TFT Anniversary & Mascot Event

When I started this site, I had no idea it would grow this big. And it still keeps growing. Everytime I look at the stats I am kinda flattened and I actually worry a little bit about having to upgrade the hosting eventually, but the servers are still doing fine.

That said, tomorrow will mark the start of the official Mascot Event for TFT. Artists will have a whole month to come up with a mascot for TFT, which we will officially adopt, plus a handful of prizes (as I can afford them) and a subsequent writing event featuring the new mascot as chosen by the public.

So here is to one year of!

First time live on the 24th February. Placeholder artwork from deviantart and a default theme. Zero functionality… but hey, it worked!

Some stats for the curious:

This is what a single month looks like in unique IPs.
I thought we would balance out end of last year… we didn’t. Help?

The first story hosted here was Big Bad Wolf by bobanon. I poked him for permission to upload it to see how it would look like on the actual site after I had the basic structure up. It was published on the 8th of march 2015.

Jabberwock paizuri – by .less – One of the first pictures he uploaded to his gallery.

The first gallery hosted was .less gallery which enabled me to test the custom coded mess that would eventually allow dozens of other artists to host all their artwork without hitting each other over the head. Also published on the 8th of march 2015.

Since then we have registered over a hundred readers, host 43 Authors and have 18 individual Galleries up and running. At the moment we have exactly 400 stories published and we host about 2.5 Gigabytes worth of digital butts.

Thanks to everyone who made this an incredible year.

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