Competition 8 – It is the Year of the Ox, my Dudes

It’s that time again people, and only like a week after I wanted to start but Easter is an awful holiday and drains my will to live. So instead of an Easter themed competition we’ve got a Chinese Zodiac themed comp! It’s Year of the Ox my dudes!

Holstaurus? Minotaurs? Hakutaku? Anything else that you can come up with for a bovine Monster Girl? Just fuckin’ go for it my dudes, sky’s the limit.

shh, the cows are sleep. pls no tipping them

The competition will be a now standard four week writing competition with a new and improved end time of 1400 UTC because Daylight Savings Time changed here and now I’m potentially still at work at the old time.

Rules for Writing:

Must have some sort of Bovine MG as a major character (main character, or main love interest etc.)
Must involve someone drinking milk.
Story must end in a “good end” (can involve suffering, but at least end with them in a good place).
No re-use of already written/published stories.
Maximum 25,000 words length.

How to Enter:
Submit your story to me via the TFT Discord preferably via PMing it to me directly. If you don’t have or want to use Discord, you can use the Contact Page on the site and in that case please make sure to mark that it’s for this competition and use a valid email address so I can get back to you.

When will the competition end:

1400 UTC May 7th 2021. Judging will go for two weeks following, with the results announced on the 21st of May.

Prizes to be won:

1st Place – A full body sketch from resident artist Sucaciic
2nd Place – A half body monochrome image from resident artist Critnuke
3rd Place – $10 USD of gifted games on your choice of Steam or GoG

Sucaciic’s (some of you might know them as Acciid in the discord) works can be found here.
Critnuke’s works can be found here and here. They also have a gallery here on TFT.

How the Judging will work:

Entries will be judged by a group of judges who will not be participating in the competition.

And we’re off! As always, if you have any questions at all about the competition or would like clarification on the rules don’t hesitate to hit me up on the discord.

I only just realised as I was writing this out that this is two competitions in a row where the side rule involves drinking something (I planned out these competitions months ago and didn’t think any more about it tbh) so I’ll shake it up for the next one. But to be fair, the rules are/were quite fitting to the theme.

i am legit out of planned competitions now
guess i should actually think some more up

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