End of year 2018

The time has come, and so have I. And with me I bring a list of crap noone cares about, but which is nifty nonetheless.

The good bad and the ugly

2018 was an odd year, and it was certainly fun. Let’s take a look at TFTs traffic:

2,6 million hits for 2018 alone from 213346 unique IPs

We are definitely getting more traffic still, although I think we may normalize from here on out. Tumblr shat the bed, other drama happened, Patreon is now wonky, mgewiki shut down. One thing that is certain is that we are losing overall hits but the unique visitors are very much the same and slightly growing, at about 1200 every single day. Each unique IP visits on average 11 times per day, so thats a good amount of retention, which is nice. TFT lost traffic especially from 2 incidents, the loss of mgewiki which brought us more traffic and also the addition of the tianmen massacre comments in the shoutbox, which lead to an immediate drop in chinese bots trying to flood and hack the site. To put it in milder terms, it was super effective.

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Still, the biggest demographic is the US by a factor of 65%. The rest of you guys is spread all over with a slight emphasis on english speaking countries. This should not be much of a surprise. I have yet to see any monstergirl smut in hebrew or afrikaans.

And since people asked for it, here is the complete list of all countryviews 2018.

We had 6 writing/art related competitions across the year, two of which were organized by our Discord Moderator Mifi0. We also had 3 miscellaneous events.

Notable events outside of fun activities include this years server move to Cloud Hosting, article 11 and 13 getting the green light in the EU, TFT getting prepped to move to servers in Singapore on a moments notice and of course that small incident with Wattpad and PumpkinDukeXD and the chinese hackening.

The first ones had news articles written, Duke became a legend and meme unto itself, but the chinese actually took the cake. Have another sheet of numbers:Some interesting tidbits here, you will note a large drop in hits and bandwidth after october, that is by adding those mentions about the tianmen square massacre in chinese letters to the shoutbox. I would have never dreamt it would have that much of an impact, but there we go. The Unique Visitors in relation did not nearly take as massive of a hit. Some of you may recall the site behaving a little bit unstable, sometimes throwing a “Service Unavailable”. That was actually caused by floods of chinese bots hitting TFT all at once, partially trying to brute force hack into the site. The visitor stats from january and february are still affected by the servermove.

Also TFT served technically a whopping 2,8 Terabyte of porn.

Where do we go from here?

Still the same heading, TFT will remain a free stable hosting platform for stories and artwork. Things I would love to do in 2019 include maybe reaching enough patreons to afford another server upgrade and also maybe a redesign of the page. The current layout is pretty simple and it is getting cluttered. Maybe it will be possible to select a theme in the future, I don’t know, because I will actually have to consult an expert on this due to the sheer size of the site. One request I have heard multiple times for example is some kind of dark theme that would be easier on the eyes at night. At least that is something we should be able to do.

A big thing I would like to announce officially for the first time outside of the Discord is that I am working on a Monstergirl related game. I don’t have too much eyecandy yet because most of the work is being done on the backend, coding the groundwork, things like Save/Load functions, Inventory handling, smooth 3d movement in grids, making sure we can load our dungeons properly, etc…

Work in progress, not even alpha

But we are looking at a 4 man development team working for the past 3 months and there is steady progress each month. We are pretty sure we can have a working Alpha out quite early next year since 80% of the most important crap is already done. We are using Unity as engine (not some gamemaker stuff) and the game itself is an RPG style dungeoncrawler with a focus on capturing Monstergirls and using them as fighters in your own party or having them work in your city. And yes, you can be a pimp.

Overall I would like to also have a gaming section on TFT, maybe with proper reviews or even downloads for some of the smaller games out there, god knows there is enough interest for it.

For now, if you want to explicitly support development, I have added a tier on the TFT Patreon. Later on once the game can be released I will have the game run on it’s own Patreon so we can hand out rewards in a proper fashion. As of now, if you want to have some info on the game development, please register and join our Discord.


And now it’s time to buy some beer and get ready to blow shit up around midnight.

And a very happy new year to you all!


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