumpkinDuke newspost further down, read it up at your own leisure, one of the highlights was that he actually openly confirmed that TheDefilerXD is PumpkinDukeXD, so we went from a highly likely theory to a hard confirmation. Much highfiving was had.

So we had an underage teenie using a MacBook provided by his school to connect to monstergirl pornsites via the school network and then commit literally over a hundred cases of copyright infringement.

So… I did the only reasonable thing. I wrote an official mail to the Superintendent. The Super replied to me within a few hours and forwarded me to the IT Network specialist in the school with the Vice President of the district and the Legal Counsel in copy.

They asked for evidence. I provided evidence. Boy, did I provide a fuckton of evidence.

2 days later, I get a reply from the IT guy. Apparently there was a nice discussion with the student and the parent, and I received thanks for helping them fix that security hole. Also the student will be prevented from pursuing his extra activities from the school ever again.

This one goes out to you guys who ever had to deal with one of those little kids that fucked your mom over the internet.

We slapped back.

And we hit.


13 thoughts on “TheDefilerXD (a.k.a. PumpkinDukeXD) Case closed

  1. ”I could write a novel about everything but instead let me give you a simple rundown.”

    Man, you really should. I mean, a no doubt epic episode in the history of TFT.

  2. Holy shit, this is pure gold. You destroyed this kid and hit him right in the face with a cold, hard dose of reality. Being able to catch him stealing red-handed is delicious enough on its own, but proving that he had the audacity to do it via school property is just icing on the cake. I can only imagine the look on the punk’s face when he got called in and had THAT little shitstorm dumped on him.

    Guess we can add “justice” to the list of porn genres this site hosts now.

  3. Figures it was some dumb kid, he probably has no idea how IP laws work and thought he’d be safe behind his firewall. Fuck I’m probably giving him too much credit even with that.

    Stories like these make me kinda sad. Kenkou is nice enough to allow people to profit from MGE doujinshi works, and I think we should follow his example, but outright copying someone’s work, not just ideas or a setting, is completely brainless and completely unempathetic of the effort the writer went through when making his piece.

    Imitation is a form of flattery, but nobody likes a thief.

  4. This is hilarious man. Imagine working as an IT guy for a public school district in Bumfuck County, Kansas, with nothing to do all day but recover passwords and remove malware from kids trying to download Minecraft for free, and then getting an email from your boss saying to expect an admin from a monster girl smut site to contact you about someone plagiarizing stories on the school network. Probably made that guy’s day.

    1. In fairness, this was a school district in a pretty sizeable college town not far from Kansas City, not some town with a grain elevator, maybe a few hundred souls and the only traffic light around for miles.

      The rest of your point stands, though.

  5. Man, I would have absolutely loved to see his face sink when he got summoned to the head office and his parent(s) are there and they ask

    ‘have you been stealing peoples work about Monster-girl porn?’

    I bet stomach sunk as low as his ass that moment.

    ‘son what is it about girls with tails, fangs, wings or demons wanting to rape men you like so much?’

    idiot – *shrugs*

    ‘idiot you do realise your supposed to be using your computer for studying and not reading and stealing stories about monstergirl porn’

    idiot – *shrug*

    Like seriously lol you keep going around doing shit like that one day its going to hit you in the face.

    Whats more you know how rumors travel, imagine when they rest of the students find out lol will happen

  6. Great work, SnowDrakE. I appreciate all you’re doing even in the midst of your busy schedule.

    My two final stories stolen by him disappeared before I managed to file the DMCA report, but no matter. Case closed.

  7. Come back to TFT after dealing with a lot of annoying IRL stuff, see this, stupid grin spreads on my face.
    Rock solid work Snow.

    Never accept bad behaviour because if you do it will only get worse. Something the rest of society today seems to have forgotten.
    So glad to see that is not the case here 🙂

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