Hellhound (Part 4. Final.)

After a moment of desperation carried him into a dark and foreboding world, Laius feared the potential it held to bring about his destruction. . .but he never considered that hidden away within its impenetrable shadows, was the key to his rebirth into a new life.

Cut and Run, Chapter 3

“Frazziss. You’ve got to let me go.” I beg of her.

“Please, I can’t hold on anymore. It’s just too painful.” And it was. I tried, I tried so very hard to hold on for her. But I just wasn’t tough enough.

The tears in her eyes that had been threatening to flow, did so as she closed them in anguish. I could see them course down her face, tracing the outline of those sweet cheek scales that I had lovingly stroked so many times.

Sobbing, she opens her eyes again. It breaks my heart to see the tears of the tortured longing in her face shining forth with a desire for something more, something unattainable.

I try to gently pull away from her, but she refuses to liberate me as I sit there on the edge. Instead, she tightens her grasp as if she could make me stay with her forever.

“Please.” I whisper one last time.

Slowly, reluctantly, she loosens her grip. She’s finally facing the fact that despite all of her wants, all of her desires, there were some things that I just couldn’t give her.

Then at the last, she releases me.

I turn my head away so as to not see the agony that grips her mournful face. I move my legs over the edge and face the gulf that lies before me. I gauge the distance, hoping that I might not miss the mark of the stone that lay so far beneath me. I also hope that she wouldn’t pull me back again. Yet, somehow deep down, I knew that I could trust her not to.

I don’t look back, for if I did, I wouldn’t be able to do what I have to next.

My ears shriek with her anguished negation, as I propel myself over the edge and down into the vastness that lay below.