Competition 6 – Oops, All Manticores

This announcement was slightly delayed by me starting a new job and also trying to leave some breathing room after Aftyn’s competition but we’re finally on. This competition’s theme is Manticores! I like ’em, you like ’em, let’s all write about Manticores.

One anatomically correct manticore courtesy of Carrot

The competition will be a writing competition, and like all the rest will run for 30 days and end at the magical time of 1300 UTC so long as my new job doesn’t conflict with that time and if it does, I’ll give advance notice of change.

Rules for Writing:

Must have a Manticore as a major character (main character, or main love interest etc.)
Must involve hand holding.
Story must end in a “good end” (can involve suffering, but at least end with them in a good place).
No re-use of already written/published stories.
Maximum 25,000 words length.

How to Enter:
Submit your story to me via the TFT Discord preferably via PMing it to me directly. If you don’t have or want to use Discord, you can use the Contact Page on the site and in that case please make sure to mark that it’s for this competition and use a valid email address so I can get back to you.

When will the competition end:

1300 UTC December 5th 2020. Judging will go for two weeks following, with the results announced on the 19th of December.

Prizes to be won:

1st Place – A single character Thigh-up Coloured commission from local legend Nano
2nd Place – $30 USD of gifted games on your choice of Steam or GoG
3rd Place – $10 USD of gifted games on your choice of Steam or GoG

Nano’s works can be found on their twitter account here, for those of you who would like to see a sample of their works.

How the Judging will work:

Entries will be judged by a group of 3 judges who will not be participating in the competition.

And we’re open! As I said early, this was slightly delayed by a few factors, but I’m glad I got it going before the madness of December settled in for all involved. Because I know it’s gonna be crazy busy on my end at least, and I assume most peoples lives are the same.

The subject of this competition is a belated birthday present for a good friend of mine who wanted to read more stories about manticores so I figured why not since I had ideas for the previous comp and the next one planned out, but not this one.

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