Massive case of plagiarism on Wattpad by user PumpkinDukeXD

Some of you may have followed the curious case of a user named PumpkinDukeXD on Wattpad which came to light several days ago on our Discord. This user had a massive list of stolen works published under his own name from multiple authors all over, most notably from the MGE Wiki, some from Pastebin and even literotica.

A massive quantity of the stolen works have been taken down by Duke, yet he continues stealing without remorse.

I am just mildly annoyed that I cannot display the whole extent of what he did at once, but I am sure I can give a good enough impression of what has occurred:

At the height of his act, PumpkinDukeXD had 3 works on Wattpad, containing multiple substories.

  1. His unpopular series which sported 97 entries, of which about 7 were blog like articles and the rest was completely stolen, currently the only thing he still has online with even more stolen works right up to the last 2 hours.
    Notable entries include things like:
    protip: you can see works he removed because our comments forced him to in his conversation history r-monster-girl-stories-yandere-dragon/page/3 – This has been taken down, but was a verbatim copy of this work:
    the gift that keeps on giving… – This one was stolen by PumpkinDukeXD under some High Orc title…

and more…
…and moooore…

Suffice to say this is one busy man. The best part is that after he got confronted by that, he claimed to have asked the authors he stole from if he gave credit (which he didnt) without knowing that these are very active people on the Discord and were reporting him for theft of intellectual property.

2. Four chapters stolen from user Safnar on the MGE Wiki, funnily not to be mistaken for the Safnar123 user account on Wattpad that seems to collaborate with him very closely like a sockpuppet account under the name Mamono Invasion.

Original source was ripped from here:

3. Six chapters ripped from Safnar again from the same link as above. Dukes title was Mamono High School. The original title was Monster High School.

All of this coming to almost a hundred stolen works overall.

And this morning we even had another nice one, just to show that he really is not giving up:

Compare Dukes version…
…to the original version…
…from this page, link below

Yep, thats a greentext from 2014 from the author THEGREENS copied from here:

Also currently still available is this one:

Stolen by Duke – ALWAYS WATCHING YOU! (Gazer)
Original – WWYD Gazer Urlyny



I have a multitude of other screenshots but I believe that would make this article a bit too long. If you want to see more, please hop on the Discord and ask me.

We have contacted the Wiki and multiple other communities including Reddit and Monster Girl Unlimited to check all content PumpkinDukeXD uploads and to report any stolen works. Multiple reports have been filed already.

If you have published anything in the past, please go on his page and check his Wattpad releases if they do contain your stuff and make sure to take action against this. Anyone who would like me to negotiate with Wattpad on a legal basis may contact me on Discord or leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you.


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