WEEK IN REVIEW 2/2 – 2/9

Losenis added All’s Fair in Love and War – Ch.9
Shoggocks added La Fee Verte
BurnedPineapple added Umbra, Chapter 10
Jexx added Panty Raiders 8 and Panty Raiders 9
findsounddragon added Dryad (Homorosa carolinaesapiens) and Potting Lily
Kitsoviet added Small Town Blues Ch. 4
bobanon added Laska and Me -26

Hey there folks, looks like we got ourselves a healthy dose of stories for you. And don’t forget to participate in the Valentine’s Day Event, where you have a chance to win some cool prizes!

Monster Girl of the Week, the Raiju.
Lewd little thing, isn’t she? 

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