Weeks(s) in Review 3/21 – 4/12

Mascot Contest Results are here. A big thank you for all who participated and congratulations to the winners.

Aftyn added The Nobles Nekocore Pt 3
ManyEyedHydra added Venus Mantrap, Anophelena, Succubus Cloud, Jelloid Squeezeball, Latexian Scylla
TheGrub added The Archivist’s Apprentice- Sweet Dreams
Beardicus added Weresheep Greentext CYOA
Carthois added Unfaithful Two: Careless Whisper
AceTheWritefag added Gone Ghoul Pt 1, Code Wight, Code Wight Second Opinion
Spiku added Of Love and Magic – A Gentleman Escapes and A Gentleman Needs Rest, A Serpents Love
MamanaMore added Might and Magic, Brains and Bondage, Theo’s Saga: A man apart, Lady’s Tithes, Yuki Onna x Human Girl (Part 2), Another DarkElfsploitation, Fathers Day…, Inquisitorial Questioning:…, Zulu

KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour

KC Released a New Girl (Two of them)

Girl of the Week is:

Nurse Manticore
Nurse Manticore

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