The Diary of a Chimeranologist: Fragment Four

After experiencing two consecutive nights of terror, the ever intrepid kikimora explorer, Sashenka Demidov, wants nothing more than some respite. As she returns to a life at sea, will she find this and more as her motley crew strengthen their bonds? For along the way to Ethiopia, there are still bizarre landscapes to be found and hints of dangers to come.

The Diary of a Chimeranologist: Fragment Two

The early 19th century roars ahead as modern science begins taking shape. Its adherents charge ever onward to discover the unknown and detail the obscure. Despite being a woman, the intrepid kikimora of noble birth, Sashenka Demidov, counts herself among them. Having narrowly avoided the grip of death in the forests of South Africa, she awakes in an inhospitable land of red sand and scorching heat, determined to continue her quest to shine a light upon the monster girls of this world.

Giant Expectations

He shook his head, straightened up and tapped himself on the back of the head.

Focus, he told himself. You’ll have plenty of time to daydream about the pussy you will get when you’ve got the jewels and are out of here. For now, see the shiny jewels about to come in the palm of your hand.

Sighing and cracking his neck, he flexed his fingers and walked forward. He grabbed a glowing yellow stone and tossed it into his rucksack. He continued through the cave, picking up the jewels he liked and keeping them with him. He felt his rucksack getting heavier as he moved through just the first room, collecting more than half of the jewels available there. He paused before the second chamber, pondering on how to collect the rest. A wide grin spread over his face as he recalled something which he had brought along and nearly forgotten in his excitement at discovering the cave.