Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 23)

“Lady Ryu…we’ve noticed that there has been a spring in your step lately…but you suddenly ceased…is there anything concerning you?” A passing Inari shrine maiden asked her Lady Ryu Kosame.

“Well…I was just thinking about things…lately…” Kosame said.

“We also noticed a certain someone hasn’t visited your shrine in quite a while…” the Inari added.

“I suppose that is the case…I-I barely…noticed…” her tone felt fleeting, from casual to sad in only a few words.

“Cheer up my Lady Ryu! Surely it means your blessings are helping him substantially…no doubt he will return to you to tell you all this himself” the Inari read her like a book.

“Y-you think so-well I mean…so long as he is happy that is my happiness, I…I should get to work myself, in case anyone wishes to visit me” Kosame said.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 21)

“Yotaka, bring me the news for the morning” Lisa called her faithful Kunoichi.

From her very own shadow a figure rose, the feminine curves, and the murderous dagger sharp eyes of a skilled, and sexy ninja rose offering a scroll detailing information.

“Oh…my poor sweet little brother…confused, and struggling to keep himself emotionally afloat…why I simply must do something…well I better go visit him. But first I must get some rest. Yotaka, carry on with your duties, I shall instruct you with further instructions when I awaken” Lisa ordered.

As silently as she appeared the Kunoichi bowed, and sank into the very shadows she came from to continue her duties.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 19 Final Part)

“So you go to school right? I’ve never seen you though” Francine said.

“Oh…I-I don’t go to the same school you do, but now I kind of wish I did so we can hang out more” Chloe replied.

“R-really? You want to hang out with me…not a lot of people say that…” Francine said.

“Well why not? You’re already loads of fun to be with…oh! It’s almost time!” Chloe realized.

“Time for what?” Francine asked.

“Time for my favorite show-come on! I’ll show you! We can watch it downstairs!” Chloe excitedly proclaimed.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 19 Part 2)

As the good doctor of the Orphanage steps out of her office to fetch herself something to eat, she walks along the hallway noticing how still, and quiet it is.

Without warning a wall of sticky web attempted to ensnare her, but with a flash of powerful violet flames ejecting from the palm of her hand, she burned the trap without even having to stop looking forward.

“Drat, you really are a tough one to catch my dear…” Nirvana grumbled as she appeared from one of the many doors.

“These games of yours are tiring…you’re usually more clever than that too, is something the matter?” The doctor asked.

“Eh, just bored…the kids are surprisingly well behaved despite Katy, and Fubuki being gone…and to think I volunteered to patrol thinking I’d find a delinquent or two” Nirvana said.

“Well there isn’t much we can do about it…if you are through trying to catch me for the…37th time…would you care to share a meal with me?” The doctor asked.

“Fair enough…always wondered what a Lich would eat if not their test subject” Nirvana shrugged.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 19)

Katy knocks on the single metal door in the building, from a slot near the top center a pair of sleepy eyes on a pale skinned face looks lazily upon her employer.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us? Why you haven’t even introduced yourself to the new guy yet” Katy urged.

“I’m afraid to report that there is still much to teach the new nurses that you have hired, so I shall ensure their capabilities first, and foremost before I can attend your meetings” the voice spoke out.

“Well…hopefully soon, we do miss your company after all…is there anything you’d like for me to bring up in our discussion?” Katy asked.

“Yes…I would like to monitor the new male…ask if he is willing to partake in medical examinations in the near future” she spoke once more.

“No problem! Hope to see you come out of your little lab soon!” Katy waved goodbye to her doctor.