My face had contorted into a sneer of disgust as I peered into the depths of the laundry basket. Lurking at the bottom with all the innocence of a grinning alligator was a pair of Chasity’s boxers. Her splodgy, crusty, cum stained boxers. With a sigh of the inevitable, I reached in and extracted the offending garment, pinched between my thumb and forefinger. Holding them up to the light only made matters worse. By the looks of it, a considerable cornucopia of slugs had decided to host an Acid House Rave, utilising the crotch area as their dance floor…

Oops all Manticores – Results!

I’m only what, 9 days delayed for this? 10? Between one judge falling off the face of the world, Christmas fuckery and working through holidays in food service I’m amazed we got this finished this year honestly. That said, I had a great time reading all the submissions for this competition. Onto the judging! The…

Contract Thorn

#A Manticore’s last job doesn’t go as expected.#

The night above the Akasai was the colour of a wilted rose, broken by a rain of white petals.

Ceru dodged a splash of rice wine as she shouldered through the Moonshard Festival crowd, pushing past the doors of Caged Noin. “To another year of long life!” she heard somebody say, “or one night of good drink!”

It was a curse and a blessing, a local saying. The Caged Noin was a place reserved for locals, a venue where fate coalesced in gambles of life and coin. There was a small line to the front doors: she took the place of a beastman who was kindly removed with a boot to the back.

No Arrest for the Wicked 1: Bad Cop

Bouncing between homes, Eli’s done his best to stay away from anything resembling law enforcement, and so far it’s actually worked. Constantly looking over your shoulder, however, is a bit stressing, and at the insistence of one of his co-workers, Eli takes a trip to a state-of-the-art full-immersion VR facility. But it’s not exactly what he was expecting.

Cut and Run Ch. 1 Retcon 5 of 5

I noted a small graveyard off on the side. It’s entrance had an arch over it with some foreign words written on it: De reis is beëindigd, it said. I asked the old dude about it.
“Oh that?”, he said as glanced back at it. “That’s a graveyard for some Dutch gold-diggers. It means: ‘The Journey Is Ended.’” He explained.