The 2020 Halloween Writing Event


Hey folks, its your old pal Aftyn here, announcing the 2020 Halloween Writing Event. 

It’s gonna be a simple one considering that this is super late but in keeping with the theme of this spooky time of year, the contest is as follows:

Write a Halloween themed Spooky/Horror Story.


Submit your story to me in Discord. Feel free to post your stories on TFT as well. If you do not want to use Discord or can’t for whatever reason, just comment on the announcement with a link to your story.


-No more than 15k words.

-Must require at minimum two monster girls as major or minor characters. 

-Must be Halloween themed

-Original Works only

-No Gore Porn/Obscene Goriness  



1st Place – $20 Steam Voucher 

2nd Place – $10 Steam Voucher

3rd Place – $5 Steam Voucher

In addition, the first 5 places will also get the first TFT Keychain prototype merch to be delivered at a future date. 



Entries will be scored by a series of judges who will not be participating in the competition.


Halloween Night or Countdown


Your Time starts now. Don’t over think it. Happy Halloween.

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