I swear to god, fate has played a cruel joke on me.

All: “Hey, do some more monstergirl profiles!”
Me: “I guess I could do that. Suggestions?”
Me: “Fuck no. Noone likes Matangos. I’ll do a random wiki page instead…”
Me: “I can’t believe it.”

“Likes damp places.” – the only way to be safe is stop showering you filthy animal

So you got a monster that’s not even a real monster, it’s basically something like transformative viagra mold. She farts spores and if you inhale that crap you grow mushrooms on your skin. Since fate has a propensity for cruel jokes, imagine the worst kind of place those mushrooms will grow (your dick) and I can guarantee you that will happen 95% of the time. If girls inhale that funk, they start turning into one of those, so I guess my final verdict is that Matangos are basically an STD. Even if it makes you horny, it will vastly reduce your chances of getting real pussy, because I’d rather hang myself than fuck that. Fuck that.

This isn’t even lowest tier. We had to hire illegal peruvian midgets to start digging to reach a level low enough to rank her. Avoid like the plague.

More about her can be found on the MGE Wiki:

3 thoughts on “Peniscillin

  1. It isn’t enough that they make mushrooms grow on your skin, no no no! They grow INSIDE you.

    Even inside your brain.

    KC has stated that the stuff in the Encyclopedias is a bit colored by the in-universe author and that some statements shouldn’t be taken completely literally. But mushrooms in the brain? Anyone who’s looked into the cordyceps fungi even a little knows how horrifying they can be and to just what extent they control the host. The “husband” of a matango is pretty much brain-dead.

    Leaving aside their appearance or how horrible it would look like to have fungi growing on you, the Matango is the most horrifying monster girl in the entire Encyclopedias, and the worst one to be snagged by.

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