Results! Competition 9 – In Space No One Can Hear You Mofu

Another one of these over, and time for another round of results. I’m honestly surprised at the number of entries for this one. I would have figured this to be less popular dude to how vague and open ended it was but here we are, one of the more popular competitions to date.

Now, here’s the lineup:

Pheonix 7 – Elite: Mofu
UNIT_ZERO – Per Aspera, Ad Astra
STUG Life – The Greatest of them All
PKace04 – Conciliation In Solitude
Vahjongofromthecongo – Love From Beyond
Deecomputer – The Space Between
DamagedGlasses – Packrat Vacation
Sparkbomber – Without a Port In Sight
Bobanon’s – Fleeting Horizons
RSerenity – Windows Into Eternity

Judging was done by three judges this time; LDR, Fidchell and myself. The standard scoring system was used, with submissions being ranked 1-10 with the lower score being better.


1st – DamagedGlasses (3 points)
2nd – RSerenity (8 points)
3rd – Bobanon (11 points)

5th – PKace04
6th – Vahjongofromthecongo
7th – Deecomputer
8th – Phoenix_7
9th – Sparkbomber
10th – STUG Life

All judges will provide feedback to entrants for their submissions upon request, so please don’t hesitate to message us to get some critique.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined and indulged me on a slightly more out there competition. This was honestly a pretty strong competition and it made things hard to place. It was also nice that all the stories I read this time certainly felt finished, I wont have to tell people in their feedback “yo where’s the rest of it you fuck” which is always a blessing.

New and old faces in this one, including someone I didn’t think I’d see entering one of my competitions but here we are. Looking forward to the next competition already!

i really need to stop horsing around
and make sure I get results out on time

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