Tags were moved

Minor update:

Due to some concerned feedback I moved the tags to the header of the stories, which makes it easier for readers to see what to expect.

I won’t censor anything unless it reads like satan tried diarrheaing straight into someones keyboard and kill humanity through icky feelings (we’re talking about really really bad stuff here, so don’t worry… you’re not affected). What people read is up to them and having the tags visible will be the required warning.

Was a bit daft to have the tags below a story and people read through the whole thing and then think “I need an adult for this” before they see what’s in there.

This should also serve as another reminder for Authors: if in doubt, tag it. Tags tags and more tags. If you clearly tagged something and people complain about it, it’s not your responsibility and I won’t coddle anyone about this. If you don’t tag your stories and people suddenly start downvoting and reporting you, you’re the only one to blame.

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