My Amazoness from Pellucidar 3 of 6

“I’ve always found such to be ridiculous. I never understood why folks do that!” I smiled.
“Do what?” she asked, smiling yet not knowing why.
“Why on one hand, they claim to be against men appearing ‘womanly’. Yet are also determined to scrape off the very hair, that distinguishes them as male! They end up looking like women!” I snickered.

Hyperspace Disturbance (Prequel)

It’s been twenty years since the Galactic Republic fell to the Sith Empire after the Fall of Coruscant and the Massacre at Tython, the Jedi homeworld. The remnants of the Jedi were scattered and eliminated one by one as the new galactic government purged them from the galaxy. Still under these conditions they survive and, on the planet, Talos in the mid rim a young Jedi Knight is on the run in the megacity of Kaz, from a Sith assassin that has hounded him for the past two weeks.