Early Thanksgiving

Here we have the Jubjub, a Harpy subspecies magically altered to boost their libido from “Sleep, Eat, Fuck” to “Who the fuck needs to sleep?”

this bird needs stuffing

They don’t fly that well because their plumage is ultrafluffy and soft so they sit around all day. On your cock.

In my personal opinion it feels like KC is running out of ideas slowly. On the other hand… more wonderland monsters! Wooo! Jabberwocky is still best girl.

You can find the whole profile over at the MGE Wiki:

4 thoughts on “Early Thanksgiving

  1. I am happy to see more Wonderland monsters. Jabberwocky still is best girl of this region, but I would like to see his take on the “Queen Of Hearts” I see her as some form of Succubus or even possibly a Roper.

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