Week(s) in Review 4/12 – 4/19

We have a new artist! Inkblot

Acethewritefag added Gone Ghoul pt 3, Gone Ghoul pt 2
rserenity added Fly High or Not At All, Manticore and a Half, The Taste of Rain
Losenis added A Treasure Greater than Gold
MamonoMore added Theo Saga Part 3, Theo Saga Part 2, Theo Saga Character Index, Ivana’s Heart,
Klaus Shultz added Letting Go, Gladiators in the Night – 2
Carthois added Brand New Toilet, Taking the Plunge
Bobanon added Laska and Me Chapter 21
Spiku added Of Love and Magic – A Gentleman…
Sukiru Ikeda added Kraken Ink Coffee
HummusLord added Hero Dude Ch6, Ch7

KukuRuyo updated Mosnter Girls on Tour

Girl of the week is:

"I never asked for this."
“I never asked for this.”


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