MGE Wiki Contest: Butter-T Artbook giveaway

The folks over at the MGE Wiki are celebrating their official collaboration with the original monstergirl site

"Ha Ha. I want to know how you will be crying when I'm eating you"
Manticore by Butter-T, commissioned by Donitor

There is a writing contest and also a raffle for non-writers. Two randomly chosen participants will recieve an artbook from Butter-T and the top 3 writers will get the same. Apparently you can also buy the artbook from this facebook page, but god knows where. Butter-T is from thailand and I don’t read thai. His artwork is top tier though.

The top spot will also recieve a free commission drawn by Luth. If you have no idea what Luths drawing style is like, you’re missing out. Check his DeviantArt page for some tasty bits.

Go here to participate and win those goodies:

Big shoutout to the MGE Wiki crew for reaching this milestone and I hope you guys have fun!

3 thoughts on “MGE Wiki Contest: Butter-T Artbook giveaway

  1. Haha wow, the times they are a changin’. Or, cynically, KC is actually making a solid move to open up a channel to his western audience again since his book’s getting released over here and having a beachhead is always helpful.
    I really can’t blame KC for his frustration, I wouldn’t tolerate what he has had to deal with either. Even if this current cooperation is cynical in nature and separate from how I think of him as an author, at least as a person he’s a pretty cool guy.

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