Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

You woke up, feeling really groggy. Every part of you hurt. Not just your head though, even your pelvis and backside hurt. You were on the bed, the silk covering your wrists and ankles gone, and in the arms of your arachnid dominatrix. Though she seemed normal again, wearing her kimono and hugging you close, rocking your body back and forth. 

You looked up at her, sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face and holding you close to her. If only she had been like that last night.

Her eyes opened and met yours. They were no longer red, they were now just as deep and soulful as when you met her. You recalled her behaviour towards you the previous day and cried out in panic, scooting away from her. Looking surprised, she moved forward and gently took your shoulders in her hands, leaning forward to kiss your cheek.