Mors Funebris Ch. 4, P. 1.

“I’mmmm soooo hiiiigggghhh!” she gushed out loud to no one in particular. Then her eyes began to turn red.
Everyone around Horace’s desk leaned in and waited for the LeAnan-Sidhe to continue. But after several seconds, it became clear that she was done speaking.
“Now as I was about to say,,..“ Arawn began, with a glance down towards the now thoroughly baked Stinker.

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 6

The Dragon then returned her attention back to Arawn.

“You!” she shouted angrily. “Do not think to soil me with your touch again Human!” she railed at him. But Arawn’s attention wasn’t on the outraged Dragon, instead it was still fixated on Jenny’s current actions.
She reached up and with a twist, removed the now useless cannon from her chest. Then she casually cast it aside. As he watched, Arawn noted that her chest-armor automatically began to cover the hole within seconds.

The Mob goes Wild 8

Pain wracked the form. The lack of adrenaline no longer no numbed the nerves. You curled and writhed in Karen’s arms. Bleeding out over the Corinthian leather. The pain was sharp, unyielding, like someone was constantly stabbing your stomach over and over. She cradled your head against her chest. Stroking your hair in some vain…

Cut and Run Chapter 2

Catching my breath, “The Fuck were you thinking, Gojira?” I yelled.

“I just saved your life, you Ungrateful Monkey!”, she snarled back.’

“I didn’t want your help, Tinker Toad!” I return.

“Hairless Ape!” She volleyed back.

“Egg Sucker!”

“Flat Foot!”

“Bacon Breath!”

“Gibbon Goon!”

“Drama Bat!”

“Ground Hog!”

“Tree Hatched Shell Slime!”

“Fruit Eating Mud Monkey!”