“Not my Valentine” Creative Event

Hey guys,
as promised last year I want to start another creative event with it’s own unique “voting power” reward.

You will receive a 2x vote power for one of your chosen votes (if there are multiple).
The duration of this reward will last till the end of April.
You are eligible from the moment your entry has been handed in (including this months speed writing).

The deadline for the creative event will be  the 28th February midnight GMT+1, starting from today.

Accepted entries are:

  • Cookery/Bakery
  • Handycrafts
  • Any situation/scenery that fits the topic
  • artwork (you are the artist, no commissions, no previously used art)

The topic for this creative event will be, “Do not be my Valentine. / You are not my Valentine”
So either a “refused” Valentine or an intentional messing up of Valentine’s Day.
Make sure it is visible that you are the “owner” of the entry (a nametag in the picture or signature)

For any questions and handing in the entries you can catch me on discord: Nella.
If i should not be responsive via Chat or PM talk to Snow.

Looking for you creatives heads.

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