The evil artist arrives

Hi there, i’m KuKuruYo, the evil artist. Maybe some people here know me (i hope), because i’ve been lurking and posting monster girl webcomics and drawings on monster girl sites for several years now.

I have been publishing a couple webcomics with monster girls.  The most Monster girl focused is Monster girls on tour, an absurd humor strips comic about the journeys of several monster girl groups, with a Salamander as main character. I started it only a few months ago so it still have not many pages, , but it has a big lot of different mg’s, including some based in spanish folklore (where i live) that i’ve never seen done. It’s updated every saturday.

MG cover

The other one is Guild adventure. This one i have been doing for about 4 years and has about 400 pages now. It’s kind of a deconstruction of the typical shounen, with a lot of jokes to the typical stuff that happens in adventure shounen works. The main characters are 4 monster hunters, only one of them is a monster girl, but the setting is the same one as MGoT, so it’s full of secondary monster girl characters. This updates on mondays.


And i have a lot of stuff monster girl related, i usually do mg versions of creatures from games like Monster hunter, and then i do adult versions for my patreon.

I will be having a gallery here, where i will upload some of my monster girl stuff.

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