PMs are functional

Excellent news for those who have been waiting for it. TFT now has a fully functional private messaging system.

It’s not the most beautiful solution, but it works. Previous attempts had horrible security issues, so I was very reluctant to install them. This one is a lot better in that regard.

Security comes with a little price in terms of convenience though. I will not make a full userlist available to protect account logins and prevent bots from getting their hands on it easily.

How does it work?

If you are a registered user, on the left bar below the login/logout feature, a private message feature will pop up. The text can be clicked to get you directly onto the PM frontend, where you can read and send PMs.

in case of sudden blindness, refer to screenshot

If you want to send a PM to someone else, you will need to write their exact Nickname into the recipient field. It will be the same name that is shown on the Shoutbox or on Comments, so you can always refer to those.

6 thoughts on “PMs are functional

    1. What do you have trouble with? Mind you, PMs to the Admin are apparently not possible with the settings, gonna have to check that tomorrow.

          1. I was making a joke about PMS, sweetheart.

            Regardless, I’ll discuss any female health issues I feel merit discussion here, so, shhhh.

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