After some minor delays, it’s time to release the results I guess! I’d like to start by thanking everyone who has entered this time. In the end we had eight writing entries and two art with both familiar and new names in here.

And let’s start with our two art entries shall we:

Axem – Dahnuki
Ehrrr – FoxTen

Once more, click on the image to see the full size version.

And now thew writing submissions:

Coyo, Debts of a Danuki –
TwoHeavens, Shrine Fox Serenade –
Midnight-Chan, How to Bag an Asshole –
BreakawayRepublic, One Night at The Jade Dragon –
Jake’s, Say It’s Only A Paper Moon –
Eins, Birth of a Wish –
AnonMD, A Divine Taste –
Spazival, Caramel Sunset –

Judging was once again done by four judges, this time those being EyePop, Carthosis, ducc and myself. However this time judging was done by three judges for each category based on our strengths. EyePop, ducc and myself did Art while for Writing it was Cathosis, EyePop and me.

We used the same scoring system as the last competition again, with the judges examining each piece and rating it 1 to 8 for writing and 1 or 2 for art.


1st Place – Axem (4 points)
2nd Place – Ehrrr ( 5 points)


1st Place – TwoHeavens (9 points)
2nd Place – AnonMD ( 9 points)
3rd Place – Breakaway Republic (9 points)

4th Place – Coyo (12 points)
5th Place – Eins (13 points)
6th Place – Spazival (16 points)
7th Place – Midnight Chan (19 points)
8th Place – Jake (21 points)

Writing ended up with an interesting conundrum this time in that we had three with the exact same sum and average scores. The tie was eventually resolved by going with which submissions had more higher ranks which left us with the results here.

All the judges will provide feedback upon request and EyePop in particular has written some very extensive critique for each.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Thank you once again to everyone who has participated, I’m glad to see the passion that the community shares for fluffy tails of all kinds still continues. It was also to see a lot of tanukis being played off as the boundless tricksters they’re traditionally portrayed as in legend.

I’m sorry again for the slight delay at the end there, poor time management and family things got the better of me. The tentative time frame for the next competition is roughly sometime mid May. I’ll give two weeks warning before it begins again.

Once again, if you have any questions or suggestions on the competitions, don’t hesitate to message me either on the site here or on the discord.


  1. Hooray!

    I was on the fence about participating until there was less than 3 weeks before the deadline, so I’m glad I was able to do as well as I did for this competition

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