Meido Mart

“Cleanup in aisle C7, cleanup in ais-oh. Ahem.

Attention shoppers! Attention shoppers! Live product demonstration in aisle C7. I repeat, live product demonstration in aisle C7. How to wash tomato-based sauces off rugs and carpets using the TurboScrub 5-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner from Gremlin Grade Co. After our demonstration, ask about how you could qualify for 25% off any Gremlin Grade products, today only! Once again, live product demonstration in aisle C7. Thank you for shopping at Meido Mart.”

Meidos Make The Best Waifus

‘Oh?’ you said, raising an eyebrow.

‘Y-yes, indeed,’ she said, blushing harder and turning away. ‘I-I have needs of my own, and like you showed on the day we met, so do you.’ She held your hands tighter. ‘You – don’t need to worry or wonder how things work, us slimes have sex in the same way as humans. We have a vagina-shaped slit where our genitals would be on a human, and we have the wrong hole available if you want that. Of course, since we’re slimes, you can technically stick it in wherever you like and we would feel it. But, of course, I think we can do it normally, the traditional way, so you can enjoy it and feel good. We’ll experiment with the other positions and types of sex later, I do have some ideas –’