Week(s) in Review 4/26 – 5/ 10

rserenity added Marilith’s Mending Massage, Gretchen MD
JAWF added The Mob Goes Wild 7
Mamonomore added Human Maid in Mamono Mansion First Letter, Second Letter, Theo – Part Four, Five, Six
Bobanon added The Knotty Hellhound 5, Laska and Me 22
Klaus Shults added Something to Fear, Monster Girl City: New Kid on the Block
Sadcack added Stranger In A Strange City Pt.1
Carthois added Why God Made Mexico
AceTheWritefag added Gone Ghoul Pt.5 (End)
BreakawayRepublic added Crying Wolf – Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Active Ingredient – Chapter 2
Spiku added Expanding Her Hoard
ManyEyedHydra added Paizu Succubus

KukuRuyo updated Monster Girls on Tour. He’s also doing a fanart contest to celebrate the 1st anniversary.

KC released a new girl, but no one knows her name. Spooky.

Girl of the Week is:

Man Grabbers in Action
Man Grabbers in Action

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