The Monster Multiverse is now Open to Everyone


Heyo there TFT!

Today I come as one of the Founding Members of The Monster Multiverse to
announce of a very special occasion…

After almost four years of existence as a Members Only site, we, the TMM Staff have decided to finally open the site up for all public, making it no longer necessary to Register in order to browse our forums (Note: Access to the Gallery still requires Membership). This major change has taken place mainly due to that, thanks to the big success of creators such as Okayado (MonMusu) and Murayama Kei (Centaur no Nayami), Monster Girls have left the niche to become a mainstream trend. So there’s no longer any need to remain as a niche any longer.

That said, we are a multifaceted site; covering major areas from the MGE, MGQ, Touhou, General Mythology  and the newest addition, the world of Okayado’s MonMusu (which is bound to grow once the game comes out). We also cover fan made worlds such as Felarya, BattleMamono, Pokegirls, as well as a wide number of user-made worlds such as Praxis. Anyone is welcome to make their own worlds known.

We also have areas for Roleplay, sharing of Artwork and a place for enterprising MG Game Developers to show and advertise their work as they create it.

If you wish to discuss other MG media, we have vast discussion areas for MG animes, games and manga (hentai or not), so if you’re looking for something new to read, watch or play, that’s the place you’ll want to go.

And if any problem comes up, don’t be afraid to contact us Staff, and we’ll help you immediately.

Hope you all can enjoy yourselves there!

11 thoughts on “The Monster Multiverse is now Open to Everyone

  1. Monstergirls are 100%, 1 0 0 percenta niche interest.
    Certainly a niche interest with thousands of years of history.
    But still a niche interest.

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