Elena & I – The Collar

“Guess you’re starting to get into it huh con-” I stopped her by putting my finger to her lips, then I leaned in close, face to face, as her eyes grew a little wider.

“Did I say puppy could speak?” her eyes wide in disbelief, ears perked up stiff, and her cheeks rosy red and tail wagging furiously.

Depravity Series: C 2

In the midst of an ongoing siege, and hidden away from prying eyes, another conflict of sorts is occurring.

Within the basement of her target’s home, the demon known as Desira has cornered Evan — a human youth — in his bedroom.

Lick The Vamp

Before he knew what he was doing, he stood up and walked over to her, pausing before her with his head bowed and his hands clasped in front of him. He couldn’t even raise his head, nor did he want to for some odd reason.

Electra’s grin grew wide enough to light up a town with a blackout. ‘Now take that outfit and put it on.’

He turned around to where she was pointing on the bed, and picked up a frilly maid’s outfit which was on top of all the others. He pulled it over his head, bringing it down to the tops of his thighs and patting them. He picked up a pair of black flats and placed them on the floor, putting his feet in them.

Schoolgirls Are Real Bitches

Barely containing their laughter now, yet knowing the teen was used to it and the dark elves were allowed to laugh at any human for the silliest of reasons which they deemed fit, the dark elf owners of this sad, humiliated human yanked on his leash, pulling him forwards. They walked to the door in the distance, pausing every now and then to check around for the principal and any other teacher. If they were caught, they knew they would instantly assume that they could take this cute slave away to be used and abused for a while until they grew bored of him, while they would be put in the arena again trying to prove they were better than humans. It wasn’t a battle of swords or fists, but one of wills. They would have to sexually dominate and conquer the humans and prove they didn’t belong in the pancratium. The only rules were no violence, whether dismembering or slapping. They could use aphrodisiacs, masturbation techniques, trampling, squeezing the genitals in a way which aroused them with limited pain, tickle their opponents’ sensitive bits, and anything else which made their opponent beg to surrender on their hands and knees in the standard submission position. Anything else than that was considered failure. If the dark elves failed, they were sold off to a human town to be dressed in hadaka aprons and serve humans for life as sex slaves and maids. They would be on the receiving end of sexual abuse, humiliation, taking orders, and having to suck a lowly human’s toes for a living. At least, that was what the dominant dark elves thought. The minority who turned submissive and decided to serve humans for life found it as normal and exciting at being under a human’s boot and sucking their heels as humans did in this school. It aroused them even with all the humiliation and shame they felt. No one could really explain this, though people claimed it was like a spell an ancient power place on them – they were only turned on by rough and humiliating S&M activities.
Dark Elf

Welcome To The Sex Dungeon

The kid blushed harder and started unbuttoning his jeans, letting them slide down to his thighs. They started falling down his legs on their own with gravity, and he squealed and grabbed them, pulling them back up. His thighs were pale and slim. That was all she had been able to see. She licked her lips. His shyness was so adorable she could have eaten him up at that moment. 

Although she wouldn’t have minded teasing him and bullying him into taking off his clothes, she really wanted to play with him. He had a kind of cuteness which made everyone want to laugh at him, but play with him and hug him close at the same time. It was hard to explain why.

Irina walked closer and knelt in front of him. He stared at her with big, innocent eyes which looked a little fearful, as if she would judge him for how he looked. Giving him a soft, comforting smile, she reached forward and pulled his hands away. She started taking his clothes off herself while he stood there, frozen, apparently too scared to protest or stop her. She pulled his jeans down to his ankles, then pulled on his foot to make him step out of them. She tugged it off his ankle and gently lifted his other foot. She took it off the other leg as he put it up, and then tossed it away. He was wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse briefs, his hands over his cock. She looked up at him, her heart almost wringing itself out at the adorable little creature. Leaning forward, she planted a gentle kiss on his stomach, a little above the belly button while raising his T-shirt at the same time. He gave a small gasp as she  pulled it up to cover his head, and then pulled his arms out of it. His arms were a little skinny, but felt so soft in her hand. She held his wrists in one hand and pulled his T-shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor. She moved to remove his underwear, but he placed both hands over it again and shook his head.

Dark Elf

Schoolgirls Aren’t All That Submissive

You were chained to a carriage’s walls and brought here into this school you had never heard of. You wandered the halls alone until you found some lost souls like yourself. After making a few friends with them and the higher graders, you heard the horrifying tales of what happened to the students here. They were all broken like beasts and turned into the personal slaves of different dark elves. You had no intention of ending up like that, so you schemed to escape. You set up the hidden cameras before the party they planned to give, and you attached them to recording devices. That way you would have proof of whatever the fuck was going on. You didn’t know whom it would help, but it was better to have proof than have others say you were making tall claims.

You glanced at camera number 87. There was a tall dark elf who went by Mistress Lola walking out of the room on it. She was rumoured to be the smartest, most sadistic, and the Domme of Dommes in the school. No one could cross her or cheek her, even in a fun way, at all. You and the rest of the school was scared shitless of her. She had a way of turning the tables of anyone who even thought of using her for sharpening their repartee. Her tongue was several times more vicious than a comedian’s, and her wit was hard to match even if you were a dragon. No one had gotten away with even trying to trick her.