Office Anubis and CYOA program

Not sure where to put this, so here is fine.

I wrote a short little CYOA script about an older Anubis. Lots of smut and other fun things.

But the real prize is the program itself. Right now it’s pretty functional, but there will be some additional script options and some other changes soonish. If you check the readme and other things, you’ll note all scripts are plain text files with some headers for parsing. It’s a pretty basic program, but I think it works well for simple CYOAs like the sort I’ve included as an example. Well, there’s two examples, but the one is really more of a demo of the readme.

Anyways, I hope that some folks decide to try and make their own scripts for this. Even if not, I hope you enjoy Office Anubis. It’s been a fun little project!

Download here:

Please let me know what you guys think!



Sable in a swimsuit by Less~


8 thoughts on “Office Anubis and CYOA program

  1. It’s nice program. The format it reads text files in is pretty easy to grasp, as well.

    I find Sable’s ridiculous degree of promiscuity absolutely infuriating, though.

    1. “Infuriatingly promiscuous” is probably the most amusing way I’ve heard someone say they don’t like sluts. And yeah, she’s insatiable.

      1. When they’re only insatiable for you its just the best thing.
        “Who knew you were so desperate for it!”
        “D-Do you think I’d be like this for anybody but you?!”

  2. Cool little programme, and Office Anubis was a fantastic story! Never enough Anubutts. I hope your write up some more stuff for this, I’d love to read it.

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