Speed Writing Event Jan 2019 (Fireworks)

We had 9 submissions for this one, standard rules, 2 hours time to write. Nice turnout overall.

The events topic was:

“Firecracker/fireworks competition (may be in connection with new years or not) use at least 2 MGs from the following list:
alraune, thunderbird, ignis, mermaid, sylph, mummy, kraken, hinezumi, beelzebub”

Favorable Seas
A Night to Remember
The First Polovian New Year
Shock and awe
Dyaro’s Star
Junkyard Gals

Please login to TFT and vote for your favourites below. Each user has up to 3 votes. 1st place will get a 10$ Steam gift, 2nd and 3rd will net a 5$ Steam gift. Winners will be contacted next week.

New year, new speedwriting! Pick your top 3 below:

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