Cloud Server Upgrade!

Soooooo, I did mention last month that we’re a pretty big site. I recieved a nice mail yesterday from the hoster telling me that we were basically over 170% database capacity, things like that don’t happen overnight, so I am happy they didn’t start throwing a tantrum last year. Thumbs up.

However this is forcing me to upgrade the server sooner than expected. There is no bigger hosting package on the level I purchased, so we’re now going to get hosted in the cloud. Things that are awesome about this:

  • Unlimited database size (eff yes!)
  • Webspace upgraded from 30GB to 40GB (thats not an issue… yet but nice to have)
  • Dedicated server memory (more)
  • Dedicated server CPU cores (MORE!)

I already flipped the switch on the upgrade, which will be performed by support obviously, not me. I checked and there should be no downtime, so the impact for you guys should be minimal. Worst case the namespace won’t properly switch over for a while (different IP) but that should also be nearly instant since it’s served by the same hosting company.

Important warning for all authors and artists – Please don’t do anything on the site until this upgrade is complete (I was told about 2 days) because anything added during the transition period may get lost in the transfer! Do not upload stuff.

This would have all been virtually impossible without the Patreon support I have recieved and I want to give a big fat thank you to everyone. Now you can actually go and say that you did this.

Cross your fingers, we’re going in dry.


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