Mouse/Rat Girl Competition Results!

I guess it’s about time I do the results for this thing eh? It’s been a fun ride this time around, the total number of submissions between both sides is the same but we received a lot more art than last time! Speaking of which, let’s begin with that shall we:

untitled, by Matilda
Hinefight, by Axem
Untitled, by Losenis
The Light in the Darkness, by Ehrrr
Untitled, by Arch
Untitled, by Vada

Click on the images to see the full size, uploaded them as thumbnails because we got so many this time

And now for the writing, we did have two late submissions which I still accepted due to exonerating circumstance. Here they are:

Losenis, Prey and Predator –
Nellarella, Fate and Revenge –
Tachaerus, Light in the Darkness –
Magic Sam, Mat Patting Ann –
Grub0830, Containment Breach –

Judging was done for both categories by 4 Judges (TwoHeavens, AnonMD, Carthois and Myself).

Scoring was done slightly differently this time around, all art and stories were given a rank by each judge from 1 to 5 for writing and 1-6 for art with the lower number being better, then the sum of score for each piece was taken to determine overall rank. Ties would be broken by comparing average score, then unanimous judge decision if necessary but neither of these came up.


1st Place – Ehrrr (7 points)
2nd Place – Matilda ( 8 Points)
3rd Place – Axem (12 points)

Vada (13 points)
Arch ( 20 points)
Lose ( 24 points)


1st Place – Grub (6 points)
2nd Place – Tachaerus (10 Points)
3rd Place – Losenis (12 points)

Magic Sam (15 points)
Nellarella (17 points)

The judges were all asked to provide at least some feedback this time so please feel free to contact any of us for such. (tl note: asked means straight up told to)

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Thank you everyone who participated in my second competition! To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to garner much interest in mice and rats but I had to try anyway because I like them and they are cute and we need more stories and art for them. Not to mention our writers made some very interesting choices to fulfill the maid requirement including a couple I hadn’t even considered myself, which was nice. I want these competitions to be fun for everyone to join in on and test themselves out with ideas, plots and characters they might not normally try.

I’d also like to thank Losenis for being the first participant to take advantage of being able to compete in both sides of the competition. (Your art’s improving a ton! Keep it up!)

I feel like things went a bit more smoothly this time around, that said I’ve already got ideas in mind on how to make the next competition even more greater. But if you have any suggestions please feel free to send them to me. 

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