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Paladin Reintegration Programme

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-One of my older stories, edited with the same level of care and attention of a Kubo Tite background and aged like fine milk, this truly will count as something you’ve read today-

Times were hard for the humble Paladin. The Demon Lord had won, and monstergirls were now accepted throughout the kingdom. A Paladin no longer had any place in a world where men now freely slept with these monstrous women. But the new government was determined to retrain these poor men, and reintegrate them into decent society. No matter what the cost.

“How many more times are you going to get sent here this week!?”

You bravely faced your foe, a mighty dragon. But you had battled this monstrosity many a time before, and were not afraid. You were Sir Alfred Yaleton, noble Paladin and servant of our most wondrous Chief Goddess. Compared to her love this demon was but a helpless child. By the end of the day many a tale would be told about your heroic vanquishing of Kathy from Human Resources.

“You kneed Heather in the face! All she did was offer you a titfuck!” The dragon snarled. The evil beast was correct, you had indeed battled with the foul Holstaurus from accounting, and tasted sweet victory before your nemesis had summoned you into her dark lair. “You might have given her concussion, you fuckwit!” Smoke billowed from her mouth as she glowered down at you. Her room had been made fireproof due to health and safety concerns, the concerns being that she might burn down this building like the last two she was stationed at.

How such a mighty warrior had fallen, not long ago you were a legend, a protector of the innocent. Songs were sung of your great deeds by the finest bards of the land, and Tom Jones. But now you simply toiled away in an office surrounded by the repugnant beasts who you once fought bitterly against.

“Ara ara! Alfie’s been a naughty boy!” cooed an Arachne hanging from the ceiling. You didn’t know what kind of incantation “ara ara” was, but you thought it best to assume she was attempting to curse you. You reached for your holy shield to protect yourself, only to remember it was confiscated last week, when you hit that Lizardwoman in the head with it for slapping your ass.


The Shirohebi and The Hunter: Chapter 8- The Path of the Wise Serpent

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“It’s known as the Path of the Wise Serpent.” Yuki corrects me as she parts the sheer ‘curtain’ on her uchikatsugi. “Although I can see why you’d assume it was ‘White Serpent’…”


Yuki nodded.

“So what’s the story behind that?”

“Many years ago, the Daimyo commissioned the construction of a post road between the capital and major cities throughout the islands.” the lamia explains.

“How come?”

“Well, it was said that the Daimyo at the time ordered them built so that decrees from the imperial court could be delivered to his regional governors without delay and artisans, magistrates, nobles and craftsmen could quickly make their way to the capital when summoned.”

“So a road like this one?”

“Not quite- the first of these roads went along the coast-“

“The ones Kori and Fuyu are supposed to be taking?”

She nodded.

“That was the original alignment. However, washouts and landslides were a common problem during the rainy season or whenever a major storm moved through the area.”

“Then this would be an alternate route?”

“Yes- although the winters in the mountains are harsher. It was said that the Daimyo had a seer who he trusted more than anyone else- a Shirohebi who was also rumored to be his concubine. She reasoned that a path through the mountains would be far more passable during the temperate months and even during milder winters- and thus would ultimately be worth the investment in time and resources to construct it.”

“Makes sense. So the Daimyo names it in honor of the seer who convicned him to build it.”

“Well- that’s one version.”

“What’s the other version?”

“Oh my….the more popular version is a bit….how should I say?…..immodest.”

“Yuki- come on. How can a story about building a road through the mountains be- as you put it- ‘immodest‘?” I ask with finger quotes to emphasize the last word.

“I…I’ve said too much.” the nervous shirohebi stammered.

“Yuki….tell me…”


Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 3)

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Finally taking a break from doing paperwork, the Echidna and founder of the Orphanage Katy herself graces her halls greeting and exploring her building. She meets with her head chef; a Holstaurus cowgirl by the name of Betsy.

“Betsy! How are you today!? I was just about to ask you about your opinions on our new staff member” Katy asked.

“Oh! Yeah he was a real treat to the eyes if I do say so myself-b-but he’s also really nice, I can just tell from his eyes, they were strong, sharp, but gentle…and compassionate. Just like my papa-I-I mean my father!” Betsy replied.

“Yes, I saw a lot of spirit in his eyes too, it appears as if he’s starting to grow accustom to our ways here, but he has a lot more to discover” Katy hinted.

“Sure as apple pie he does! I wonder how he’ll react to it all? I hope we don’t scare him off, or nothing…I already got a few of my tykes wondering when he’ll come see them” Betsy replied.


Jinko Heats Up The Beach!

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‘Huhuhuhuhu. I’ll take you in ways no woman would’ve taken you, and no one ever will. I can sniff out your virgin scent, little boy.’

An even more fiery blush rising to your face, you close your eyes as she spins you around and tugs off her sopping panties.

Her fluids have leaked out so copiously that they’ve stained the seat and front of her panties, and are still sticking to them. She peels them off slowly, wet strands of arousal leaving her pussy as if they’re afraid to be removed. Even as she drops them on the ground and squats over your painfully hard erection, her fluffy paws caressing the sides, sticky strands still connect her quim to them.


The Shirohebi and the Hunter: Chapter 7- Cold Reception

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Satisfied the others were gone, Yuki turned to me.

“Hanta- you seem to have a unique talent for angering my sister.”

“Yuki, I-”

Whatever I had to say, Yuki wasn’t quite ready to listen.

“You know what serpents do with sneaky little rats, don’t you?” she scowls.

Her miko’s top managed to slip a little further open.

“Well….at this point I’m hoping that it’s something that involves hand-holding and possibly other outward displays of affection.” I say.

She scowls a little.

“We wrap our bodies around those sneaky little rats nice and tight so that they have nowhere to go.” she says, coiling her lower body around me before gently running her fingers through my hair.

“Then…we cut off the air.” her hands were on the back of my head, gently guiding towards her ample bosom.

“For the record, turns out ‘bedding other youkai’ is a sport I wasn’t particularly good at.” I pout meekly with my face mere inches of the beautiful serpent girl’s bust.

“That’s it. Your are going to get such a smothering, my little sneaky rat!”


Night of the Amethyst Serpent

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Scarlet everywhere- scarlet tapestry with hieroglyphics hanging from the wall, blood red curtains blotting out the view from outside, red covers draped across the sofa and love seat and a scarlet tablecloth where he and Mai normally ate dinner each night.

 The interior of the little bungalow was lit up in the dim, flickering light of dozens of little burgundy heart shaped candles spread out on the coffee table, counter and dining room table.

 Marco blinked in surprise, uncertain at first over whether or not he was even at the right home. The key worked like it always did, so he reasoned that despite the late hour and his alcohol consumption, he had the right place

 However, his confusion grew as he stepped across the threshold into a home he barely recognized as his own. Did Mai arrange for this? How could she when she’s out of town? he pondered. It looked almost like a vampire had redecorated the interior while he was out.

 Only when he was inside did he realize that he was not alone.

 “Welcome home, my dear Marco. I’ve been expecting you.” a husky-yet-feminine voice beckoned him.

 Shocked, Marco turned to his attention to  see someone casually draped over the love seat. It was a lamia, but it was definitely not a Shirohebi.

 “Who are you?” a startled Marco called out. In the flickering candlelight, he could see that the unannounced woman had dark scales and almost violet-hued flesh on her upper body. Dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and partially concealed her sizeable breasts. She wasn’t wearing a top- at least not in the traditional sense. Through the intruder’s hair, Marco could see that he breasts were covered by what looked like two metallic fleur-de-lis attached as sort of industrial-duty pasties. Much of her lower body was obscured from Marco’s view, but he could see that she wore a thin, sheer skirt adorned with red jewels where her serpentine lower half began. Behind her neck was some sort of hood also decorated with ornamental crimson stones and yellow slatted pupils surrounded by black sclera locked him in a predatory gaze.

 Marco was now face to face with an apophis.