TFT Official Mascot Design Event


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This one is more for the artists here. But anyone can enter if they want. This is your chance to immortalize yourself on TFT.

Goal: Design a mascot monstergirl for TFT within a month.

How? A picture should be submitted. It may be hosted anywhere. If the monstergirl is already used as OC elsewhere, it is invalid. The picture should be created for this event. Quality is not necessarily the most important aspect, as character design is a higher priority. If the picture was published before, it may become a valid entry if asked.

Poke me on IRC or Skype or send me a message through the internal TFT message system to “snowdrake”.

When? End of submission is in one month on the 8th of April. A timer will be running on the left side of the TFT frontpage as reminder and guideline.

Winner will be chosen by public vote during the whole weekend from the 8th to 11th April. The top 3 entries will be eligible for Steam prizes depending on available funds but at least a minimum of 20$ each. The winner and second place will probably get a bit more as compensation.

Comments appreciated… and I am looking forward to the submissions.

10 thoughts on “TFT Official Mascot Design Event

    1. It doesn’t have to be a kitsune and a fluffy tail is not a requirement, but it would fit the title.

      In the end, the design is completely open.

  1. So, it’s noted that artistic ability isn’t a pre-req, in that case when the design submission is chosen, will there be a free for all among the more artistically inclined to sketch out the mascot-chara?

      1. In that case, when it comes to a character design, should it only be /a character design/?
        If there’s going to be a writing contest, would it be better to supply a character profile too?
        Or is the design going to be the main thing, and then the personality supplied later by the writing contests?
        In other words, could you supply a design, and then a profile/backstory and then just say “take and leave what you want for the writing contest”?

        The difference between the designer outlining the character completely, or the design being submitted and then a personality created for it via writing contest.

        1. You can supply a character profile too which can give both an advantage and a disadvantage.

          If the personality is set, either the public likes it or not. Leaving the character profile a bit open for interpretation and just outlining basic traits and quirks might serve the entry better than shoehorning the design into a rigid frame, if you know what I mean.

          1. Mnnn, broad strokes profile, and then in depth character stuff in the writting contest would probably be the safest bet if you want to go that route then.

            I assume theres no limit to the amount of work that can be submitted, within reason anyways.

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