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Schoolgirls Are Real Bitches

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Barely containing their laughter now, yet knowing the teen was used to it and the dark elves were allowed to laugh at any human for the silliest of reasons which they deemed fit, the dark elf owners of this sad, humiliated human yanked on his leash, pulling him forwards. They walked to the door in the distance, pausing every now and then to check around for the principal and any other teacher. If they were caught, they knew they would instantly assume that they could take this cute slave away to be used and abused for a while until they grew bored of him, while they would be put in the arena again trying to prove they were better than humans. It wasn’t a battle of swords or fists, but one of wills. They would have to sexually dominate and conquer the humans and prove they didn’t belong in the pancratium. The only rules were no violence, whether dismembering or slapping. They could use aphrodisiacs, masturbation techniques, trampling, squeezing the genitals in a way which aroused them with limited pain, tickle their opponents’ sensitive bits, and anything else which made their opponent beg to surrender on their hands and knees in the standard submission position. Anything else than that was considered failure. If the dark elves failed, they were sold off to a human town to be dressed in hadaka aprons and serve humans for life as sex slaves and maids. They would be on the receiving end of sexual abuse, humiliation, taking orders, and having to suck a lowly human’s toes for a living. At least, that was what the dominant dark elves thought. The minority who turned submissive and decided to serve humans for life found it as normal and exciting at being under a human’s boot and sucking their heels as humans did in this school. It aroused them even with all the humiliation and shame they felt. No one could really explain this, though people claimed it was like a spell an ancient power place on them – they were only turned on by rough and humiliating S&M activities.