Bookworm and Knucklehead

Bully this loser

New sketches up on my gallery. Got like bunch of new sketches you haven’t seen, or have if ya follow my twitter or art journal.

Bookworm’s a tall, shut-in, Anubis who likes shit nerds enjoy. She gets bullied by her friend Knucklehead for collectin dolls (figmas) ‘n watchin Chinese cartoons. Nerds need to be crushed, so please bully her. With, like, headpats or somethin. I don’t fuckin know.

Now for main attraction, Knucklehead!

She’s a certificated nerd crusher* and strong heck dog. Deadlifts 500 lbs for reps and can crush 2 large watermelons between her thighs. A rude brood with some fuckin ‘tude!

*Is actually a huge kiss-less virgin loser and gets super nervous around men she finds cute/handsome. Also, is 5 foot nothin.

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