Beautiful feedback

So apparently someone is trying to mirror the whole site:

First off, unregistered user. Couldn’t even be bothered to login. Secondly, I have been keeping the site up and running and safe from EU laws and content theft for years now. Third, if you’re so concerned about the site, there is a nice big Patreon link on the right side that will allow me to upgrade the hardware and get us more speed.

I have kept the site up completely free for years, now I get donations to cope with the traffic. (It’s just a little more traffic!) If you want to have the site faster, please support it. I don’t even have any advertising running anywhere.

As for backups, I make backups regularly.

I don’t upload content, the artists upload content because they trust me to provide a stable platform. If you have no faith, by all means, go and make your own site. More sites are always better. But at least make sure to leave control in the artists hands.

At the very least, I’d assume you’d have the balls to come to the official Discord and ask me directly.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful feedback

  1. cant say I’ve ever had any problems with this site but then again Im from UK so whether that has anything to do with the distance on the server.

    Also love how he starts the message with DUDE lol

    1. I’m in the southern US and have no problems with the speed, but, I mean, it’s a text and image site. How fast should it be? Unless maybe he’s talking about the number and regularity of users?

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