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Pokémon: Day of Ascension

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“Since my whole team was with me, I witnessed them all change right before my eyes. ” He stared off to the side. I could tell he was picturing it as if it happened a few hours ago instead of years. “It was breathtaking. I probably looked like a damn fool, standing there with my mouth wide open in shock. I looked at them and took in every new detail. The changes were radical but not enough to be unrecognizable. While I was taking mental notes of their new features-”

“You were gawking at them.” After I cut Daniel off, he tried to hide a stupid grin and failed miserably.

“Yeah, their new features took me by surprise and I was gawking like an idiot. Even so, they never stopped looking into my eyes. I said corporations, scientists and crime groups felt lost. Well that wasn’t the case with Pokémon trainers. I’ve been with my team through thick and thin. We’d do anything for each other. When I looked them in the eyes I knew that wouldn’t change.” I think we can all agree with that sentiment. If nothing else, our bonds with Pokémon have grown stronger since they ascended to their new forms. But there was a reason that I specifically chose James for this interview. As most of my readers know, I talk with fourteen people every year to find out where they were when the Day of Ascension happened. It was interesting to find out what such an intriguing character and his Pokémon were up to on that day, it was only half the reason I contacted him.

A few months ago, I dug up a report done by the Peace Front claiming that Daniel knew what caused all Pokémon to change. Boy was that a shock! When was the last time any of you watched the news or read a scientific journal where there was more than just speculation on what caused the change? I had to ask him about that report but he told me not to get my hopes up for a big scoop. According to James, it was debunked like all the other theories that professors spent so much time working on. Perhaps one day we’ll find out what caused Pokémon to change but even if James gave me all the answers I needed for a story of the century, it still wouldn’t have been as important as the fact that we have always lived alongside these fantastic creatures and nothing could cause that to change. From Daniel Carson and his Pokémon to us: “Have a happy Valentines Day.”


Night of the Amethyst Serpent

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Scarlet everywhere- scarlet tapestry with hieroglyphics hanging from the wall, blood red curtains blotting out the view from outside, red covers draped across the sofa and love seat and a scarlet tablecloth where he and Mai normally ate dinner each night.

 The interior of the little bungalow was lit up in the dim, flickering light of dozens of little burgundy heart shaped candles spread out on the coffee table, counter and dining room table.

 Marco blinked in surprise, uncertain at first over whether or not he was even at the right home. The key worked like it always did, so he reasoned that despite the late hour and his alcohol consumption, he had the right place

 However, his confusion grew as he stepped across the threshold into a home he barely recognized as his own. Did Mai arrange for this? How could she when she’s out of town? he pondered. It looked almost like a vampire had redecorated the interior while he was out.

 Only when he was inside did he realize that he was not alone.

 “Welcome home, my dear Marco. I’ve been expecting you.” a husky-yet-feminine voice beckoned him.

 Shocked, Marco turned to his attention to  see someone casually draped over the love seat. It was a lamia, but it was definitely not a Shirohebi.

 “Who are you?” a startled Marco called out. In the flickering candlelight, he could see that the unannounced woman had dark scales and almost violet-hued flesh on her upper body. Dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and partially concealed her sizeable breasts. She wasn’t wearing a top- at least not in the traditional sense. Through the intruder’s hair, Marco could see that he breasts were covered by what looked like two metallic fleur-de-lis attached as sort of industrial-duty pasties. Much of her lower body was obscured from Marco’s view, but he could see that she wore a thin, sheer skirt adorned with red jewels where her serpentine lower half began. Behind her neck was some sort of hood also decorated with ornamental crimson stones and yellow slatted pupils surrounded by black sclera locked him in a predatory gaze.

 Marco was now face to face with an apophis.


My Blue Valentine

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“M-McSorley’s Florist.” I call out. “I have some flowers here for you.”

“I’ll be right there!” she said almost as soon as the door sprang open.

Sure enough I was standing face to face with a beautiful but slightly disheveled Blue Oni. Gone were the tiger pelt coverings- instead she was wearing an oversized sweater with most of her right shoulder peeking out from the oversized hole for the neck. I didn’t want to stare, but at first glance it appeared she wasn’t wearing any pants, but I was eventually able to catch a glimpse of some short-shorts peeking out from beneath the bottom of her sweater.

“Oh hey there…it’s you.” she says to me, recognizing me from earlier this weekend. I had to have been over there at least eight times in past two days. Behind her, I could see at least a half dozen more bouquets kept in vases lined up on her counter and on the kitchen table of her apartment. Attached to some of them were stuffed animals or Mylar balloons.

“Hi there.” I say sheepishly. “These are for you….”

“Oh gosh! I wonder who they’re from…” she muses out loud as I hand them off to her. “I mean it’s not even Valentine’s Day anymore.”

“I know….I guess we couldn’t get these off to you in time.” I tell the Oni apologetically.

“That’s all right. I mean, you were so busy dropping these off earlier this week, there probably was something of a backlog.” she gushes before sitting down at her kitchen table and reading aloud the card attached to the floral arrangement.