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As most regulars know, the IRC Chat has been more and more deserted since we moved most activity over to Discord, which is like IRC mixed with Teamspeak on crack. Also, it’s free and it works from the browser, from a full installation and there is a fully functioning mobile app for it which even allows you to use the voice chat as well from your phone.

You can join if you click the button in the above menu bar, which becomes visible once you register on TFT.

There are a few rules I would like to point out.

  1. There is no roleplaying.
  2. Pictures may be dropped in the main chat but if people complain, stick to the picture channels.
  3. Try not to have several pages of discussions in those picture channels.
  4. If you would like a simple color for your name, message one of the mods about it.
  5. Be prepared to wait for a while after joining until the mods will give you full access to everything. We want to see how people behave until they get more rights.
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14 thoughts on “Discord Chat

  1. Uh, question. Is this voice-chat only? On can you still use good ol’ chat.

    Because sadly, I don’t have a mic, and even if I used my phone… at my home, there are ”circumstances”, so it might not be a good choice for me.

    1. Nope. Like I said it’s like a mix of IRC and Teamspeak. We have multiple text channels for chatting, posting pictures and share writing prompts and such.

  2. Joined the server only to get called autistic and kicked by a moderator thinking he is better than everyone else, literally just for asking for a role according to rule 8. Lol guys don’t even bother joining.

    1. Protip:
      Autistically arguing with moderators about literal readings of the rules when they’re trying to explain the application of said rules will negatively impact your likelihood of having a good time on the server.

      1. “Autistically” arguing? The retard saw me asking for the role in chat and yet still wanted me to say it again in “dms” to give access to me. He literally refused to do his job, on a whim. He was nothing but a lazy fucker skipping on his responsibilities, and then still attacked and banned an user that did nothing wrong and acted according to the rules. You guys are all cringe

    1. I replied via mail, but in case you read this first – once you are logged in with your registered account, check the menu bar on top of the page.

  3. do we need to do anything once we join the discord? ive read the rules and announcements channel to see if theres anything i need to do before getting access to the main channels, or do we simply wait? (just asking in case i missed something)

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